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Parking Policy for Apartment Renters

February 25, 2020

Know Your Parking Policy

We covered rules and regulations in buildings previously, but what are residents’ responsibilities on automobiles and parking?

Generally speaking, residents must comply with all parking rules, signs, speed limits (e.g. 5 hours per hour), or other directional instructions implemented by the property management company. Parking policy is normally included in House Rules found in your resident handbook.  In some situations, an addendum will be required for residents to sign at the lease signing.

Registering Your Vehicle

Commonly, your vehicle(s) must be registered with management by submitting a copy of its current DMV registration and proof of liability insurance. Management may also request all residents to display an office issued parking sticker in a clearly visible area of the vehicle (windshield or dash).

Tenants vehicles must be in an operable condition at all times. They must keep the assigned parking spot properly and in a clean condition. For instance, if the residents’ vehicle causes an oil leak, they will be assessed charges for the damages. If the tenant’s vehicle is non-operational, it will be tagged with notice and subject to tow, normally within 48 hours.

Tenants Should be Encouraged to Know the Parking Rules

Via your property management platform’s tenant communications feature, and on your website, you can educate tenants and encourage them to avoid doing the things that tenants and their visitors sometimes do.

If you’re a tenant, it’s typical that you may only park at assigned parking space. If you park in a wrong parking space, your vehicle will be subject to towing at your expenses. It is also not uncommon that trailers, boats, motorcycles, or other recreational vehicles are prohibited without management’s prior approval.

Double parking, parking at red curb zone may also be subject to towing at your expenses. In some cases, management may require all vehicles to park front forward. In other words, you are not allowed to back your vehicle into space. Please pay extra attention to handicapped parking spaces. If you don’t meet the needs of parking at a handicapped space, do not park there.

Note: Please see other posts in our landlord management series including: Apartment Resident Handbook, Resident Disability Requests and Inspection and Maintenance Checks.

Activity in the Parking Lot

Additionally, repairs to vehicles, car washing, or storage of vehicles in the parking facilities or common areas are prohibited for building safety reasons.

While no one would like to encounter vehicle break-in, here are few precautions and measures residents can practice in order to prevent vehicle break-in

  • Observe your surroundings before you step outside from your vehicle
  • Always lock your vehicle doors even you may leave your vehicle for a moment
  • Never leave anything exposed in your vehicle
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police Department. 

Save the Police Department’s non-emergency phone number on your cell phone. Some Police Departments may also provide a reporting digital application so that you may report the incident instantly. When you reach out and report an incident to the local Police Department, it’s essential for you to provide the details of suspicious activity such as date, time, location, who involved in the activity.

Additionally, vehicle information such as license plate number, the make, color, model of the vehicle are also critical for the police officer to investigate the incident.

Remember all parking is at your own risk. As a resident, you are responsible for any vehicle belongings to your family members and visitors.


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