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Category: Maintenance

Hiring Property Maintenance Companies

October 22, 2020

How to Hire a Property Maintenance Company Whether you're a property manager, or landlord or HOA manager, the role of property maintenance is important. That's why finding the best property maintenance firm is a good investment in time. Good maintenance performance is important to homeowners, HOAs and tenants. Many renters will at some point leave…

Covid Disinfection

October 16, 2020

Best Covid 19 Disinfection Tools A new study by the Journal of Nature shows Covid 19 public acquired infections are more likely occurring in restaurants, gyms, bars, hotels and religious buildings. It's unlikely the government will be able to shut these establishments down during the full winter outbreak season. Is there a better way to…

Covid 19 Disinfection Foggers

September 29, 2020

Disinfection Tools to Keep your Building Safe Businesses are reopening and workers in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany are slowly returning to work, and shoppers are visiting restaurants, salons, and retail stores. There will be more tenant traffic in and out of your building which opens up the possibility of a Covid 19 spread in…

Automate to Reduce your Administration Costs

Reduce Property Management Administration Your top chores - daily administration. It's wasting your time and eating into your profits.  Reconsidering how your current solution works to save your time, and avoid redundancy is worth it. The next 6 months will be challenging, and if you aren't automated yet, keeping maintenance costs and administration time under…

New Flooring for Rental Properties

New Flooring for Your Rentals? One way to keep your best tenants and keep cash flow rolling for the rest of 2020, is to consider some refurbishments or even upgrades. Flooring is one that comes to mind in the spring and right now, materials might come at a discount. New Flooring is a good rental…

Maintenance Call Tsunami

April 27, 2020

A Tidal Wave of Maintenance and Repairs Building Up If your property maintenance scheduling feature wasn't used much before, it's likely getting a good workout through the Covid 19 era.  Are you now using Covid foggers? Maintenance expectations are evolving. Landlords are reporting that maintenance tickets are well down from normal levels. Many tenants don't want…

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