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Category: Marketing

11 Ways to Attract Gen Z Renters

February 08, 2024

11 Ways to Attract Gen Z Renters It likely isn't a surprise to you that Generation Z is the fastest-growing renter segment in America. They were born between 1997 and 2015, which places them between 6 and 26 years of age. The leading edge have already graduated college.  They're racially diverse, have lived only during…

16 Ways to Boost Organic Social Media Performance

February 04, 2024

16 Tips to Help Use Social Media Well Social media channels can be a powerful tool for establishing brand value, driving leads and creating great tenant relations. It's not as easy as some would suggest and even talented social media marketers have quite a task on their hands. They need tools, assets, resources and solid…

Brand & Reputation Protection

December 01, 2023

Bolstering your Property Management Brand According to surveys, 70% to 75% renters do look for reviews of a landlord or property on Google or Bing. When they do, they get an eyeful of bad comments and claims. Just check Google News for landlords, property managers, or HOAs, and the reports are unbelievably negative. It could…

Property Management Companies Need to Blog

November 03, 2023

Blogging for Property Management Blogging to reach and engage customers has been a mainstay for digital marketers for about 20+ years. They still are. Blogs offer fresh, informational, and motivating content containing news, trends, videos, offers, and more that connects with the emotions of audiences. If you believe your business is dull and nothing would…

How to Find Good Tenants

October 08, 2023

How to Find Great Tenants! Great tenants are the holy grail of property management and successful rental property investment. And finding them and attracting them strategically could be the key to charging profitable rent prices and seeing consistent revenues from a long-term leased tenant base. The 5 questions to ask involve who, which, where, how,…

Virtual Tours of Your Rentals

September 25, 2023

Virtual Tour Software for Landlords Landlords in your region are presenting their vacancies and properties in the best light to get an edge on you. Besides stronger marketing and promotion, they're using 3D or video home tours to showcase their rentals online. It's a trend to note given how it appeals to most renters today. Online…

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