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Category: Landlord

Control Property Management Expenses

June 18, 2020

A Closer Look at Expenses on Profit & Loss Statements In a previous article, we talked about how revenue and vacancy losses impact property financial performance. While it’s essential to maximize rental income, it’s equally important to track how money spent on each line item and identify alternatives to generate cost savings. If you’re a…

30 of the Best Landlord Apps for 2020

June 16, 2020

30 Handy Apps for Landlords & Property Managers A big selection of new property manager apps and helpful real estate apps have hit the market. Apps are handy, however, in the era of the mobile property manager, a fully mobile property management platform is the best business asset available. An all in one solution integrates the…

How ManageCasa Comes to the Rescue of Private Landlords

June 11, 2020

ManageCasa Supports Landlords Most property management software companies cater to large multifamily sized property management companies. Much less development has been undertaken for private landlords who have to do it all themselves, and who never hear the phrase landlord support. Retail and residential rental property landlords are integral to their communities. And lately communities are relying…

Support for Small Landlords

June 08, 2020

June for National Small Business Landlords Month? The US National landlords day won't arrive till next November. But given how vital small business landlords are to communities and the new stay at home economy, should we designate June as national small landlord's month? In today's economy it seems big business is the squeaky wheel that…

Resident Manager Agreement and the Conditional License Agreement to Use Unit

June 04, 2020

On Site Resident Manager Agreement In California, landlords are required to have a Resident Manager to live on site for a property with 16 units or more. This is covered under the resident manager agreement and the conditional license agreement. In many situations, property owner may offer an employee with base salary for the Property…

Landlord and Property Manager Surveys

June 01, 2020

How Are Landlords Faring as Summer Begins? It's not a bad idea to catch up on the pulse of what's trending in the rental markets and how landlords faring generally. Especially, during this phase of the shutdown as some businesses reopen. Some landlords will be dealing with legacy issues from the pandemic for a while.…

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