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Best Smartphones for Property Managers, AMs, and Landlords

July 17, 2023

Smartphones Property Professionals Will Love Using Technology is entering every aspect of property management and changing workstyles while improving staff performance. From leasing to inspections and maintenance, more property management work is being conducted online away from company offices. And hardware and accompanying apps are providing useful, time-saving and task-boosting features as you'll discover below.…

Heat Pumps for Rental Properties

July 09, 2023

Are Heat Pumps the Solution Landlords Need? With the raging heat of summer persisting this summer pushing many tenants to their physical limits, there is a lot of interest in better ways to cool rental homes. If the world's climate is heating up, then the summers ahead may be more cruel to tenants, especially those…

Who is the National Multifamily Housing Council?

June 23, 2023

The National Multifamily Housing Council NMHC is one of the most prominent organizations in the property management industry. As a major professional level association of multifamily housing professionals and service organizations, it's membership is in the tens of thousands. Multifamily housing is a big component of the overall real estate market often dominated by large,…

Run a Property Management Business on any Device

May 17, 2023

Manage Your Rental Property Business with Any Device? Ah, the dream of running a successful, profitable business all from your favorite smart device! For many business people it's a wonderful thought. That vision isn't about electronic devices though. It's about simplicity, accomplishment and work reduction, which leads us into an exciting new way of doing…

10 Modern Technologies Property Managers Should Use

May 13, 2023

10 Important Technologies for Property Managers Technology companies have enjoyed strong performance on the NASDAQ exchange this year. As business has become more challenging, with profit margins shrinking, only technology can simplify, optimize and automate. It brings customer service, staff efficiency, and cost reductions that are making the key difference to business owners. Easing Those…

Best Tool for the Modern Property Manager

November 20, 2022

Essential Property Management Tool There are endless tasks you'll have to handle as a property manager in 2023. Like most pros, you'll search for some digital tools to help. And in your quest, you'll find some property management apps and landlord apps. If tools do help, you'll want to know first what your company weaknesses…

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