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Covid Disinfection

December 10, 2021

Covid 19 Disinfection

While vaccinations continue to be administered across Europe, North America and Asia, a number of countries continue to be plagued with Covid 19 virus infections. The battle against this awful disease continues although health protocols and vaccines are definitely having an impact.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in Covid spread prevention is Covid 19 antigen test kits, and they’re readily available for individual purchase. Results are quick and delivered via websites and other digital media.

Christmas Holiday Threat

As you can see, cases are rising fast this winter and holiday season. With vaccinations dropping and people becoming less cautious, infection rates in Europe and Northern US and Canada are rising quickly. It is a threat to the economy.


From Foggers to Filters to UV Light Systems

In this post, you’ll discover some interesting Covid disinfection products including new masks, UV systems, and disinfectant foggers.

Recently at an outdoor construction site in Toronto, Canada, a troubling Covid 19 outbreak occurred where transmission was likely from surface and hand to hand transmission.  These sites are notorious for inadequate water, poor cleanliness, close contact, and a lack of cleaning supplies.

Property management companies and the general public alike must become experts on Covid disinfection systems and preventative measures.

The Focus on Aerosol Transmission

Sonovia PPE Zinc Infused Mask.

Experts are citing airborne transmission in homes as the silent spreader. Shutdowns are increasing all over North America as the virus is so contagious, our habits leave us vulnerable. This winter outbreak season is horrible and controlling in-home transmission is difficult.

Clearly, we need to take this dangerous disease more seriously and be aware of all the Covid disinfection tools, disinfectant foggers, and PPE masks available. Let’s look them more closely here in this post.

There are 4 main Covid Disinfection methods:

  1. hand sanitizers, soap, cleaning disinfectants for surface contact
  2. MERV filter air cleaners and UV light systems for capturing aerosol particles
  3. PP Masks to capture aerosol particles
  4. floor mats to capture particles on shoes

These systems can help our Covid disinfection efforts greatly.

More than PPE Masks

Next to antigen tests, PPE masks and air purification systems are the two key Covid 19 preventions now.   The cost of implementing air filtration in apartment buildings, workplaces and restaurants is perhaps out of reach.  The next best step is HVAC UV light systems and portable air cleaner systems which you can review below.

Covid cases are rising fast and hospitals are becoming overwhelming so putting an emphasis on cleaning and disease prevention should be our top priority right now.

The Great Indoor Migration

The winter will bring people indoors en masse and a rise in surface contamination on door handles, countertops, floors, etc. will happen.  Frequent cleaning will be the key.

It’s wonderful that PPE mask usage is on the rise. Strangely however, Covid 19 infections are still rising.

In this epic post on Corona Virus Disinfection, we’re investigating some of the best high tech and low tech products such as foggers, mats, and air cleaners to help you stay Covid 19 Free!

From PPE masks to mats, and foggers/misters to air purifiers, we’ve found some greater technology that will help business owners make their spaces safer.

Yakuin CO2 Detector. Screenshot courtesy of Amazon.

A new preventative measure that will gain attention this winter is CO2 detectors for homes.  When tenants exhale air indoors, it collects to dangerous levels, particularly in older buildings (new and old) with poor circulation.  Exhaled air also contains Covid 19 virus particles.

As carbon dioxide levels rise then, so will Covid 19 particles. The CO2 detector can indicate this to a tenant or a landlord so they can be alerted to open windows to let fresh air in.  Health experts believe fresh air is a key method to reduce airborn transmission.


Surfaces are Still Dangerous for Kids

A kid’s world is all about touch.

Consider how many surfaces residents, school kids, teachers, office workers and retail store clerks touch in one single day and you’ll understand why Covid disinfection routines are so important.

As people move from one environment to the next, the disease moves with them. As residents and workers in the US, Canada and UK head indoors for the winter season, we’ll need the added power of the best Covid disinfection tools available.

A new spike in Covid 19 cases, the 2nd wave, is already happening in UK, Canada, France, Spain and other countries, so good disinfection and cleaning practices are becoming urgent. A benefit of effective disinfection is that we can avoid other diseases too such as the flu.

