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Category: Property Manager

Best Property Management Apps

Best Property Management Apps In 2021, property management has gone mobile. We called it before, but the pandemic has greatly accelerated the transition to digital tools. A handy property management app offers significant time savings whether it's an application for a specific task such as rent collection, time management, or controlling keys to units. In…

Accent on Profitability

Put the Accent on Profitability This Year Are you one of many property managers or landlords who focus solely on the day to day operations of your rental properties? Isn't it always the case that when you're done with one task or putting out one fire, that the next appears? Task obsession is the way…

Property Management Companies

Property Management Service Firms Doing your research to find the right service firm for you?  Is it leasing, maintenance, accounting, or rent collection you need most? You may be able to fulfill most, and likely your provider will need many specialized skills. A property management firm could be the right choice if your portfolio is…

Georgia Property Management

Property Managers in Georgia With the end of the Covid 19 pandemic, Georgia landlords will be on the hunt for qualified property managers. 2020 and the pandemic has changed the property management landscape ushering in technology faster and changing income statements and balance sheets. Both apartment and rental house landlords have been overwhelmed with eviction…

Property Management Trends

January 15, 2021

21 Key Property Management Trends for 2021 As spring 2021 approaches, we're wondering which key trends will impact property management in 2021?  See all the important trends below. Will it be financial, technological, or political forces that will shape property management this year? That's the focus of the ManageCasa blog. Be sure to bookmark to stay…

Property Management Companies Pennsylvania

December 23, 2020

Property Management Companies in Pennsylvania When Pennsylvania landlords and investor owners grow their portfolios, they will be looking for maintenance and property management companies to help. To help you help launch on your search for the right service provider, we have some company selection related tips, and we've listed some notable property management companies below…

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