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Commercial Property Management Software

Commercial Real Estate Management Software

The commercial real estate sector was hit hard during the pandemic and many small retail services businesses suffered and they’re still recovering now.

The commercial property sector has its challenges given the work from home trend and the flight from downtown regions of major cities. This flight from urban areas has slowed with some return of business, however the commercial and mixed property management companies may need to review their business models, and try new software solutions.

This coming jump in demand will create new unique, rental property opportunities for you as an investor or as a professional property manager. The market provides growth and revenue opportunities where it will. It’s wise to be ready to integrate commercial property.

A Streamlined Platform for your Mixed Clientele

When we say ManageCasa is a next generation property management platform, we’re including mobile, digital management services for commercial properties. The extended services model via the cloud means you can meet the digital business challenges of the next 5 years.

If you’ve shied away from mixed-use or some retail property opportunities, you should re-envision their potential. From restaurants, to small office buildings, to parking garages and ground level retail shops, there is opportunity.

Investors facing a shortage of investable assets may be buying commercial properties in anticipation of a post covid return to normalcy.

Real estate investors are buying mixed use, retail and even office properties. Additional business opportunities will come in storage, marinas, and even student housing.  Commercial asset managers and property management companies want to build revenue wherever they can.

ManageCasa Takes on Your Mixed Portfolio

Investors are doing most of the buying today, and they are buying mixed use properties. The owners you target will have commercial properties in their portfolios. ManageCasa is an ideal solution for easy commercial property management.

Commercial real estate is very similar to residential – there is a tenant, a landlord, a serviceable unit, leases, and financial cash flow transactions. This means most small retail or mixed use rental properties can be integrated very well into ManageCasa.


What is Commercial Real Estate Management?

Commercial real estate management involves the management of income-generating properties — properties where business is being conducted rather than for residential use.

Commercial property managers work to manage tenant acquisition, optimize leasing activities and cash flow transactions for owners. Common commercial property leasing activities include rent collection, expense management, maintenance, rent increases, insurance, and lease renewals.

Property managers need a commercial property management platform to streamline financial transactions, accept and automate payments and expense transactions, help bank reconciliation, and provide a centralized communications platform to build purposeful and responsive communications between tenants, landlord, and maintenance contractors.

What Is ManageCasa’s Commercial Property Solution?

ManageCasa’s commercial property management solution is an all-in-one platform for accounting, reporting, marketing & leasing including purpose built-features for the commercial property market.

In this way, ManageCasa has everything a small to mid-sized commercial property manager needs to capitalize on a potentially lucrative commercial property market.

You’ll enjoy the professional level, dedicated accounting capabilities as you take on commercial properties.  Keep an eye on hidden costs that might be eating into your operational budget.  And you’ll love that you can manage leasing so easily and perhaps develop more flexible leasing solutions.

To understand ManageCasa’s full capability for you as a commercial property management solution, we invite you to speak with our industry and product specialists to get a full 360 view.

Scheduling a demo and a discussion of commercial property management challenges and how the software will handle them, is simple. Contact us, ask your initial questions and we can arrange to discuss the commercial property solution.


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