The 2nd Corona Virus Wave

It is too late to stop the 2nd Wave which we did warn about last summer. If we had responded with a diligent disinfection and prevention protocol, we might still have our businesses open and renters paying their rent.

You may have heard about covid fogger machines. They come with mobile, handheld/backpack sprayers to help disinfect in hard to reach spots. They’re being used in schools, senior care centers, hospitals and restaurants where outbreaks have occurred.  You can find more disinfection tools below below.

Property Management and Covid 19

As a school superintendent, restaurant manager, bus driver, public transit manager, retail store owner, custodian, landlord, or manager of a property management company you must be up on the latest disinfection routines and equipment.

There is more tenant traffic in and out of your building(s) this year which increases the potential of Covid 19 spread between your tenants. Since they don’t control elevators, washrooms, hallways, and entry doors or the airflow in the building, it is incumbent upon you to ensure their safety.

An outbreak could be devastating to your cash flow and business survival. The topic today (electrostatic covid fogger/mister, air purifiers, UV light systems) could be the most effective choice you have to keep everyone safe (aside from frequent hand cleaning with disinfectants).

With larger buildings, you have a lot of area to cover every day. A Covid fogger  or mechanical mister could be very helpful, but only within a comprehensive Covid 19 disinfection regimen. Keep up to date on new information and make your disinfection plan work better.


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High Tech Disinfection Machines

Vectorfog C150+ ULV Electric Cold Fogger screenshot courtesy of Amazon and Vector Fog.

Below you’ll discover a range of new air purifiers, UV light disinfecting and electrostatic fogger machines you might use to aid in optimal Covid 19 disinfection. Technology is what improves these floor mats, dispensers, foggers, misters, air purifiers, and PPE masks.

Fall Season Brings Rising Covid Cases

The US has done well lately in avoiding the surge, but in October and November, cases will rise. UK, Canada, and Spain are seeing significant jumps in infections already. It seems bars, gyms and restaurants are being cited for the bulk of infections.  Yet offices and schools won’t be far behind in the next 6 months in spreading the virus. Indoors is tough to manage.

The threat from Covid 19 persists from many directions and sources. Good cleaning and disinfecting is perhaps the only way many people have to keep their kids’ health and their own health.  And most aren’t very adept at handwashing and surface cleaning. Additional measures are needed.

Advanced Cleaning Technology for Covid Disinfection

It has to be noted that CDC only recommends best Covid foggers and misters if surfaces are precleaned, since the virus can hide under grime and other elements. That’s why Covid cleaning  has to be done consciously and effectively.

Air cleaning and surface cleaning machines and appliances may help keep classrooms, dental offices, houses, apartment buildings, restaurants, hair salons etc. safer. The Covid foggers and misters and air purifiers listed below are a great way to clean both the air and common surfaces including floors.

You’ll discover additional UV light systems and ionized air systems which also aid in killing or trapping virus when people are not present in rooms.

50% of Covid Infections have Unknown Sources

Critics say few infections occur via surfaces, however, stats show 50% of infected people don’t know how they contracted the disease. The systems you’ll discover below treat both common surfaces including floors where the virus lives. Hospitals reported that hospital contaminations were the result of Covid 19 brought in other ward via shoes, so all surfaces whether floors, door handles, railings or elevator buttons must be cleaned.

disinfection floor mat

Photo of disinfection floor mat courtesy of


Covid droplets linger in the air and can increase viral load which is a key factor in infections.

Covid 19 Disinfection for Schools

And as kids have returned to school, crowded classrooms, children’s naivete, and crowded bus trips where social distancing isn’t possible, Covid 19 has the perfect opportunity to spread.

Purell Hands Free Dispenser

Purell Hands Free Dispenser pic courtesy of

It’s clear, that schools, hospitals and workplaces are much safer as people are practicing good Covid 19 disinfection and prevention practices. We’ve seen some outbreaks and school closings. However, it looks like school staff are doing a great job of keeping kids safe.

This Covid 19 virus is so virulent however that as many precautions as possible are necessary. Covid 19 foggers, disinfectants such as Lysol and Clorox are in big demand. And the appropriate masks are being worn more frequently. It seems as though more Americans are now interested in observing needed measures to prevent spread.

