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August 15, 2021

Community Service Ideas to Build Your Brand

Landlords are important members of the community giving in a way few business people would.  You accommodate the community and ensure their comfort and safety.

That’s no insignificant value to the community, many times unappreciated. And to raise awareness and overcome the anti-landlord sentiment with some people, these community service contributions help. They can encourage politicians who have antipathies toward landlords.

It’s tough to quantify the value of community service to a landlord or property management company, but when people know that you’ve stepped outside the ordinary to help with your time, money, energy and spirit, they can’t help but respect you.

When you help out in times when so many are suffering, it has even greater value. And when you do help, you raise the value of your community, make it a better place to live in, and you improve your relationship with everyone.  I know of people who give so much, it’s rather humbling.  They’re community leaders and are well respected.

Maybe they’re just people with time who find it easy and can use whatever helping channels are available to them?  Perhaps it’s easier than we all think? Likely not.

Covid’s Brought a Lot of Hardship

All of us have endured one of the worst events of the last 100 years, and hundreds of millions of people have had their lives altered because of Covid 19.

While small landlords too have seen much suffering personally and been forced to take on financially responsibility for tenants, they should still do more for their communities. Landlords can be key political voices in their communities — leadership.

Public service ideas can take many forms and not only do they really help communities recover and thrive, they’re actually very good for landlords and property manager’s brand image. The point is that there’s nothing wrong with it being self serving when you’re really just looking for reasons to motivate yourself. It all works out for the good.

Is public service work common for landlords and property managers? If you look online, you don’t find much, but you know, even something small like a money donations still count.

Your Brand is the Total Value You Offer

We know how powerful brands are. The brand image is the picture of your company’s value and tenants, owners, investors are affected by the things you do. Giving to the community is a powerful factor even if it is unrelated to your business bottom line.

People don’t often care about your company, service or brand unless you show you care. If they believe it’s real and sincere, it becomes real and relevant to your tenants, owners, contractors, suppliers.  Giving can make you and your company much more attractive to clients. And tenants will think your rentals are that much better because you care.

It’s certainly not about jumping on a bandwagon such as recent political cause. It’s activities that save people from threats such as evictions that people care about. And many small business landlords have done all they can to help their tenants avoid eviction and ending up homeless.

When you tell the world on your website and social media pages what you’re doing to help in your local community, it really makes you look like an awesome landlord. Sometimes getting together with a number of your suppliers and contractors and holding an event involving all of you, one that builds morale, gives you time together socially, and lets all of you feel you’re part of something bigger that benefits the community, is smart.

It’s just takes a little initiative and some energy. Energy comes with spirit.

But which public service activities actually create benefit?

Here’s our list of ideas you can do for your community:

  • giveaways of food vouchers, kids clothing, toys, kids sports equipment
  • do social media and write blog posts for a local social group
  • giveaways of fresh farm fruit and vegetables, bottled water, bread, canned soup, macaroni packages, and other needs items for families who may not get enough from the local food bank
  • offer one free “rent discount” for one of your tenants who performs free public service work (dog walking, walking kids home from school, food bank help)
  • offering homebound seniors with “meals on wheels” type service
  • drive seniors to medical appointments – collect stories and discuss that on your blog, take pictures to show on Instagram and Facebook
  • pay some teens to do property cleaning services for elderly people who have their own homes
  • help some local homeowners fix fences, sidewalks, and their roofs (if you have the skills)
  • pay some teens to cut grass of disabled homeowners
  • sponsor and promote local public service events
  • approach local politicians to build support for, and represent groups who can’t defend themselves
  • coach a youth sports team (after Covid pandemic)
  • help immigrants learn English and answer their questions about personal management
  • offer your IT and computer skills to those with limited computer skills
  • get some tenants together and clean up some neighborhoods, parks or river/lakefront areas
  • rejuvenate a local playground
  • hire a local teen temporarily to give them some work training and experience — talk about their experience on your social media pages
  • host a bake sale or a barbecue
  • host a party for all your tenants and encourage them to participate in a public service event — they may have asked for favors from you
  • rent a truck and do free junk haul-aways for your neighborhood
  • make a donation of money, footwear, outerwear, hygiene products, vitamins, to your local homeless shelter and give away free coffee vouchers

The Right Community Service Project for You

Most of these community service ideas might not be a good fit for you. Yet, if you modify them to connect with those who need help, you can find your own way to make a difference. Definitely be safe, but do help out.

After all, you have a business to run. And these volunteered efforts can make you look like a company that has its business together. Remember, that as politicians make you bad publicly, you can respond by doing more than them!

Community caring can put the crowning glory on your company and personal brand image and as well, raise your self esteem and confidence. It’s proof that you do care and how you’re committed to your community — focused on running a business that matters.

Whatever skills, finances, resources, connections and all else that you have, there are people who need your help and will appreciate it more than anyone you’ve ever known.


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