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Category: Homeowner

Home Inspection Tips

March 31, 2022

Time for Full Rental Home Inspection Before any real estate investor purchases a building, house, apartment or property of any kind, a thorough inspection from a qualified inspector is an absolute must. For rental property owners, the rental home or apartment must be kept safe. It's better for you the investor to know what hazards…

Collect, Store, Share, and Access everything online with ManageCasa

Whether you live in a Victorian two-bedroom home, rent a crammed New York City studio, or own multiple properties, we all face the same headaches that come with housing. Between our long workdays, busy class schedules, and running errands for the family, the last thing we want to worry about is misplacing important documents, bills due, or…

2017 Housing Market Trends

2017 has already hit the ground running in politics, which has already impacted the markets, and as the year progresses, will have great impact on domestic and international policies and industries. We bring to you XXX factors that we anticipate will shape the housing market in 2017. 1. Interest Rates Hikes The Federal Reserve has…

Step Seven: Fill and Manage Rental Units

ManageCasa brings you a series of Step-by-Step guides for anyone who is interested or needs guidance in starting your own Property Management business. Stay tuned in the blog to see all 7 steps to starting your own business and becoming your own boss! For the previous step, click here or check out our full blog.

Managing Properties Overseas

February 22, 2016

Owning or managing properties overseas can pay off well, especially as some U.S. cities rental market is plateauing. A rental property overseas is different from domestic rental: overseas rentals require property management as well as rental management. While in the U.S., these two responsibilities are taken care by one person or company, due to the…

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