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Will Property Management Change in 2020?

January 02, 2020

How Property Management is Changing in 2020 This year in 2020, a good one, we'll see property managers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany adopt more simplification, more responsive tenant services, and better accounting and financial management for owners. And yes, property management software is central to orchestrating workflow, automating payments and accounting…

State of Property Management

December 01, 2019

The State of Property Management 2020 In 2019, the state of property management was healthy across the US, from California to Florida to New York. More properties, rising rents, and new technology is making property management the envy of the real estate industry. Technology, cultural, economic and political trends create property management trends which are not…

Best SMB Startup Ideas

September 20, 2019

Best Entrepreneurial Opportunities Today Do you know anyone who has skills, drive, and talent, yet isn't thriving currently? You might want to introduce them to the hottest and most accessible SMB startup opportunities going today. Only 4 years ago, new small business startups were the lowest ever recorded, but since 2016, that's all changed. Small…

Property Management News for September

September 05, 2019

What's New in Property Management We're keeping a closer eye in property management news stories, events, developments, tech, and property management trends, and reporting them right here. It could be the new investment, technology, efficiency, and competition could be changing the culture of property management and the housing market this year. Woman Sells Huge Property…

Growth Hacks for Your Property Management Firm

August 28, 2019

Hacking Your Way to ROI Growth and Success With the cooler fall season coming, we'll all be feeling a lot fresher and invigorated soon. The fall colors and kids back at school makes us realize the seasons are changing. It's at these positive times that your confidence and optimism will be peaking too. It's a…

Content is What Powers Success Today

July 25, 2019

You Need Better Content If you're a Property Manager or Realtor, you already have the most important marketing asset possible -- your website. A website (and social media pages) contains compelling, engaging content, and it generates leads, builds your brand, and grows your sales. It's an asset worth developing. Conversely, when you're invisible online, it's…

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