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Grow Your Rental Yields!

April 23, 2021

Maximize Your Rental Property ROI Is rental property ROI just a state of mind? Will a persistent focus on the returns you desire lead to the success you need? There is sufficient evidence that what you visualize will come true  -- the self-fulfilling prophecy.  That's why optimism and clear, achievable goals are the foundation of…

New CDC Eviction Ban and the State of the Rental Sector

April 12, 2021

Small Landlords Pressured to Sell Properties The Covid 19 pandemic stretches on into 2021 and it's still creating a lot of pain for small to mid sized business landlords. The government is responding with some aid, but the relief is for renters, not so much for small business landlords. The US government issued new orders…

How to Rent Out Your House

April 02, 2021

Renting Out Your House With rent prices bound to rise this summer and fall of 2021, whether apartments or single family detached houses, many investors are ready to dive into the rental property business. It's not only real estate investors who see the opportunity of renting. Many homeowners are intrigued about the idea of renting…

Best Landlord Apps

March 29, 2021

34 Handy Apps for Landlords & Property Managers No property management software does everything a landlord might need. Fortunately, there's a sizable selection of landlord apps, leasing apps,  new property manager apps and other helpful real estate apps to help rental pros fill those service and productivity gaps. Few could have foreseen the huge demand for landlord…

How To Collect Rent and Back Rent Due

March 04, 2021

Rent Collection Strategy for Landlords Landlords and property managers of all types are having some difficulty with late paying tenants as well as rent defaults in this last 12 months. It's great that Covid vaccinations are progressing, however the issue with tenant back rent owed, and future missed payments isn't over. The moratorium delays just…

The Biggest Most Costly Mistakes Landlords Make

February 25, 2021

Biggest Mistakes Landlords Make   "If only I'd known then what I know now."  That's what too many landlords utter when they're struggling to keep afloat, facing weighty financial challenges, and looking for ways to improve their profits. When we cover the topic of the most costly landlord mistakes, it's not insinuating, but rather just…

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