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July 31, 2023

Buy or Rent Washers and Dryers?

For landlords and property managers, the demands from tenants for better amenities, services, comfort and security are on the rise. Meeting tenant wants is good for business.

Landlord’s might be too challenged by some aspect of offering amenities such as washers/dryers and other rental appliances.  Yet there are being solved via a high-tech, new business model approach. It’s where maintenance operations get outsourced and create an additional source of revenue.

A Good Way to Keep Tenants Happy

Your tenants need to wash and dry clothes many times per week, and they want to wash/dry their clothes when they please.

That’s a problem.  An interesting great solution is a payment-based vendor service such as that offered by All Valley Washer Service in California who provide Coin-op, Card-op, & Phone-app laundry systems.

Renters have specific time slots (some scheduled) where they may use the washers and dryers. That’s inconvenient and worse, the machines may not be maintained in good condition.

The solution renters actually want is for you to buy washers and dryers for installation in their units.  Since that’s not doable, you’ll want to consider outsourcing to a laundry solution provider. It removes maintenance issues, and might even be a way to grow revenues.  And it’s one that tenants will gladly pay for.

Should You Buy or Rent These Appliances?

You could buy washers and dryers and other rental appliances and do it yourself. If that’s possible to buy and install, you have to figure out the revenue potential and also the cost risks. That’s a lot of work and it may not boost rent revenues.

If you lack the funds to buy a large number of washers and dryers, then the next best thing is to hire appliance rental firms such as WASH (and All Valley Washer Service). That could automate the service, take the whole problem out of your hands, and keep your tenants happy.

Consider how tenants respond to videos such as this one:

WASH Laundry Solutions

Today’s Millennial renters really enjoy these solutions.  As an example, Wash is a nationwide laundry service which installs machines, services them, handles tenant issues, and charges them directly via mobile apps for usage. They provide the equipment and service, and  they offer you a revenue-sharing option. They even maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the laundry areas.

By all accounts, this is an excellent value proposition for landlords and property management companies. Outsourcing the management of laundry, and washing machine and dryer maintenance helps keep your firm’s workload manageable.  It also reduces your dependence on hard to find and manage appliance repair service technicians, who may not do all the work necessary.

WASH serves multifamily buildings, student housing complexes, apartment buildings, and commercial operations. They give you the option of owning the equipment while they supply service and parts.

WASH’s mobile pay app and FIXLAUNDRY mobile maintenance apps are some of the most innovative new property management apps, and are a great way to make maintenance much easier. Tenants themselves make the reports and pay for washer/dryer use, all with no effort from the landlord or property management company. And not needing to use quarters is a big point of convenience for tenants.

The laundry app and service works well with your own cloud property management solution.

FIXLAUNDRY’s mobile app, is available for iPhone, Windows and Android phones, and a specially formatted mobile site,, and requesting repairs can be done immediately online right from your smartphone or tablet.

Tenants Value Modern Appliances

You could buy the appliances, or rent them via firms such as WASH.  Your tenants will get the latest in washing machine technology too using top brands such as Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers.  These are machines clean clothes with less damage done to fabrics, than the old era machines you might still be using now.

Not only does WASH’s system offer a revenue sharing benefit, the presence of the system will enhance the value of your rental apartments to renters.

Of course, you must get a quote on the installation from them, but in many cases they’ll be able to handle the plumbing and venting issues. They can inform you about gas connections and electrical requirements and about their service coverage areas.

If you’re looking for ways to decrease your work, grow revenue and asset value, speaking with WASH is likely going to be time well spent. The net effect on your owner reports should be positive.


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