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Category: Real Estate

California Housing Market Report

January 29, 2023

Housing Market California The state of California has been through a lot of recent. However, spring will arrive and with it comes an entirely new housing landscape. Will the rising waters in the storage system cause a boom in tourism? Will the damage of the atmospheric river result in new investment? And will an economic…

Atlanta Housing Market

January 12, 2023

Atlanta Housing Market 2023 Last month, NAR's Lawrence Yun cited Atlanta, Georgia's housing market as the one to watch in 2023. It's an important vote of confidence in the market and potential for rental investors, and as you'll see below, the rent yields are higher than average in Atlanta. While some cities may see a…

Australia Property Market

December 29, 2022

Australian Housing Market Forecast The latest recession appears to have hit the Australian housing market fairly hard, and some worry the housing market might slide hard from here to May. Some housing market experts forecast a dim outlook.  Adelaide Timbrell, senior economist at ANZ. believes Australian housing prices are on a steep decline and will…

Real Estate Management

December 26, 2022

Real Estate Management vs Property Management To most readers, property management and real estate management might be seen as the very same business to most people. Yet others would say these tasks are widely divergent.  If landlords take a moment to consider the differences between them and professional real estate managers, they might launch themselves…

Hawaii Housing Market

December 22, 2022

Hawaii Real Estate Market Hawaii remains one of the world’s most rare and attractive housing markets. Is it still a place you might like to call home or perhaps a good city to buy a rental property? For sure, supply of single family houses, and even multifamily units is lacking. With challenges for new supply…

Nashville Housing Market

November 21, 2022

Nashville Housing Market Update Nashville Tennessee is gaining notoriety with a larger number of Americans in 2022. Two of our prized ManageCasa staff live in the region and can attest to the quality of life that is attracting newcomers. As buyers across the US consider and wait for the sale of their own property, the…

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