But even with perfect behavior, extra sanitizing equipment, disinfectants and cleaning measures are often needed.

Air Cleaners for Covid 19 Aerosol Droplets

Experts believe Covid 19 is transmitted by aerosol particles, however 50% of all infections are from unknown causes. Claiming all Covid threats are airborn is likely not accurate. However, contaminated air is believed to be a direct cause of infection.

Covid 19 particles or saliva droplets that carry the virus are microscopic and invisible to the human eye. They can be smaller that .03 microns. In order to clean this infected air, you can use very high quality air cleaning appliances and Merv level air filters in your building or apartment ventilation system.

Of course, these can’t protect school kids, workers and tenants from direct face to face transmission. Masks and social distancing are the two key preventative actions.

For this fall and winter season, if you have a lot of tenants living in one house, such as students sharing, or if it’s a multi-generational living situation, or if you’re a worker and student and will be indoors sharing air for long periods of time, consider a high volume air cleaning appliance such as these below:

Be aware that air cleaner filters may not trap .3 micron and below particles directly. They’re too small. Some air purifier appliances have an ion generator which can help capture those tiny molecules. They produce charged ion particles which attract the Covid 19 virus and/or water particles. This is how they can work to disinfect the air.

Filter Queen Defender Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner

The following is a list of 4 powerful Air Purifiers that help keep your staff safe:

 1. The Filter Queen Defender Air Purifier

HEPA Air Cleaner FDA Recognized Class II Medical Device claims particle size capture of .1 microns, however you’ll want to review that claim. It is a medical grade appliance used in hospitals.

2. Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator, Ionizer & Deodorizer

Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator, Ionizer & Deodorizer for Up to 3,700 Sq/Ft – Included HEPA, Carbon and Photocatalytic Filters, with UV Light and Negative Ion Generator .

This is a big air purifier with UV light and negative Ion generator. Some reviewers of UV light generation products say the air isn’t in the unit long enough to be killed by the UV light. Ensure the manufacturer can back the claim.

3. Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier with IonCluster Technology

For small to medium size rooms in a house, the Green Air Encore Purifier unit may be affordable and useful. It offers a 3 stage advanced purifier system with True HEPA filter technology.

4. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter UV Air Purifier

This 5-in-1 air purifier for home has an Electrostatic HEPA media air filter which removes up to 99.97% of harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens as small as .3 microns from the air.

In this Video, Consumer Analysis talks about UV air purifiers and the important issue of dwell time in killing the Corona Virus.

Your Tenants are Relying On You

For landlords and property managers specifically, a disinfection plan and a communications effort mean a lot. Right now, your tenants need your guidance about how to travel through the building safely and how to avoid transmission threats, even in their units. The CDC guidelines help but they won’t solve all of your building issues. The matter is a challenging one for older buildings in urban areas.

Property Management Software: Definitely use your property management communications solution and the tenant portal to keep tenants directly and quickly informed. This is much better than email.

It is likely you will have to respond to tenants who have contracted the disease and who will have to self-isolate. An outbreak in the fall season in your building could be devastating to your revenues. It’s important to look ahead.

Covid Foggers and Misters

That’s why looking into lasting disinfectant services and products is time well spent. You’re likely here looking for the best foggers and misters available. The range of these products is growing including:

  • electrostatic foggers and misters
  • uv lighting systems
  • hepa air filters
  • electric carpet cleaners
  • aerosol disinfectants (lysol)

In addition to the Covid foggers below, you can find eco-friendly fogger machine disinfectants which represent a safer solution when applied near children or those having breathing issues. It’s better to use them when people are not present. Some make claims of being very safe.

