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Category: Rental Housing

Rent Controls in California

October 31, 2019

Rent Control's Sad Legacy Claiming More Victims Author Opinion: While few may sympathize with the plight of property investors, the implementation of rent controls quickly degenerates the market for everyone. The long term consequences may be severe for California. The matter of rent controls will be even more contentious in 2020. I thought I'd take…

Alterations to Rental Property

October 17, 2019

House Rules 101  — Rental Unit Changes In the previous property management articles, we discussed some major provisions in lease agreements. While tenancy between management/owner and tenant is established by executed lease agreements, tenants should also pay attention to other legal documentations such as house rules and addendums. Below are some common critical provisions in the…

Rental Property Emergencies

October 17, 2019

How To Prepare for Rental Property Emergencies Maintenance has always played a key role in daily property management, regardless the size of the property portfolio and the number of tenants being served. In addition to inspection and routine maintenance, management should develop a procedure to address maintenance emergencies at their properties. How to Handle a…

Is it Still a Good Time to Buy Rental Properties?

October 06, 2019

Should I Buy a Rental Property? Home and condo prices have flattened out nationally this year. Which is why some property investors might wonder whether this is the right time to buy a rental income property. With interest rates persistently low, rent prices high, and a slowing new home construction market, we might see demand for…

Rent Controls Growing?

September 16, 2019

Will Rent Controls Spread? As we wrote in this post originally, the threat of rent controls are real. And to prove it, just this week California approved new rent control measures.  And in New York, there is concern rent controls will be extended as court battles rage. Since state governments want to avoid renter subsidies…

The Housing Affordability Crisis

September 05, 2019

Is The Affordability Crisis Someone Else's Problem? You've no doubt read news stories about renter payment default, or their rent is now up to 60% of their monthly income, or how well-employed workers are living on the streets. The reality might be even harder to comprehend. We're not going shy away from tough topics like…

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