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What Tenants Want: Survey Results

January 12, 2021

What a Tenant Wants What a tenant wants, they should get. Because they're willing to pay for it. A couple of recently published tenant surveys (attitudes and preferences) paints a picture of a diverse group of real people with a laundry list of wants.  The key point of tenant oriented property management strategies is that…

How to Choose Moving Companies

December 29, 2020

Choosing the Right Moving Company During 2019, less than 10% of Americans moved to another city. It was the lowest number ever recorded in the US (according to an Axios report). Of course, the US economy was running so hot, that fewer people needed to move for job-related reasons. When things are good with income,…

Rental Vacancies and Why Tenants Leave

October 14, 2020

Survey Shows What's Behind Tenant Turnover Inner-city landlords in the US, UK, Australia and Germany are seeing higher vacancies and reduced rents as renters flee the cities for more space in suburbs and other small cities and towns. A desire for lower rents and more spacious living is encouraging many tenants to decide not to renew their apartment…

Corona Virus Unemployment & Aid for Tenants

April 29, 2020

Getting Through the Unemployment Pandemic The number of new unemployment claims in the US continues at a brisk pace as you can see in the BLS chart below. This means renters will seek help for paying rent and we could see a big wave of renter rent payment defaults and tenant evictions. The number of…

Tenant Screening for Property Managers and Investors

April 18, 2020

How to Screen in the Very Best Tenants Tenant quality is the lifeblood of property managers and property investors. And by conducting quality tenant screening procedures, you will ensure you'll acquire a problem free tenant who pays their rent on time. Screening tenants isn't just an administrative task and it's not something you order as…

How to Cook in Your Apartment without the Smoke and Smells

April 02, 2020

The Joy of Odorless Cooking Tens of millions of tenants fancy themselves as good cooks. They may not have much training but they like the idea of putting together a fresh, tasty meal for themselves or family. And it seems the tastiest food and recipes involve ingredients that fill the room with a little too…

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