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Category: Real Estate

California Housing Market Report

August 21, 2022

Housing Market California for July 2022 Home sales and home prices fell again across the state of California in July, but few homebuyers here are feeling positive about their ability to buy in the next 12 months. CAR conducted a survey of consumer sentiment last month, and it revealed homebuyers feel it is a poor…

HomeBuyers Cancelling Purchases at High Rate

July 13, 2022

HomeBuyers Pulling Out of Deals A new report from Redfin reveals homebuyers and builders are bailing out of purchase and construction agreements. The recent decrease in home price growth in the US and big jumps in interest rates is sending a shockwave through the housing market. Will the shockwave hit the rental market too? As…

Hawaii Housing Market

April 06, 2022

Hawaii Real Estate Market Hawaii remains one of the world's most rare and attractive housing markets, and as the recovery continues, interest in buying and renting in Hawaii is bound to grow. The persistent trend to remote work will benefit the state although inflation and low numbers of rental units will reduce this cultural trend. …

Housing Market Forecast

February 26, 2022

US Housing Market The United States housing market is experiencing growing pains. In some regions, big influxes of migrants and millennial aged buyers, housing supply is falling far short, and what's available is in the upper price levels. The new release of housing market stats from NAR reveals sales across the US actually rose in…

Melbourne Property Market

September 18, 2021

Melbourne Home Prices Forecast To Rise Melbourne is the one Australian property market that's been a little different from the others. While Sydney has also suffered outmigration and higher unit vacancy rates than other cities, Melbourne has been lagging more. ABS reported 43,000 Australians moved to regional areas from capital cities in 2020. That trend…

Australia Property Market

September 10, 2021

Australian Property Market Forecast After a lengthy period of rapid price and sales growth, the Australian housing market sales rate in the spring has begun to grow more slowly. Home Sales fell 10% in August, new home listings are down and new dwelling construction approvals have dropped as well. Credit tightening along with some Covid…

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