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Category: Maintenance

How Local Contractors Can Stay Competitive Against Large Chains

November 06, 2019

Small Business Service Contractors At ManageCasa, we understand that it can be tough for a local residential maintenance and service contractor to compete with the large chains. Yet, it might only take some study and little ingenuity to turn the tables in your favor. It's wise to examine these company's strengths and weaknesses and find…

New Flooring for Rental Properties

October 15, 2019

New Flooring for Your Rentals? There are a lot of ways to make your units attractive to renters. New appliances, new paint, kitchen renos, and new bathroom fixtures come to mind. Flooring is a good one to evaluate too and we've got the major options listed below.  Flooring gets quite a workout and when worn, it…

Property Management Tips - Fall Season Preparation

September 05, 2019

Fall Season Maintenance Program - 13 Tips As the cool fall weather approaches we're reminded of the power of nature and how our properties will be subjected to the harshest extremes. The rain, sleet, wind, ice, and freezing temps are heavier in winter, and this winter may be a harsh one. Your roof shingles, furnaces,…

Property Management Maintenance Program

August 26, 2019

Management Success Paired with a Thoughtful Maintenance Program In the previous article, we recommended that property managers use a sample checklist to track progress and outcomes for property performances in different aspects.  Property maintenance is one of the most regular and important services to tenants. Thus, property managers should establish a maintenance program to create…

8 Most Common Rental Problems and Repairs

August 21, 2019

8 Most Frequent Repairs As a landlord or property manager, unit repairs and maintenance requests are going to more costly than expected. Higher service contractor fees, and parts costs are likely cutting into your bottom line. Tenants aren't always at fault in these added costs however they can certainly be educated and perhaps manage these pesky…

The Real Threat of Summer Mold

July 02, 2019

It's Summer and That's When Mold Grows! It's the peak of the year where heat and humidity can aid in the development of mold in your rental units. Humidity, moisture, warmth, darkened rooms or closets, reduced air flow, and rain storms all conspire to give mold spores the maximum chance to spread and grow. Landlords…

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