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Category: Real Estate

California Housing Market Report & Predictions 2020

October 19, 2020

California’s Housing Market Forecast As we predicted, home sales and price gains have extended into the fall season in the state of California. Home prices have hit an alt time median high and even condo/townhouse prices grew $21,000 through September. With Covid 19 infections and forest fires raging, and the state government long ago run…

Hawaii Housing Market Forecast

October 16, 2020

Hawaii Housing Market Home sales and prices across Hawaii continued their upward climb in September. Much to the disbelief and chagrin of housing market critics, the Hawaiian real estate market is regaining its health. Single homes and townhomes are hot, while condos not so much. Redfin believes the market is still not competitive yet in…

UK Housing Market Forecast 2020

October 11, 2020

UK Housing Market 2020/2021 Forecasts for the UK property market are increasingly positive. It's been a long shutdown period and people appear to be resuming their efforts to move or buy a new home. The most recent stats in October show the north of England is doing well, and that an exodus of renters in…

Amazon Growing its Marketshare

September 21, 2020

Amazon Increasing Presence in Retail Is a big Amazon warehouse distribution center coming to your local area soon? With retail shopping malls suffering in 2020 and into 2021, a key opportunity for eCommerce fulfillment firms is presenting itself. Commercial property managers who have suffered big losses of tenants and revenue during the pandemic are looking…

Australia Housing Market 2021

September 02, 2020

Australian Property Market Forecast 2021 The Corona Virus pandemic continues to suppress the Australian property market, yet there are signs of easing pointing a better forecast for 2021. Or, at least the rate of decline in the property market is decreasing. In August home prices rose .8%.  Year over year, home prices (all types) in…

California Housing Market Stats

Is California's Housing Market Good? This epic report on the state of California’s housing market explores what’s happening. You’ll find some eye-opening insight, stats, videos, and opinions about housing in the booming Golden State economy. California's real estate markets are in tremendous pressure due to property tax policies, high building costs, building restrictions, and limited…

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