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Cloud Property Management Benefits Updated

Being on the Cloud is Heavenly

Here we go again extolling the virtues of this mysterious thing called the cloud. How can you not expect mystery when you call something the cloud?

Yet recent industry reports suggest the cloud is responsible for the more rapid adoption of property management software worldwide lately. It’s certain that if your business isn’t on it now, you’ll be migrating to the cloud soon.

ManageCasa (next generation property management software) has been leveraging the amazing potential of the cloud, something that will generate further customer advantages.

Small business adoption of cloud. Screen capture courtesy of RightScale

What is the Property Management Cloud?

There is no property management cloud. ManageCasa for instance uses Amazon’s computing cloud to leverage the numerous advantages its cloud service offers.

Amazon’s AWS Cloud Platform Benefits

It seems no matter how often you study cloud technology, it’s hard to get your head wrapped around how it works and the opportunities it does create or will create in future. And while ManageCasa offers plenty of amazing business and operations value, the cloud is a significant factor in our value proposition.

As we talk about here, the conversation is beginning to move beyond “when will we get on the cloud?” to “how can we grow ROI and make more revenue from adopting the cloud?”

Security, Cost Efficiency, and New Business

Old definitions of what the cloud is, its technology and benefits further confused the real value. For instance, originally, people and experts believed outsourcing data storage and computing to the cloud would leave them with some security weaknesses.

Then they discovered more about how cloud hardware infrastructure and data encryption, and intrusion detection, makes the cloud much more secure than a local hard drive.

Business people discovered that hackers had a better chance of getting private data on weakly protected company hard drives than trying to penetrate a sophisticated, encrypted, hardware-level security fortress. Myths were dispelled. And that’s just one of the reasons businesses are clamoring onto the cloud now.

In fact, the new hyped terms such as proptech, fintech, and realtech mean nothing without the power of the cloud. What’s happening today, is property managers are starting to look into the digital business potential of the cloud and the new proptech solutions. See this post for what is proptech.

7 Key Benefits of Cloud Platforms

Let’s take a quick roll call of the features and benefits of the cloud, and move onto the bigger payoff in new business opportunities. How does cloud property management software really bring home practical business value?

  1. reduced operating/IT costs – outsourcing computing, storage, security, and administration is much less costly than doing them in-house. For some property management firms, the savings is substantial.
  2. mobility and accessibility of data – cloud lets your property management team access and update files from anywhere, anytime, via any device.
  3. data security – the cloud security infrastructure helps you fend off threats such as fire, theft, power failure, equipment malfunctions.
  4. more powerful software solutions – when you use a cloud enabled property management solution, you can access software, networks, speed, and system features not available on old local area network systems (which many property managers still use)
  5. instant software updates – the system takes care of updates to operating systems and other software, so you’re not caught with “technology downtime”
  6. backup and recovery – helps you quickly recover from hardware or network failures, so that your data and software are backed up and ready for recovery.
  7. scalability – as your property management business grows with new services and more doors, the cloud lets you handle the extra storage, bandwidth, and computing demands, and opens up new apps/services.

New Business Models for Property Management Companies

Think of the cloud as a hub for service connectivity — connecting virtual services that can help you grow your service to landlords. These upgrades are a key part of property management company’s value proposition. Without using new financial, security, operational, and marketing services, many traditional property management companies, not on the cloud, are unable to compete.

Intgegrating New Profitable Services

The cloud creates a virtual connection between property management software and additional services that benefit landlords and tenants. For instance, this year, ManageCasa integrated its software platform with Stripe, an online payment solution. Stripe handles payments from renters which are posted automatically to the accounting ledger.

Easy, online rental payment is a major benefit cited by renters, and as property management companies grow, it’s very important to automate the rent payment process. Stripe makes paying rent much easier and more reliable for all parties.

Rent payment automation is a great feature, but in future, the cloud offers integration of other new services including tenant screening, smart home services, marketing, artificial intelligence customer service, energy conservation, security and iOT device integration, and more.

Tenants want many new digital technology as an amenity benefits, and the cloud is how much of that will be delivered in future. Why? Mostly, cost, systems, and value for tenants. And with the development of 5G, more powerful apps will become available.

The business future is open-ended with the cloud, which is why you need to make steps to adopt a simplified property management solution that leverages the power of the cloud.

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