Covid Fogger/Mister Products to Review: 

  1. The OW – DH-1600 – Large Capacity Mister from Oil Works & Company.
    This unit is a large room mister which cleans 350 square feet per hour. Great for home or office disinfection. Any type of water-based disinfectant can be used.
  2. OW- Disinfectant Sprayer 5000
    The OW- Disinfectant Sprayer 5000 is a handheld electric ultra-low volume cold fogger that can reach a range of 30 feet. Uses cold fogging technology with any water-based disinfectant to allow you to reach every location in your building.
  3. Matrix Fogger by Sanitization by Design
    The Matrix Fogger is great to be used in conjunction with Vital Oxide. It has a nozzle head to allow for greater maneuverability and make it easier to access hard to reach areas. It has a shoulder harness for easy carrying for best mobile disinfection.
  4. Gecco Gropo I Air Disinfectant Fogger & Sanitizer Sprayer Machine
    The Gecco Gropo Air Disinfectant Fogger & Sanitizer Sprayer Machine can be used as a stationary or mobile disinfection tool. Anti-bacteria & viral killer fogs up to 2500 square feed in just 5 minutes. Cleans wide areas such as homes, offices, hotels, & more! Refer to the manufacturer for use in occupied offices in classrooms.
  5. Brüun Disinfectant Cold Fogger ULV Atomizer Disinfection Machine
    The Brüun Disinfectant Cold Fogger ULV Atomizer Disinfection Machine is a portable Electric Fogger Sprayer. Fogger spray distance can reach 3-8M. Fumigation of hotels, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and homes; disinfection; disinfection of hospitals, schools, theaters, cars, trains and other public places.
  6. TOPCHOICE ULV Fogger Machine
    The TOPCHOICE ULV Fogger Machine features a 12L tank capacity with a state of the art electrical motor. For use with a backpack (not included) to clean homes, hotels, airports, offices, shops, locals, in hospitals, schools or public spaces. Available from Amazon at $278.00.
  7. Vectorfog C150+ ULV Electric Cold Fogger
    Vectorfog C150+ ULV Electric Cold Fogger using a 1250W Samsung motor operates on 110V AC power and can spray up to 8 metres (26 feet) of chemicals/liquid for maximum fogging. $549 on Amazon.

You can more details on disinfectant foggers here.

Wiping with Wet Cloths Doesn’t Work

It takes more time to kill the virus than most people appreciate even with the right disinfectant solution. This may be an ongoing issue as people don’t realize they haven’t disinfected their hands or surfaces.

It takes 8 minutes for soap to kill Covid 19, and 2 minutes with Lysol. Alcohol-based cleaners kill the virus fastest. The virus killing time shows how the virus might actually get distributed sometimes on surfaces. The disinfectant solution needs to be applied thoroughly and frequently via disinfectant foggers when possible, and the air cleaned quickly.

Of course, most schools and some apartment buildings have poor ventilation, thus disinfection foggers (and air purifiers) become an excellent solution.

The point with your own cleaning techniques (and your tenants) is that these disinfectants aren’t left on surfaces long enough to kill Covid 19. The CDC says it can take hours to kill the Covid 19 virus.

That’s why a 7 step virus control plan is necessary along with electric fogger or misters, mats, PPE masks, and air purifiers.

Covid 19 Filtering Masks PPE

Although PPE were developed to trap viruses and bacteria, most people are regarding them as a way to prevent capturing aerosol virus particles.

But only if the mask has an airtight fit will it filter microscopic air particles of less than 5 microns.

The latest in Covid mask technology is the NEW FDA Approved Respokare® N95 Respirator Mask, which doctor Mike Hansen discusses in this video.  He is an emergency room doctor who treats Covid 19 patients. The multilayer design has one layer made of copper/zinc which actually kills viruses.  The mask is said to be the easiest mask to breathe through.

The Sono Mask from Israeli firm Sonovia is one more entrant into the PP Mask arena.  I purchased 3 masks for about $120 online.  The masks come with high tech filtering material and a coating of zinc/copper infused into the cloth material to automatically kill viruses. The masks are washable up to 55 times.

7 Things You Can Do to Ease Corona Virus Risks

Make your buildings and rental units much safer for your tenants with these tips:

  1. advise your tenants to shy away from close contact from others
  2. offer your tenant free protective face masks
  3. make your hallways one way only traffic routes
  4. establish usage times for common laundry areas
  5. use new foggers to clean your hallways, laundry room, and front foyer
  6. ensure your building ventilation is working at top level and efficiency
  7. ensure your air conditioning system is working perfectly with MERV filters used
  8. hire a decontamination service once to learn how they disinfect buildings

Good luck exploring the many Covid 19 disinfection tools listed above.  Please stay safe during these dangerous times.


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