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Category: Tenant Management

Building and Property Management Rules

December 05, 2019

Landlord Building and Property Management Rules House Rules 101 Part II To ensure tenants comply with safety, security, and other tenants rights, a set of rules are established by the landlord. Actually HOA’s and property management companies also create rules of conduct. The “House Rules” are intended to make the property a livable environment for…

How to File for Tenant Eviction

December 02, 2019

Filing for Tenant Eviction We previously mentioned an eviction process which could begin once proper documentation has been prepared.  These eviction documents include lease violation notices and other important correspondences. In some cases, tenants may respond and voluntarily work with the landlord to address their lease violations in order to avoid eviction. However, when tenants…

Tenants and Building Safety

September 23, 2019

Get Your Tenant to Pay Attention to Building Safety While no one can guarantee an accident free environment, it’s essential for property managers to enhance tenant’s and employee’s safety awareness. It’s also the property manager’s responsibility to minimize any potential risks, hazards, and injuries to both tenants and employees.  It's the property manager who must…

How to Build Great Relations with Tenants

Build Resident Relations from Day 1 From Day 1 when the tenant moves in, the landlord should start to build a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship with them. A clear, positive, and honest communication routine is a foundation of a successful landlord-tenant relationship. It is imperative to recognize that both landlord and tenant have rights…

Move-Ins Done Professionally

Move-in Process is a Relationship Building Starting Point In a previous article, we talked about the importance of implementing consistent screening policy during the leasing process. After you secure a qualified tenant, it's the landlord’s responsibility (or property manager) to schedule an appointment for lease signing, tenant orientation, building tour and unit inspection. It's essential…

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