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12 Good Ways to Reduce your Property Management Costs

January 01, 2022

Manage Your Costs and Expenses Every winter season, landlords and property managers both look to cut costs and minimize repairs. For good reason too. While rent prices are rising and rent payment default is easing in the post pandemic period, costs have to be addressed.  Whether it's labor, and product, supplies and materials shortages or…

Major Trends for the 2022 Rental Housing Market

15 Major Rental Property Trends The year 2022 is upon us and with it new opportunities, threats and challenges. As many landlords linger in the pandemic doldrums, we wonder if they'll recognize the many opportunities to thrive in what will be a very interesting transition year. This is not a year to stay put or…

Online Rent Payment for Tenants

December 17, 2021

Rent Payment Software If you're holding back on using property management software and online rent payment processing, you're holding your business back. Studies show renters want to pay rent online meaning you can attract better renters. Online rent payment availability tells them a great deal about your management philosophy and the renter experience they're going…

How To Create More Value for Owners

December 10, 2021

Power Up Your Property Management Business 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for landlords and property managers. Service, profitability and growth have taken a back seat to survival. Now with the growing recovery, property management firms can begin focusing on growing services to their landlord clients.  Improved services translates to higher service fees and…

Best Property Management Apps

December 08, 2021

21 Best Property Management Apps What's all the buzz about property management apps?  Yes, Proptech has invaded the landlord and property management business, and these apps deliver extended services, sometimes filling gaps in service coverage of property management platforms. When we refer to apps, it's more than just apps for smartphones and tenant needs. The…

Property Management Companies in California

December 06, 2021

Find A Great Property Manager in California December and January bring up the matter of budgeting for property management services.  With costs rising and service gaps so common, there is a need to consider hiring a new firm. If you examine the criteria for reviewing and selecting a California property management company  you'll need to…

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