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Why Do Good Tenants Leave?

December 30, 2019

How to Foresee Tenant Departures Why is it that good things must come to an end? Your tenants have worked out so well, they enjoyed living in your home or apartment, yet despite that bliss, they will decide to move on. Yes, it's so nice when people stay put, but everyone's life evolves. Young couples…

Los Angeles Apartment Rental Prices Rise

August 19, 2019

Rents Rise in Los Angeles Are you planning to move to the Los Angeles area soon?  That elusive apartment vacancy will come with a slightly higher price.  And while LA rents are up, they're actually less than US apartment price rises. According to a report from curbedla, 1 one-bedroom apartments in Los Angeles County have climged…

Tenant Party Event Ideas

August 01, 2019

Social Events Build a Sense of Community It's midsummer and a great time for people to gather for a fun, live event. Your community association, apartment building, or other residential development, can hold a social get together which can generate some very good vibes in rental tenants. While some condo buildings and multifamily developments are…

Tenant Management Tips

June 04, 2019

Improve Your Tenant Management Skills If you're considering getting into rental property investment whether through apartments, houses or multifamily blocks, it's wise to understand how to manage your future tenants professionally. Professionally means engaging with them using clear, helpful communication that encourages the behaviors you want to see.  Friendliness and courtesy are great, but what you'll…

Why Tenants Leave

January 04, 2019

Survey Shows What's Behind Tenant Turnover In some cities in 2019, higher vacancies, lower rents and more rental availability is encouraging many tenants to not renew their leases.  Hanging onto tenants will increase as an focus. Tenant losses are creating some anxiety for property managers who may suffer revenue losses as turnover and vacancy losses…

Best Incentives for Renters

December 10, 2018

Top Landlord/Developer Concessions Landlords and property managers in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas are pulling out the stops to fill their rising vacancies and keep tenants in 2019. When vacancy rates rise, we all have to be more creative. In these markets, business as usual doesn't…

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