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Playground Structures for HOAs and Communities

September 21, 2023

Playgrounds Enhance Community Living Play is a vital part of your community member's lives and it needs to be enabled and nurtured. From baseball to tennis to skateboard and splash pads, and creative playground playsets, everyone enjoys the physical activity and the socialization they provide. Just the sight of kids having fun on a park…

HOA Fees -- How do Homeowners Feel?

September 18, 2023

HOA Fees - How they Help Keep Your Community Beautiful, Safe and Sound When's the last time you visited a neighborhood and said, "Wow, it would be nice to live here. It's so well maintained and rich with landscapes, amenities, and activity." Hopefully, you said that when you first visited your current community. Yes, the…

Florida HOA & Condo Expos

Florida HOA & Condo Expos This fall and winter, thousands of landlords, investors and property managers will travel to sunny, warm Florida for a vacation. If you're among them, why not check out a conference or expo near your vacation city in the Sunshine State? Winter 2023/2024 should be another active season in Florida for…

Choosing an HOA Management Company

September 08, 2023

Choosing the Right HOA Management Company A builder, developer, or investment company CEO, may be faced with the challenge of creating a homeowner's association for those who are buying homes in their communities. If they've contacted you to head the HOA's board of directors, you'll need to brush up on the world of community management. …

HOA Management Software

August 28, 2023

HOA Management Software As an HOA manager in 2023, you may be looking for some magic management solutions. Modern HOA Management software is almost that. Review your challenges in 2023 (see below). You're contending with rising maintenance, energy and materials costs, staffing shortages, resistant members, environmental/building regulations, communication issues, rising insurance premiums, vandalism/crime, and more.…

7 Hot Trends in HOA Community Management

Trends in HOA & Community Association Management In North America, the HOA and community association sector is a vibrant one with huge potential. Yet managers must be clear about the road ahead and be able to convey their needs to board members and others. Digital management is the way of the future and managers are…

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