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How to Make Working from Home more Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Work at Home a Great Experience The Corona Virus shutdown period is making big changes to how we all work. Tens of millions of people in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada will be working at home. Some of us revel in this change, while others will have trouble adjusting.…

Best Property Management Apps

February 22, 2020

Best Property Management Apps In 2020, property managers are excitedly about new online solutions which include some of these new property management apps. These handy applications are used on desktop and mobile devices. Apps is one of the most searched words on search engines because SMB managers are constantly on the lookout for better productivity…

Avoid the Biggest Problems/Mistakes in Property Management

February 14, 2020

The Most Common Property Management Pitfalls The outlook for the property management sector is positive, including multifamily management which means a large group of people will jump into it with the expectations of big profits. While huge profits and fast growth are reported in some sectors, particularly Airbnb rentals and the multifamuly rental sector, new…

Online Rent Payment for Tenants

February 04, 2020

Taking Rent Collection Online For today's landlords, tenants and property managers convenience, simplicity and speed is expected.  Busy tenants are finding it stressful keeping up with their bill payments, lining up at banks, keeping track, and ensuring they don't get NSF charges. An online payment system is vital. Using a online rent payment system can help you ease your…

What is Property Management?

January 14, 2020

A New Definition of Property Management You may have thought you knew what property management is, yet the winds of change are sweeping in new technology, economic and entrepreneurial factors that are creating a new definition. What's being rented, by whom, for what price, how it's being paid for and what services are being rendered seems…

Property Management Salaries

January 14, 2020

How Much Would You Like to Earn? Would you like to earn $20k to $40k more per year? 2020 could be the year your pay level and life take off.  Other property management professionals have discovered how to earn more. Here's your guide to doing that. The quest for a better job reflects a healthy desire…

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