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Category: Leasing

Improve Tenant Acquisition

October 30, 2020

How to Acquire Higher Quality Rental Tenants In business, some tasks are more important to your end profitability than most appreciate. Those that focus on creating a good quality customer rank at the top. Customer is King in any business. While landlords often react to challenges by cutting services, offering concessions, evicting tenants, or even selling…

Understanding Lease Agreements - More Provisions

February 02, 2020

Lease Agreements 101 – Part 2 In our previous article, we mentioned that lease agreements often contain some complicated provisions. And these require tenants to spend time to read each and understand them.  There’s more. A lease agreement can be lengthened with house rules and other addendums. In this article, let’s take a deeper look at other…

Lease Management Software

November 27, 2019

How to Manage Tenant Leases Easily Tenant leases are at the core of the relationship between the property manager and the tenant. The lease defines the terms of a lease and generates automated accounting transactions. Leases are often created in a non standard fashion, and often landlords simply copy a lease they found on the…

Lease Agreement 101 - Evictions

September 16, 2019

Lease Agreement 101 – Evictions Tenants are often fearful to hear the word of “lease termination” or “eviction’. Yet a landlord can indeed terminate the lease agreement if tenant materially breaches the lease terms. Tenants should pay extra attention to the lease terms, timeline on written notice to vacate the units, as well as the…

How To Understand Tenant Leases Part 3

August 19, 2019

Lease Agreement 101 – Part 3 Following up on our previous posts on tenants lease agreements and tenant lease provisions, we want to explore the tenant lease agreement in greater detail. There are numerous lease provisions which landlords, particularly new landlords aren't fully aware of. Understanding the tenant lease agreement is critical because it is…

Understanding Lease Agreements

August 06, 2019

Understanding Lease Agreements 101 – Part 1 How often do tenants read lease agreements and understand them? Likely not very often or thoroughly, which means potential renters don’t often know what they’re signing. That could lead to misunderstandings, legal battles, and conflict. If a tenant understands the lease they’re signing, it might actually create a…

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