Celebrating Halloween for Property Managers and Tenants

Halloween, or rather, any holiday, is a great opportunity for tenants, homeowners, and property managers to engage together. Here are some ideas that could make this year’s Halloween especially fun, brought to you by AbodeStory.

roscoe-village-halloweenOrganize a community trick-or-treat event. This is a great opportunity to reach out to residents and tenants to ask if they would like to participate. Then, announce the apartments, houses, or streets that are participating in the community trick-or-treat event.


Before the 31st, have a Halloween decorating contest. Tenants and residents’ decorating efforts will be for all the neighborhood to awe over. Host an event to give prizes, where the neighborhood can come out to vote on which house has the best decorated exteriors!

Get out your best knives and head to Hughes Hangar.Have a classic pumpkin carving contest! Shoot a mass e-mail to invite all the tenants to let them know about the event. Provide some delicious Halloween themed treats, pumpkins, carving tools, and prizes!  Watch kids and adults make some great (and not so great) carved pumpkins, which they can take home as festive displays around the neighborhood.

Organize a classic Halloween party at the management office! Provide lots of food and drinks, and fun activities for the younger crowd to engage in. This is the perfect opportunity to give your property management office the publicity it deserves! Marketing efforts should extend beyond your current tenants; instead, post the event online or newspapers. Show future tenants that your office cares about community engagement and watch your management office popularity increase!

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you could even go as far as creating a haunted house! An idea would be to turn the common clubhouse into a haunted house, turn the lights off and fill the place with spider webs, zombies, and creepy skeletons. Parents who bring their kids need to bring some kind of item for admission, whether that’s money or food, and your property management office can bring the items to a shelter or perhaps some non-profit organization.

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