Bug and Pest Prevention: Fall-Must Home Improvement Project

ManageCasa brings you 5 simple tips on fall, home initiatives to help prevent bug and pest issues in the upcoming season!

Pest Control:

This fall, take our tips on the following simple home improvement activities you can do to majorly decrease your chances of unwanted bug and rodent invasion in your home

1. Layers of leaves can pile during windy fall months, and once rain is added to the mix, the heavy leaves on top of your lawn makes for a moldy environment which can lead to inset and bacteria problems. Make sure to rake those leaves or blow them off to let the lawn breathe.


2. There is nothing more unappetizing than finding pests in our bedrooms, living rooms, and especially kitchens, but unfortunately these warm environments commonly draw little critters. Prevent this by thoroughly closing off and sealing any cracks or entryways along walls, floors, cupboards, and under doors.


3. As winter rolls around, pests will seek the warmest areas with the least traffic, often the attic. Vents to the attic can serve as a way for bugs to enter the rest of the home, and one way to prevent this is to install screens behind any vents.



4. Sealing cracks and crevices with caulk in the exterior of your home can prevent rodents from squeezing through areas that may lead to utility pipes.



5. Crumbs and food left on kitchen counters easily attract pests. This also goes for garbage that sits for too long, especially if it encounters moisture. A simple and effective practice is to simply keep these areas clean in a timely manner.


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