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How To Increase Rental Property Yields

January 11, 2022

13 Ways to Grow Property Revenue As we enter the new year, finally relieved of the Covid pandemic recession, are you ready to make your properties profitable again? With government tax changes, eviction laws, and unemployment issues, landlords have a lot to deal with. If you're so busy that you haven't reviewed your rent yields…

12 Ways to Reduce Tenant Turnover

December 22, 2021

How to Reduce Tenant Turnover Have you calculated how much revenue you've lost due to tenant churn over the years?  Some landlords and property manages do have systems to report these losses, but how many are solving the loss problem? In some states and cities, the issue of tenant turnover is a current matter.  With spring's…

10 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Rental Income Property Revenue

December 09, 2021

Improve Rental Property Income This coming year should provide many grand opportunities for investors, but the best may be in the rental property market. To serve the sector, many new startup property management companies are being spawned. These new businesses might be growing under the premise that landlords are overwhelmed with the work of managing…

Single Family Rental Property Management

November 07, 2021

Managing Single Family Rentals Economic and demographic changes have really juiced up demand for single detached rental housing (SFR) and created excellent business opportunities for many investors and property management firms. Definition: SFR encompasses a cluster of single family detached homes, townhomes and duplex properties. SFRs comprise about 2/3rds of the rental housing stock. Interest…

Top Vacation Rental Destinations This Summer

July 19, 2021

Domestic Local Travel Tops in American Vacations We're well into the summer short term rental vacation season and vacationers still have a trip in mind, their first since the pandemic began. Travel bookings and activity are up this summer and Americans are once again experiencing the joys of summer and intend to enjoy more.  They've…

Set the Ideal Apartment/Condo Rental Price

July 05, 2021

Setting the Right Rent Price Wondering what the ideal rental price might be for your new rentals? If you're thinking of setting the price to comparable rentals in your neighborhood, you may be losing potential income. Before you set the rent price for your apartment, condo or house, compare the long term value of your…

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