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Covid 19 Disinfection Foggers

January 12, 2021

Covid Disinfection Tools to Keep your Building Safe

Sadly, businesses from California to Florida to New York are closing down again due to the Covid 19 surge.  People aren’t heeding warnings, and disinfection regimens appear to be weak, or non existent.

Covid fatigue is setting in, so we all need to regroup for more caution, perseverance and to keep disinfecting our homes, schools, buses, retail stores and apartment buildings.

Although it’s believed the cold weather and indoor air sharing is causing the outbreak, new stats show infection rates are much higher in the sunny, warm south. Experts point to multigenerational housing as a big source too, yet there are things we can do and technology we can use to make things safer.

That might tell us that social distancing, masks and air cleaning systems are wise. However, in the winter, there’s little doubt that shared surfaces, close proximity and shared air are an issue. While we can’t stop people from getting too close, we can keep to good Covid disinfection and preventative practices.

With hospitalizations growing, and the entire medical system under pressure, many more people are going to suffer from the surge.  We need to share the belief in beating this awful disease.

Tenants and Office Staff at Risk

There will be more tenant traffic in and out of your building which opens up the possibility of a Covid 19 spread in your building.  In many countries, the 2nd wave of the pandemic looks to be happening, so using Covid 19 disinfection tools might help us contain the outbreaks. There is a lot at stake.

Such an infection event is likely unless you do something to prevent it. And an outbreak could be devastating to your cash flow and business survival. The topic today (electrical foggers and misters) could be the most important thing you can do to keep everyone safe.

If you’re cleaning manually, that’s great, but with larger buildings, you have a lot of area to cover every day. Some landlords, especially commercial landlords and business tenants need a better solution. There are solutions available which include electric foggers and misters  along with other disinfection technology.

Your Tenants are Relying On You

Right now, your tenants need your guidance about how to travel through the building safely and how to avoid transmission threats. The CDC guidelines help but they won’t solve all of your building issues. The matter is a challenging one for older buildings in urban areas.

It is likely you will have to respond to tenants who have contracted the disease and will have to self-isolate. An outbreak now or in the fall season in your building could be devastating to your revenues. It’s important to look ahead.

Foggers and Misters

That’s why looking into lasting Covid 19 disinfection services and products is time well spent.

The point with your own cleaning techniques (and your tenants) is that the solutions used may not work well enough, or they’re not left on surfaces long enough to kill Covid 19. The CDC says it can take hours to kill the Covid 19 virus. That’s where a building virus control plan is necessary and the use of electric foggers and misters for great coverage is a wise idea.

7 Things You Can Do to Ease Corona Virus Risks

  1. offer your tenant free protective face masks
  2. make your hallways one way only traffic routes
  3. establish usage times for common laundry areas
  4. use new foggers to clean your hallways, laundry room, and front foyer
  5. ensure your building ventilation is working at top level and top efficiency
  6. ensure your air conditioning system is working perfectly
  7. hire a decontamination service once to learn how they disinfect buildings


Decontamination Tools

Foggers and misters are power tools you might be able to use in your building with frequency. Some of these tools claim they protect surfaces for weeks. This claim needs to be verified by the CDC and the FTC.

This video from introduces a number of fogging and misting power tools you might use in your building.

3 Ways to Kill Corona Virus (and other viruses too)

Electrostatic, chemical and UV light are the three technologies used to disinfect rooms, elevators, hallways, and common areas.

You may have seen some of the larger scale disinfectant foggers and misters used in outdoor settings. There is a good deal of knowledge about their effectiveness and proper usage. Of course, each technology comes with its own price tag. Some applications might be out of your reach price-wise, while some are affordable.

Commercial grade fogging Disinfection Systems might cost anywhere from $4000 to $15,000.  Less expensive (under $300) systems might be a good solution for your office, foyer and hallways.

Sterilizing Foggers and Misters

According to NASA, sterilizing foggers use oxygen and oxidation to kills viruses. Portable systems use a device which produces a mist or fog using a solution of water, peracetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide. If you don’t have one yet, it is a wise investment for use in apartment buildings and offices.

Electrostatic Foggers

These systems magnetize a disinfectant so it binds with virus molecules. The EvaClean Infection Prevention system costs less than $700.

UV Light Disinfectant Systems

Ultraviolet light has been used for a long time to kill viruses. UV Light disrupts a viruses DNA/RNA rendering them unable to replicate. It works well, however UVC light is very hazardous to human tissue.

Such systems often require special protection and can only be used by professionals or when no people are present. There are portable and even handheld uv light systems available, yet some of these do pose cancer threats to humans.

One issue with UV systems is the need for direct exposure to all surfaces. If there are a lot of nooks, crannies, dirt, grease, gunge, and textured surfaces, it may not reach all virus spores.

If you wash your elevator buttons, door handles, railings, etc frequently, the UV light can be a good disinfecting system because of its germ-killing efficacy.

For tenants, one product using UV light allows you to sanitize any number of small items by placing them inside the unit. It can disinfect items such as smartphones, keys, toothbrushes, wallets, jewelry, baby pacifiers, etc. They’re inexpensive yet mostly sold out online.

You may already be using UV light systems in your ventilation system and it is a wise choice.

Chemical Foggers

EPA approves OXINE as COVID-19 killing chemical but also doesn’t believe chemical fogging by itself is an adequate method of disinfection. So that likely includes spraying lysol on your likely transmission objects and surfaces.

It seems most Covid 19 disinfection foggers use electrostatic solutions to help the solution bind to spores, viruses and bacteria. Chemical foggers face the same drawbacks as UV Light. Surfaces need to be cleaned beforehand in order for the chemical to reach all potential virus spores that could be hidden under dirt and grime.

Automating Your Disinfection Process

Just like your favorite property management software, building disinfection needs to be automated to some extent. These systems can help considerably in addition to proper manual disinfection of high contact objects and surfaces, and touchable nooks and crannies that kids always seem to be able to reach.

You won’t get out of some old-fashioned manual cleaning with disinfectants. And really, for your peace of mind and business protection, a thorough multi-pronged approach is wise. Take some time to check out the latest in Covid 19 disinfection equipment.



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