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Category: Landlord

Landlord Software

November 12, 2019

Landlord Software Benefits A growing number of landlords and property managers who do property management on their own are looking for new tools, apps , and other software to help them manage their work. Do-it-yourself or self-managing landlords are seeing more pressures on their time and budgets. Should landlords start cutting corners on everything, or maybe…

Document Before Legal Proceedings

October 29, 2019

Never Forget to Document Before Legal Proceedings In previous articles, we talked about the eviction process and the importance of documenting properly. While non-payment of rent is the cause of most evictions, other lease violations whether minor or major, can also lead to tenancy termination and eventually with legal proceedings.  Serving lease violations to tenants…

Solving Landlord's Top Pain Points

October 01, 2019

Top Issues for SMB Property Landlords We should stop for a moment to appreciate how good landlords have been throughout the last century. They've been model business people with their hands-on approach in how they attract customers, create cash flow, resolve operations, financial and people issues, and turn a profit. They're good with people and…

Best Landlord Apps for 2020

October 01, 2019

10 Best Apps for Modern Landlords Along with great property management software there are a host of helpful landlord apps and property management apps to help you manage your business better. Time and money are always issues for landlords, especially those operating under rent controls. Apps plus cloud based property software means you and you staff…

Eviction Starts with Proper Documentation

September 30, 2019

Eviction Starts with Proper Documentation In previous articles, we talked about the importance of regular communication and relationship building between landlord and tenants. Completely understanding and abiding by terms in the lease agreement can prevent disputes and potential legal actions, including evicting tenants. It’s critical to remember that both landlord/management and tenants are bound by…

Landlord Tips

September 11, 2019

Top 9 Mistakes New Landlords Make Congratulations on building your property portfolio and we hope you're enjoying growing revenues and profit. There's plenty of perils ahead that can erode profit and make rental property investment unsuccessful. You definitely should be constantly aware of anything that erodes your profit. Then you can focus on the path…

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