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Category: Tenant

Credit Checks for Renters

September 21, 2022

Advising Renters on Credit Checks Throughout the last 5 years at least, tenant credit checks have become a key tenant rentability indicator for landlords. They're one component of a tenant screening process to reduce exposure to unreliable and unfit renters. Credit screenings in particular help to establish the applicant's ability and willingness to pay their…

Tenant Party Event Ideas

June 28, 2022

Social Events Build a Sense of Community With the 4th of July celebrations and summer just ahead, your tenants will be in lighter more relaxing mood. That makes it a good time to build the festive spirit to build your community and keep tenants feeling good. After all, summer is a great time for people…

How To Make Your Tenants Happy

June 28, 2022

Business is Never Good Until the Customer is Happy Have you treated your tenants in a professional, businesslike way, and thought everything was fine, but it wasn't? Did they make complaints and eventually vacate the unit? Even very successful business people forget that business is about people. And when people feel good, they might stay…

What Tenants Want: Survey Results

June 22, 2022

What a Tenant Wants What a tenant wants, they should get. Because they're willing to pay for it. A couple of recently published tenant surveys (attitudes and preferences) paints a picture of a diverse group of real people with a laundry list of wants.  The key point of tenant-oriented property management strategies is that renters…

Census Survey Shows More Renters Not Paying Rent

April 01, 2022

Small Landlords Continue Struggling Unfairly Today's jobs report was a bright sign for the US economy and bolsters hopes for a continuous recovery from the pandemic recession. Yet the CDC has just extended the US government's eviction ban, without providing proper stimulus funding for rental apartment and rental house tenants who need help -- a…

Renters Insurance

March 22, 2022

Renters Insurance Covers Real Losses Many long term renters have accumulated significant financial assets in their homes. If in the case of fire, theft, or wastewater backups, they will likely not be covered via insurance. In case of disaster, the renter could lose a great deal. Recovering items such as sofas, beds, laptops, furniture, electrical…

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