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Category: Property Overseas

The UK Housing Market

UK Property Market Update The property market in the UK is beginning to grow this spring of 2022. Normally, across the United Kingdom, sales grow to the tune of 28% while this March's growth numbers are much less at 18% (and up 2.6% from February). With subdued demand, higher mortgage rates, return of the stamp…

German Rental Housing Market

December 22, 2021

The Best of European Property Market -- Deutschland Aided by immigration, pandemic stimulus, European market growth, low interest rates, and pandemic housing shifts, the German housing market has surged in 2020/2021. And the forecast is positive for even more growth. The German housing market is heating up with more investment pouring in during the last…

Why do So Many Germans Rent?

November 22, 2021

Why do Germans Love Renting? Germany is a unique country. It seems few of its 83 million citizens are interested in buying a home. They prefer renting. Compare that to the US or Australia, where the obsession for ownership borders on an inalienable right. In Germany, particularly the Berlin property market, they seem quite content…

The UK Housing Market

December 12, 2020

UK Property Market Forecast 2021 As the UK enters another period of shutdown measures, we're concerned with the fallout for the UK rental market. The lockdown is likely to exacerbate occupancy rate challenges in Greater London and raise prices in the pandemic destination towns. Amidst all the pessimism and events of the summer of 2020,…

Northern UK Cities a Hot Housing Market

The Rush to the Northern UK is On Are you a home buyer or rental property investor perusing the UK housing market and wondering how you might get more home for your money? As the 2020 recession has played out some new trends are becoming visible. The buyer migration trend is seen in both the…

Stamp Duty Holiday in the UK

Stamp Duty and the Property Market The UK real estate market is plagued with a number of issues, but the one that seems to erode the health of the market the most is the stamp duty. And the temporary stamp duty tax holiday (July 2020 to April 2021) is showing this in rising sales activity…

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