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Category: Technology

Property Management and Security

March 15, 2022

New Approach to Residential Security Residential security is important. Yet, most of the advice on enhancing security is not on intelligence and prevention. Instead, the focus is the sale of expensive security cameras and staffing services -- often unaffordable for most residential landlords. Tenants have a lot to be concerned about in 2022 and given…

Cloud Property Management Software for Small Business

March 11, 2022

Cloud Small Property Management Businesses Now Compete Big The cloud is an amazing environment for small business property managers. Its immense computing power allows SMB property management firms to scale up properties/revenue while lowering costs. The tantalizing cloud topic is one of mystery for small business owners, yet all you need to know is how…

Best Tools for the Modern Property Manager

January 04, 2022

Essential Property Management Tools There are endless tasks you'll have to handle as a property manager in 2022.  Like most pros, you'll search for some digital tools to help. And in your quest, you'll likely be distracted away from the essential capabilities you need. Doing the core tasks well is the hallmark of a professional.…

Mobile Data Access for Property Managers

October 13, 2021

Property Managers Need Improved Mobile Access to Data The Covid 19 office shutdowns have pushed property management more quickly into the mobile and digital era.  Suddenly work from home was the in thing. Yet, while the pandemic emptied office spaces across the world, the return to the office this year won't be like it was…

Virtual Leasing Apps

April 20, 2021

8 Great Virtual Leasing Apps Has leasing become a source of angst and worry for you these past 13 months? If so, it's understandable, given apartment managers have seen vacancy rates rise and Covid 19 lockdown protocols were stiffened. Leasing has to go online and the pandemic has given this dominant trend an accelerating boost.…

10 Modern Technologies Property Managers Will Enjoy in 2021

January 08, 2021

10 Important Technologies for Property Managers In 2021, technology will again bring us products and services that will improve rental property owners revenues, lower costs, and make work more fun. Of course, just easing the workload is fascinating enough for most property management professionals. The nice thing about tech improvements is that your tenants will…

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