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Category: Property Manager

Property Management Companies

September 27, 2020

Property Management Company Listings Landlords from the UK to Australia to the US are searching more frequently for property management services companies. This is because the rental market is more challenging, regulated, contentious, and property portfolios are increasing in size.  Profit margins will be on the decline. If this is you, you'll want to take some…

Best Property Management Apps

September 22, 2020

Best Property Management Apps It's a mobile world, even for property managers and landlords. Having the best apps to help you do work is what separates modern managers from the rest of the pack. You can enjoy using productivity, financial, communications, and scheduling apps in an all-in-one property management application such as ManageCasa.  Yet, you'll…

Australian Property Management

September 09, 2020

Property Management Companies in Australia It's estimated that as many as 10,000 companies are involved in rental property management in Australia.  Yet finding a professional quality firm to manage your properties efficiently, amidst a pandemic recession won't be easy. Hopefully, this post will provide some context to help you find and hire a reputable and…

Starting a Full Time Property Management Business

Full Time Property Management Company Before the Corona Virus pandemic, rental property owners were making money hand over fist and it was fueling a demand for property management companies. Rental properties and tenants have to be well managed, since poor management practices could ruin all of those profits. And the pandemic is pushing some property…

Managing Rentals in the Age of Corona Virus

15 Ways Covid 19 will Impact Property Management For some rental property owners, this summer has been a volatile, unpredictable, and harrowing time emotionally and financially. One side of owners balance sheet is hurting badly and property management companies are likely to see the pinch when their contracts need to be renewed.  We wonder if this…

Bay Area Property Management Services

Property Management Companies Bay Area Are you a Bay Area rental property owner and under pressure with the exodus of renters, rising apartment vacancies, and rent default increases? Hiring a new property management service firm may be what will take beyond the pandemic recession to a more prosperous 2021. We have a number of property management…

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