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Cloud Property Management Software for Small Business

July 11, 2022

Cloud Small Property Management Businesses Now Compete Big

The cloud is an amazing environment for small business property managers. Its immense computing power allows SMB property management firms to scale up properties/revenue while lowering costs.

The tantalizing cloud topic is one of mystery for small business owners, yet all you need to know is how to log into an elegant, simplified dashboard that lets you do your work wonderfully. The rest is in the backend always ready 24×7.

Small businesses continue to migrate to cloud-powered platforms, apps and other solutions. More managers are recognizing the value of cloud property management software  despite some hurdles — all surmountable of course.

Cloud Creates New Contenders

Many property management companies using old proprietary systems fear seeing their accounts disappear to smaller and more agile cloud-powered property management companies. Using platforms such as ManageCasa, they can easily scale up and be seriously competitive.

It’s all exciting for new SMB property investment entrepreneurs, but perhaps less so for some landlords and property management companies who have invested significantly in their legacy systems. The migration to a SaaS platform such as ManageCasa is of interest to them, yet the migration issue is a key setback.

Perhaps with some nudges and inspiration, you might overcome inertia and explore the business advantage in a new next generation platform. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, your clients will be relieved when they hear the news. ManageCasa is here to help you with everything.

Triggers for cloud adoption. Screenshot courtesy of KPMG’s report: Cloud Economics: Making the Business Case for Cloud

Cost Savings are only the Beginning

Published reports cite 30% to 36% cost reductions in adopting cloud solutions. This comes from reduced IT spend, staffing and in house management (hardware, wages, software). That’s bottom line dollar value to help businesses surmount what has turned out to be an endless stream of profit eating expenses and tasks.

“New findings from business software company Exact and Pb7 Research suggest that small businesses that have made the move to the cloud doubled their profits and achieved 25% additional revenue growth compared to their cloudless contemporaries”

Respondents reported:

  • it was easy to use – 4.0
  • It’s easier to find information – 4.0
  • it was easier to share information – 3.9
  • it increased productivity – 3.9
  • it was easier to add/remove users – 3.8


— “Do small businesses make more money with the cloud? New study says yes.”  — from new study by Exact and Pb7.


More Important Benefits for Sustainable Profitability

Business owners are shifting their attention from basic lowered operating costs to the greater value a Cloud powered SaaS property management solution offers – easier all in one dashboard, automation and synchronization, marketing, analytics, etc.).

Yet adopting the cloud isn’t as simple as putting on a new pair of shoes. Cloud integration is a complex matter beginning with web hosting, data migration, and software modules. Fortunately, you can have all these impressive advantages quickly by adopting a cloud powered property management platform such as ManageCasa.

ManageCasa’s system resides in the cloud computing environment, specifically the AWS cloud. Add on AWS’s impressive, updated security features and it’s a smarter choice than leaving all your customer and business data on a hackable hard drive at a local data center.

That particular liability is a business ending event for some property managers and HOA management companies.

Here’s how AWS describes its Cloud Service

The Amazon Web Service public cloud offers key advantages which include a low cost of ownership, automated deployments, scalability, security, recovery and reliability. AWS cloud is well-suited for the following:

  • Data storage & Data Archives
  • Application Hosting
  • Fast, mission critical web tiers
  • On-demand hosting for microsite and application
  • Auto-scaling environment for large applications

AWS offers speed, downtime protection, on demand responsiveness, and ability to scale up. Still that is understating the end business benefits, which are industry specific. Which is why we’re discussing them now.

There is no Property Management Cloud

If you’ve wondered, a property management cloud doesn’t exist. All businesses tap into the same public cloud computing infrastructure while some very large companies operate their own private cloud. Running a private cloud and all the services in it is very expensive, so their choice to own a private cloud is controversial. It may be to access information running on that cloud or to keep it private so it can’t be leveraged by competitors.

The big public cloud services are Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Amazon is the usually the choice of businesses given a better array of business features and lower cost services for business.

Your company and ManageCasa only use a select and appropriate number of available AWS cloud services and this makes it economical. The savings are amazing and passed onto our customers. With all data and applications securely routed through the AWS cloud, you can access everything you need at the lowest price possible.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons so many new property management business startups are forming is due to this new wave of technology (Proptech). It gives startups a great opportunity to present a comprehensive value proposition — matched to the digital preference of today’s tenants and owners.

ManageCasa on the Cloud

ManageCasa on the Cloud gives you full access to cloud-based functionality and opportunities in your subscription and in your account dashboard. You can’t appreciate the power of SaaS on the Cloud, but engineers and programmers understand the business opportunities. The parade of new features we’ve introduced are due in part to cloud power.

This potential of the cloud comes in the form of:

  • expanded new service possibilities (online payment, add on services, new revenue streams, digital amenities, improved analytics)
  • operations efficiencies (streamlining work loads, low maintenance, and automation)
  • mobile work solutions (remote data access, secure data access, mobile inspections)
  • improved security and government regulation compliance
  • automation efficiency (accounting, tenant communications, leasing, payments)
  • scaling up properties and digital services (growing revenue while maintaining low costs)
  • lower cost communications (broadband access lowers telecom fees)

Upgrading to ManageCasa

When you upgrade to ManageCasa on the cloud, you are able to manage your entire rental portfolio on one powerful platform. Using ManageCasa’s web and mobile solution allows your property management staff to get more work done from anywhere including accounting.

Streamlined work flow and intelligent automation helps you deliver a market leading tenant and owner experience. When owners have a choice of which property management company to hire, yours will stand out as a company of the future — able to contain costs, grow revenue and deliver better service.

Read more on the benefits of cloud property management software and how you can grow your company.

Book a demo with our sales experts and begin your upgrade to a sustainable property management software.


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