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Do You Need Business Management Software?

Your Business is an Important Project

Your business is your first priority. It’s your financial lifeblood, your future, and you’ve invested a lot in it. And when manual management isn’t effective any longer, you’ll turn to a software solution to help.

But what is it you’ll be looking for?  If you are using management software for projects, financials and accounting, why aren’t you using even better software for your complete business?  Better yet, why not a solution that’s customized specifically for your industry?

For SMB owners, a business management software solution is becoming necessary. Your market is changing how you market, buy, sell, work, interact, and what your businesses product is. It’s confusing and maybe you’re making bad decisions because of this evolution?

Business Management with the Right Tools

The term management software is a broad term referring to a group of software solutions which help managers streamline and organize large projects.  The appropriate software can bring tremendous benefits in terms of service quality, budget management, and asset management.

Names such as Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Sage, Scoro, Netsuite, Workfront, come to mind for this category. Some are more or less fancy spreadsheets or accounting applications, which is not really a full business management solution.

Why You Need Management Software:

  • to automate repetitive tasks (workflow) and remove manual tasks for staff
  • to provide real time reports to top management, staff, investors, and compliance enforcers
  • to enhance control and eliminate mistakes
  • to help plan budget expenditures
  • to communicate with and manage outside contractors
  • to see threats to profit and respond quickly
  • to understand your profit centers and grow them
  • to manage accounts and financials accurately

Your business management software has to achieve some demanding requirements spanning a lot of elements.

Planning Your Workflows

Management software is often associated with the enterprise business space and managing teams.  However, even small businesses can benefit at a small team scale using the right business software solution. These solutions offer simplification and streamlining of planning and workflows.

The best might help you with customers, employees, and preparing your marketing plan.

In the property management sector, many companies use spreadsheets and microsoft office products to manage their business, while others use older property management systems to handle administration. But this isn’t 1995.  New specialized tools are needed today for productivity, tech compliance, and legal compliance.

Many property managers have adopted a landlord app, or accounting app, or some real estate apps that help them with financial calculations. Adopting true property management solutions has been slow. This is sad at a time when competition is increasing and profit margins per client are falling.

property management software is a product that helps you plan, track, and organize project tasks with the goal of improving your rental property net operating income, accounting, tenant service, operations, and staff performance.”

Optimizing Workflow with Management Software

Management software then is all about optimizing workflow to tame complexity and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Liability, compliance, and accountability to customers and investors is important now.  The fast reporting features are handy in this regard.

Your management system must give you real time overview of your budget, assets, client account status, work in progress, financial trends, and more. It’s a virtual portal into your businesses workings. It tells you how you’re doing and what needs fixing.

Property Management Software Screen

ManageCasa Property Management Software Solution – Secure, cloud-based control.

Business Management Software vs Property Management Software

The difference between management software and property management software is that the latter is more specialized and reliable. It isn’t just a planning and workflow tool.  Property management solutions such as ManageCasa were born out of the weakness of general management software, to provide key essential services for property management companies and landlords. General is out, customized for essential services is in.

Given the low cost of property management solutions, they have impressive business value, so you only need to find one that’s simple to use.

Not simple means headaches for you, your owners and tenants.

Do I Really Need Property Management Software?

Management software includes building operations software, construction software, time management software, scheduling software, budgeting and financial management software, CRM software, asset management software, and project management software.

What these solutions really do is automate the planning and workflow for staff and allow collaboration and meetings internally, without responding to outside people, real timelines, or events. Property management however is more than a project.  There are specialized tasks and relationships with contractors, vendors, tenants and owners, and their feedback and demands.

General accounting and CRM software simply doesn’t cut it in the property management sector.

Multifamily Still Needs Specialized Tools

If you’re a multifamily property manager, you likely use some sort of building management software. This software has been around for a while and old proprietary, stand alone products are becoming unusable.  But you’re also managing people not just physical assets and buildings.   The way property managers and landlords work has changed, and the traditional solutions are a liability. That’s why the property management software market is booming and these new improved solutions are must haves.

Multifamily and apartment managers need to migrate to new cloud-based solutions. They of course are more cost efficient, reliable and secure. They get updated right away and are compatible with all the web 2.0 property management apps available.

How to Achieve Better Management

When you choose your property management software, you expect you’ll be able to manage your workflows, conduct financial transactions, keep accurate client books, accept online payments, handle maintenance requests automatically, and do CRM professionally.

Using a simple property management software gives you all those benefits, but leaves out the heavy duty applications regarding building climate and electricity control, construction projects, lighting control, utilities management, etc which should be handled separately.


Embrace the advantages of simple property management software designed for the way SMB landlords and property managers do their work today.

Let your property software do the hard work for you so you can spend more quality time with your staff and tenants. Tenant management is the real business you’re in.


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