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Building and Property Management Rules

December 05, 2019

Landlord Building and Property Management Rules

House Rules 101 Part II

To ensure tenants comply with safety, security, and other tenants rights, a set of rules are established by the landlord. Actually HOA’s and property management companies also create rules of conduct.

The “House Rules” are intended to make the property a livable environment for all apartment and condominium tenants. Therefore, a landlord should ensure his/her tenants are mindful of their behavior and do respect the rights of the other tenants.

Repeated violations of house rules could constitute reason for lease termination and tenant eviction. Below are additional provisions that tenants should understand and comply with at any time.

Loitering In or Near Building

Household members or their guests may be asked to leave the property if they are loitering in the common areas. If tenants encounter unsafe situations such as being threatened by trespassers, it is important that tenants to call 911 immediately for assistance.

Noise and Nuisance

Apartment Party and Noise Complaints. Image courtesy of Flickr

It is critical for tenants not to harass, physically or verbally abuse, interfere management’s operation or disrespect owner or owner’s representative. It is also not uncommon for landlord to request tenants to keep the volume low on their televisions, musical instruments, or other appliances within a “quiet Hours”.

For instance, when living in an apartment building, tenants must be mindful that sounds may easily penetrate through walls. Therefore, you should consider not placing your speakers near a shared wall.

Typically, “quiet hours” could be from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am Monday through Friday and extended hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The Landlord should engage tenants to be considerate of their neighbors at all times.

Public Area Rules

Generally speaking, tenants use the common areas at their own risk. Guests of tenants should be accompanied by tenants at any times in common areas. In addition, tenants are fully responsible for their guest’s behavior. It means that their tenancy could be terminated if any household members and their guest violate lease agreement or house rules.

Rule Revisions

Tenants should remember that landlord or management reserves the rights to amend house rules. In normal situation, a 30-day notice will be given to tenants before new rules become effective.

Shopping Carts

It is not uncommon that landlord or management may prohibit tenants from brining commercial shopping carts onto the premises. Remember, if you have to bring the commercial shopping cart onto the property, you should be mindful and return the cart to the stores in a timely manner in order not to violate house rules.

Soliciting on Property

As a tenant, you may sometimes be approached by solicitor at the property. It’s important to remember no soliciting should be allowed at the property. You may report soliciting incident to property management.

Tenant Storage

Tenants should always store items in their own units unless owner or management provides a designated storage area. No items should be placed or stored in common areas to prevent safety and fire hazards. Additionally, no flammable items should be stored in tenant’s units. If tenant fails to remove these hazardous items from their units, it will consider a material breach of lease or house rules and subject to lease termination.

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