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Build to Rent Housing Market Exploding

February 02, 2021

The Build to Rent Revolution Shaking up Real Estate

Is the build to rent sector about to shake up housing markets in the US? More builders and real estate investors believe rent properties have a promising ROI. That’s due to excellent demographics, profitability, and easy of property management.

From 2009 onward US property investors bought up distressed and foreclosed properties to create residential rental properties. Today, distressed and foreclosed comprise only 2% of the residential real estate market in 2019.

With the shortage of available homes and apartments in housing markets, they’re turning to new homes. And with financing so cheap, the value proposition is too attractive when compared with other types of investments (stocks, bonds, commodities).

Renters Are Choosing to Rent Rather Than Buy

Builders are accommodating the renters too, with a big increase in build-to-rent construction. That’s how strong the rental market has become that it’s drawing away those individual buyers who would otherwise be buying. Renters from Florida to New York to California are desperate for rental accommodation and many will pay big rent prices for homes and townhouses.

Will this draw in more major investment firms and construction firms such as Toll Brothers because they’re suddenly seeing the trend?

The new build to rent product is considered safer and better performing. The fact it doesn’t have to renovated and can be designed to incorporate the latest amenities and features , i.e., technology, that renters demand is no small factor as well. It looks like heaven for property management solutions companies who see the value-added side.

We are investing in the single-family build-to-rent sector,” Toll Brothers CEO Doug Yearly said in a second-quarter earnings call last week. “This is another business we believe has great potential.” — From report.

Toll Brothers and Build to Rent

Big construction firms are getting into including Toll Brothers with their recently announced a $60 million investment in a joint venture with BB Living. They are working initially in Boise Idaho; Dallas Texas,  Denver Colorado, Houston Texas,  Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, and Phoenix Arizona. Another firm, ECR Hombuilders is offering a new IPO, to raise $100 million to build more than 1,000 rental homes in Florida.

Avilla Buffalo Run in Commerce City (Colorado) epitomizes the new build to rent model. Colorado multifamily development is good too, however there’s more land in pricey Colorado for this type of development.  This development in Commerce City is a single-family community built from the ground up entirely for renters and not owners. Its managing director believes maintenance-free lifestyle is more appealing as people age and to baby boomers who would rather rent after selling their homes.


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Build to Rent Homes a Big Market

According to National Multifamily Housing Council data, 15 million households, representing 35% of renting households, rent single-family homes rather than multi-unit apartments. Also, one of every four renters of properties newer than 1990 earn household incomes of $75,000 or more.” — from report on

NAR ran a report last January that pondered whether entire build to rent communities might be the real trend in the future. Nar believes builders will focus on low-cost markets such as Atlanta and Phoenix where there is also entry-level home building.

The NAR report spoke of two companies into build-to-rent initiatives. One is AHV Communities who developing 175 upscale single-family homes in SFR communities in Austin, Texas. They cited GTIS Partners, based in New York, is also shifting focus from 4200 homes it bought, to new homes.

Hunter Housing and Economics discusses the market in their webinar.

Build to Rent Sweeping the UK

Build to rent is hot in the UK as well. It’s reported that the total number of build-to-rent homes under construction across the UK has increased by nearly 40%. That’s 14,615 completed homes last year with 24,000 more estimated to be completed.

Build To Rent Growth in UK. Screen Capture courtesy of Statista.

In London, Pension fund Public Sector Pension Investment Board and global real estate company QuadReal Property Group are combining to build a new development called Cherry Park. It will be one of London’s largest single-site schemes featuring 1,200 new homes with high end facilities, workspace and public areas within a build-to-rent model.

If multifamily housing development does falter due to weaker demand, it seems the single family build to rent market might grow quickly.  These opportunities take time to take hold and be capitalized on. With big construction companies such as Toll Brothers getting excited about it, it’s hard to ignore.

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