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Category: Rental Housing

Rent Negotiation Tips for Landlords

November 11, 2020

Will You Renegotiate Rent to Keep Tenants Leased? More tenants will be asking landlords for rent reductions in the next 3 months. There is an interesting dynamic that's leading to these increasing rent reduction requests, sometimes legit and sometimes not. Do you know how you'll respond to tenant's rent discount requests? Landlords Can Grant Discounts…

Single Family House Rentals

November 06, 2020

House Rental Market Growing The Covid 19 pandemic is reshaping the rental market in the UK, Australia and US. The biggest shift occurring is the demand for single-family rental houses. Single-family detached house rentals have traditionally been viewed as a less profitable rental asset type compared to apartments and multifamily. Too time-consuming, high priced, too…

Rent Prices in Major US Cities Seeing Record Drops

November 05, 2020

Apartmentlist, Zumper and Census.gov Rent Price Reports October's rent price reports show apartment prices in the major metros are falling, but also show fast rises (+5%) in smaller cities and towns and lower vacancy rates where renters are migrating to. Although rent prices generally are climbing fast across the nation, they are dropping significantly in…

Buy to Let Market & Stamp Duty Holiday

November 04, 2020

UK Property Buyers Running out of Time The UK's stamp duty holiday is an important, limited-time price break for UK home buyers. If you're considering buying a house or flat to rent out, you'll need to get started soon. The Stamp Duty Tax was temporarily removed during the government's last economic update. It eliminated the…

NAA Fighting the Eviction Moratorium

NAA Fighting the CDC Eviction Moratorium The Corona Virus workplace shutdowns have brought an unprecedented challenge for the real estate market. These hurdles are growing instead of easing for small to medium-sized landlord businesses. Millions of apartment tenants face a wave of evictions due to the government shutdown decision. Such evictions are something no one wants,…

San Francisco Bay Area Apartment Rental Report

October 11, 2020

San Francisco Home Rental Prices 2020 was a big year of change for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland the rest of the Bay Area. Rent prices have dropped significantly from previous year's averages. As renters flee to Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield or cities in other states, Bay area landlords are left to deal with the rent…

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