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Budget Savings for Small Landlord Businesses

October 02, 2023

Find Your Budget Wasters!

What if we told you that you already have the tools available to power through any economic downturn like a pro?

Yes, ManageCasa™ is the all-in-one landlord software that delivers insights, automation, and management efficiency that’s so in demand right now. You can manage your budget and spending all in one place.

The next two quarters likely are going to present financial challenges for landlords big and small. Yet, it’s small business landlords who must be careful and manage budgets well.

High interest rates combined with persistent inflation, and lower rental income will cut your cash flow and profit margin. Now that you’re aware, just stopping wasteful spending is a great start.

In order to know what to cut, terminate or negotiate, you must review all of your expenses via your accounting dashboard.

Let’s look closer at how you can regain a focus on your budget and smarter spending.

14 Vital Actions to Optimize your Property Management Budget

Enjoy these timely 14 expert tips on how smaller landlord businesses can budget effectively:

  1. Review all your Costs and Scrutinize Recurring Expenses in Detail: View each with an open mind regarding how important they are to your business for 2024. Apply an actual reduction value if you could eliminate or reduce them.
  2. Reduce Operating Costs: Continuously analyze your operating costs via ManageCasa. Look for opportunities to reduce expenses (mortgage, insurance, income tax, property taxes, HOA fees, and rental licenses, inspections, lawn care, pest prevention, gutter cleaning, snow removal, appliance repairs) without compromising property quality or tenant satisfaction too much. Heat, maintenance vehicle fuel costs, new hiring, and physical in-person visits should be reduced until 2025.
  3. Move Funds into a Contingency Fund: If you haven’t already, create an emergency fund that covers several months of operating expenses. This fund provides reassurance against revenue insecurities and emergencies that could seriously dangerous financially.
  4. Cull Poor Performing Properties: Even if some units might be profitable in the next 5 years, you may have some that are expense and rent default risks. There will be other properties available by 2025 and by then the threat will be past.
  5. Pay off High-Interest Credit Cards: cut those big payments for the next 15 months.
  6. Review and Adjust Rent Prices When Appropriate: Regularly assess the rental market in your area and adjust your rents accordingly. It’s essential to strike a balance between staying competitive and covering your expenses.
  7. Minimize Vacancies: Optimize the tenant experience and work proactively to minimize vacancies and increasing re-leasing with better marketing, providing visibly improved tenant service, and promptly addressing maintenance issues.
  8. Maintain Strong Tenant Relationships: Building and maintaining good relationships with your tenants can encourage them to stay longer, reducing turnover costs. Use the tenant portal to communicate with residents to keep them aware of the value of their rental home to them.
  9. Improve Tenant Screening: Implement a more rigorous tenant screening process to minimize the risk of rent defaults and property damage.
  10. Improve Vacancy Listing and Marketing. Use inexpensive digital channels to promote your units by adding virtual showing videos and photos, and advertise your vacancies via ManageCasa’s syndicated listing service to reduce poor quality renter leads.
  11. Offer Concessions: concessions are preferred to reducing rent prices as this keeps your revenues stable and helps you focus on delivering the value that tenants really do want.
  12. Regular Maintenance and Inspections: Invest in preventive maintenance and regular property inspections to spot issues with appliances, roofs, furnaces, and other problems early to avoid costly emergency repairs.
  13. Renegotiate Contracts: Reevaluate vendor contracts and negotiate for better terms, pricing, or services.
  14. Stay Informed About Local Market Trends: Stay updated on local real estate market trends, business and economic indicators, as well as local regulations that may affect your properties. Preparation is key.

Itemize and tag all of your expenses and costs so you have a better understanding of what really is behind the cost side of your business.

Reducing your labor costs and optimizing time management are two elements that ManageCasa™ can help you with.

The details of saving and good budget management aside, it’s just the attention and effort that you make to get them optimized that’s going to make a difference. You’ll find areas of your business that you should have improved, so it could be a nice house-cleaning event for your business.

Explore ManageCasa™ again to discover our many upgrades and services. This is the Software you Need Today.


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