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Category: Rental Housing

Berlin Rental Housing Referendum

September 21, 2021

German Election Could Affect Rental Housing Market The German Federal Elections will take place in just a few days, September 26th, 2021. Angela Merkel is exiting the role as German chancellor after 16 years of service. A number of pressing issues will affect voters choices in this election, and rental housing in Germany is perhaps…

Sydney Rental Market | Australia Housing Market Predictions

September 10, 2021

Sydney Property Market Prices and Outlook Home prices in Sydney continue to trend upward despite a moderation of sales and available properties for sale in the city. As you'll see in this report, each data source reports different average home prices, however each predicts a strong upward trend even though there are fears about the…

Built to Rent Housing Market Exploding

The Built to Rent Revolution Both renters and major investors are showing big interest in the built to rent housing market segment. There are a number of reasons why demand is brisk, such as the lack of house supply, demographics and huge rental demand from prospective home buyers who have good income but can't afford…

US Rent Prices Heating Up

National Rent Prices Rising Again It appears the low rent trends for apartments and moderate rent price trends for houses during the pandemic is ending. Zumper believes rent prices are heading up in a major way which means landlords are raising the rent. Whether you just want tenants to pay back rent, avoid evictions and…

Workers Ready to Quit to Keep Virtual Workstyle

Quitting Workers — Waste or Opportunity? The pandemic has put landlords, and workers and business owners from the US to Germany to Australia through the wringer this past 17 months, and it's not done with us just yet. There is a new conflict now needing solutions.  Some business owners who encouraged workers to work from…

Best Apartment Listing Sites

Best Apartment Rental Listing Sites As the Coronavirus pandemic eases, apartment landlords in the US, Canada, UK and Australia are likely to see increasing rental inquiries in 2021 and 2022. The question is not just about more however, it's about leads from rental portals that produce good tenants. You don’t have to go it alone…

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