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Category: Leasing

Best Concessions to Offer Renters

October 16, 2023

Offering Concessions to Protect Asking Prices Are you finding it a little more difficult to sign good tenants at your asking price? It might be a trend. Instead of responding by dropping your rent prices and creating havoc with your business, it's wiser to have a collection of incentives or concessions to offer them during…

Long Term Lease Strategy

July 24, 2023

2, 5 or 10 Year Tenant Leases!? Are you wondering about the rental landscape for the next 1 to 2 years? If we experience a downturn in the economy, it could increase renter churn, turnover costs, and perhaps the loss of some of your best tenants. Should you stand by and let it happen? No! …

Lease Renewal Strategy for Landlords

March 15, 2023

Easy Lease Renewals Rental property industry surveys have shown that attracting and retaining high quality renters is one of the top challenges among landlords and property managers. Tenant churn is likely to increase due to the eroding economic outlook, rising interest rates, rising unemployment, high cost of rent and cost of living challenges. And there…

Apartment Lease Transfer

November 09, 2022

Apartment Lease Transfers With rent prices on the rise, renter employment changes (e.g. remote work situation), income changes, and apartment rental supply dwindling in 2023, we may see more lease terminations. When a tenant is in a bind and must terminate their lease, they'll begin to think creatively, such as finding out how they can…

Lease Agreement 101 - Tenant Evictions

September 26, 2022

Tenant Evictions As Covid era renter protections end and many renters face paying huge amounts of due rent while not paying current rent, we can expect a surge in evictions. Tenants are often fearful to hear the word of “lease termination” or “eviction’. Yet a landlord can indeed terminate the lease agreement if the tenant…

14 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Leased!

June 23, 2022

Making Tenant Retention a Priority If we suffer a slowdown or recession in the US, UK, German, Canadian and Australian economies, then rental property owners and managers won't survive it unscathed. As tenants adjust to unaffordable high prices while seeking other wanted rental benefits, they will be on the move to find other accommodations. This…

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