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Category: Property Overseas

The UK Property Market 2019 2020

Are Recent Developments in the UK Good for Renters and Investors? The UK property market is complex and made more complicated by the UK's situation with Brexit and Global trade changes. Even the best experts are challenged to forecast the market in 2020, but let's take a look at some of the factors and trends.…

Step Seven: Fill and Manage Rental Units

ManageCasa brings you a series of Step-by-Step guides for anyone who is interested or needs guidance in starting your own Property Management business. Stay tuned in the blog to see all 7 steps to starting your own business and becoming your own boss! For the previous step, click here or check out our full blog.

Average Rental Prices across European Cities

Ever thought about moving to Europe? Here are the rent prices for several popular cities to consider. Brought to you by ManageCasa. Data is from Statistica.

Essentials Documents for Renting in Paris

ManageCasa knows that property owners and managers can often have properties abroad. To help our renters, ManageCasa release a guide of EU cities and tips/requirements in order to secure a rental property. This week, we bring you Essential Documents for Renting in Paris.

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