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Category: Landlord

How to Create Weekends for Landlords

May 24, 2022

Giving Landlords Their Weekends Back Weekends are the favorite part of the week for many people. Long weekends are even better, but maybe not for some DIY yourself or part time landlords. For a long time, we've thought of Saturday and Sunday as days to recharge, thus they were almost seen as time off to…

14 Ways to Fight Incoming Rent Controls

May 02, 2022

High Rent Prices are Persistent What comes after a period of steep rent price rises? Housing crash, building boom, or perhaps rent controls? Economists are suggesting these high rent prices are going to persist for some time. Last August, in a CNBC report, Peter Boockvar, CIO of Global Advisors said “Rental increases, which is the…

Home Inspection Tips

March 31, 2022

Time for Full Rental Home Inspection Spring has arrived and landlords and property managers both are able to access their properties again to check for damage. Your rental house, townhouse or condo property is extremely valuable and damage can be very expensive if you don't discover problems right away. The winter typically generates the most…

Tenant Onboarding Guide

March 22, 2022

Onboarding New Tenants This year, given the work from home trend, increased migration, and rising rent prices, tenant churn might be on the rise. It's likely you'll be welcoming new tenants. And you may have your own thoughts and impressions about tenant churn, sometimes good (bad tenants leave), sometimes not so good (losing good tenants).…

Property Management Books

January 06, 2022

Best Property Management Books Who reads books anymore? Only those who really want to know what they're doing and to improve their performance. While your software platform automates and informs, serious property managers can never know enough about rental property investment, and how financial, legal, and performance goals are improved. This is a business and…

Landlord Software

January 02, 2022

The Search for the Perfect Landlord Software Ends Your search for excellent small business landlord software might be ending now. You've been doing demos, asking questions, and often doubting what you really know. You're intent on finding the most relevant software solution for you and the search results pages keep pushing you to enterprise software…

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