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Category: Maintenance

Property Maintenance Services

March 26, 2023

Vital Property Maintenance Services Whether you're a single-family landlord, multifamily unit investor, mixed-use property manager, a quality property maintenance service company can keep your property fresh and usable for tenants. Without excellent maintenance, many properties are really not investible and asset depreciation becomes an issue for the owner. Beside a regular schedule of maintenance practices,…

Spring Maintenance for Rentals

March 01, 2023

Spring Property Maintenance Checklist Spring of 2023 is not far off! Maintenance staff are readying themselves for their spring schedule of fixes and repairs to keep assets in top condition. Owners feel good when their properties look good, serve tenants well and their property values are protected. Spring is a special part of your complete…

Best Roofing Types for Rental Properties

January 30, 2023

Reviewing Roofing Types for Rental Properties When landlords (and some property management companies) consider buying a rental property, one of the important criteria is the condition of the structure's roof. A worn, leaky roof promises a host of problems whereas a beautiful roof is a glorious crown on a desirable home.  And as we see…

Big Arctic Air Freeze Hitting the US

December 23, 2022

Big Freeze on the Way a Danger to Utility Pipes Are your rental property water pipes about to freeze? When will your power come back on? Even the Northeast US is now immersed on the biggest incursions of artic air in recent memory being called Storm Elliot. This Siberian-chilled Artic air swept across most of…

New Flooring for Rental Properties

August 06, 2022

New Flooring for Your Rentals? One way to keep your best tenants, attract good ones, and keep cash flow rolling for the years ahead, is to consider some refurbishments or even upgrades to your rental house or apartment. Flooring is one improvement that you could undertake at any time of the year. New Flooring is…

HVAC Maintenance and Repair

July 18, 2022

Summer 2022 Tests All Air Conditioning Systems Mid Summer heat and humidity brings with it extraordinary climate conditions for some cities, states and countries. Somewhere right now in Australia, US, Canada, Spain, France, Germany or the UK, air conditioning systems are breaking down, leaving renters exposed to dangerous, sweltering conditions. A vicious heatwave in Europe…

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