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Category: Landlord

Property Management Books

January 06, 2022

Best Property Management Books Who reads books anymore? Only those who really want to know what they're doing and to improve their performance. While your software platform automates and informs, serious property managers can never know enough about rental property investment, and how financial, legal, and performance goals are improved. This is a business and…

Landlord Software

January 02, 2022

The Search for the Perfect Landlord Software Ends Your search for excellent small business landlord software might be ending now. You've been doing demos, asking questions, and often doubting what you really know. You're intent on finding the most relevant software solution for you and the search results pages keep pushing you to enterprise software…

Major Trends for the 2022 Rental Housing Market

15 Major Rental Property Trends The year 2022 is upon us and with it new opportunities, threats and challenges. As many landlords linger in the pandemic doldrums, we wonder if they'll recognize the many opportunities to thrive in what will be a very interesting transition year. This is not a year to stay put or…

Grow Your Rental Yields!

December 06, 2021

Maximize Your Rental Property ROI With the recovery of the economy comes an opportunity for landlords and property managers to get caught up on their business goals. And profitability or at least break even are important goals. To successfully earn higher rental yields, we are better to adopt a profitable state of mind. This prioritization…

Best Landlord Apps

December 01, 2021

35 Handy Software Apps for Landlords On the hunt for landlord software and property management apps to help you get your work done better and provide a better experience for your tenants? You'll be happy to know we've sourced 35 handy landlord apps to help you fill those productivity gaps. The push to cloud services and…

Renters Not Confident Going Forward

September 09, 2021

Putting 2020/2021 in the Rear View Mirror The last 14 months have been a difficult time for many small business landlords with little government support while communities rely on landlord's financial strength. Given the situation, there's only two thing's you can do now.  Collect the rents you're able to, enforce your legal rights, and adopt…

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