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Property Management Software Demo

Demo ManageCasa Today The Apartmentalize conference in Denver gave us the opportunity to meet many new landlords, property managers and other rental property industry pros. It was  a great success. We demo'd our property management platform giving them a perfect opportunity to ask their important questions face to face, and for us to hear about their challenges.…

A Simple, Stress Free Property Management Solution for SMB Landlords and Property Managers

Switch to Property Management Software That Fits A wide variety of people use property management software including landlords, property managers, contractors, service maintenance firms, renovators, investors, owners, and tenants.  And many of them would like to switch to another solution. You're reading this so you may be at that point now, where you're hoping for a…

Accounting Tailored for Property Managers

ManageCasa's Accounting feature is user friendly and simple, designed specifically for property manager to ensure accurate and efficient accounting. Here is a brief overview of the capabilities. Simple bill payments. ManageCasa's tools can save you time keeping track of tenant payments in and contractor payments out. With access to your bills, account information, and reminds in one place,…

Tenant Onboarding Guide

Here at AbodeStory, we know that onboarding new tenants can be stressful, and hard work. AbodeStory brings you a guide and tips for each step of the onboarding process. Learn how AbodeStory can make the onboarding experience easier for property managers and make your new tenants happy! Overview of the onboarding process: 1. Application Submission Still…

Generational Property Trends 2015

AbodeStory brings you the following infographic showing Property Buyer and Seller trends 2015.

MangeCasa for Renters and Tenants

Your ManageCasa profile is a free, secure resume and place to upload and access important documents. For all features and benefits ManageCasa can offer you, take a look at the graphics below, and discover how ManageCasa can simplify your role as a tenant. With you free profile, tenants and renters can write a short "about-me" section, sharing…

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Property Management Software for Landlords and Property Managers

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