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Category: Landlord

Corona Virus Creating Big Challenges for Landlords

March 20, 2020

Good Communication Between Tenants and Landlord is Important In the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic, landlords across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany are bracing for rent payment defaults, conflict, and cash flow problems. This might be the worst cash flow issue many landlords have ever faced. The word eviction is high on…

Corona Virus Impact on Landlords, Tenants and the Rental Property Sector

February 26, 2020

Will the Corona Virus Affect the Rental Markets? The inauspicious arrival of the Corona Virus last fall now contrasts with it being the top news story around the globe. The virus is trashing the stock markets and stopping international trade. Will this hit home to us in the property management and rental industry soon? Perhaps landlords…

How to Be An Awesome Landlord

February 03, 2020

20 Ways to Raise Your Awesome Factor Is the word awesome just some kids thing, or does it mean you really have become someone special? I think when someone says you're awesome, it means they think you're a cut better than the expected. Other than being professional and using the latest online landlord software, is…

Landlord Software

February 02, 2020

Landlord Software Benefits Landlords are a different breed than in decades past.  You are more aware that you need good software tools, apps , and other services to ease your workload and manage your units and tenants better. As a do-it-yourself or self-managing landlord, you have more pressures on your time and budget.  Complicated enterprise focused…

Is Wall Street Giving Landlords a Bad Name?

February 01, 2020

Wall Street on Investment Tear A recent report by Bloomberg is uncovering a serious threat to landlord's reputations and could encourage the rent control movement. That would be a big blow to Wall Street Investors, whose short term outlook could collapse back onto them. It's a bigger threat to SMB landlords who it is revealed…

30 of the Best Landlord Apps for 2020

January 04, 2020

30 Handy Apps for Modern Landlords If you're not quite ready to commit to a full fledged, professional landlord software solution, you could sample some of these 30 landlord apps below. A landlord app is a specialized software program designed to help you with your specific challenges, work processes, and time saving needs. The specialized services…

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