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Broker Owner Conference Carlsbad California

NARPM Broker Owner Conference 2023

The award winning Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California was the setting for  NARPM Broker Owner’s Conference.

Carlsbad Beach photo courtesy of Samantha Jean via Unsplash

It was a unique and prestigious event for  professionals active in the California housing market and rental servicing sector. We’re onto our next event – NMHC’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

The exquisite La Costa resort with its unique Spanish California architecture is located only two miles from the oceanfront beaches where surfing is the top pastime, about 3 miles from LegoLand, a few miles from the quaint Carlsbad Village (on the Pacific Coast highway), and about 30 minute drive from San Diego. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

Aside from this amazing property management conference, Omni La Costa Resort offers a first class experience for attendees to relax, unwind, play and reconnect. You’ll find no less than 8 swimming pools, a golf course, tennis courts, several large hot tubs, a luxurious spa experience, onsite restaurants, and nearby premier shopping locations.

Beautiful Carlsbad California is the Setting

Event Location:

The Omni La Costa Resort
2100 Costa Del Mar Rd,
Carlsbad, CA 92009

The Broker/Owner Conference & Expo 2023 hosted by NARPM takes place April 25-27, 2023, at the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California. NARPM hosts many property management events including its major annual conference in Atlanta, GA this year.  Apartmentalize 2023 will also be hosted in Atlanta.

How To Register:

The early bird registration fee for members is very affordable for this type of event.  You can register for the Conference & Expo Here.

Infographic courtesy of NARPM Broker/Owner Conference

NARPM Broker Manager Conference Carlsbad California 2023

Photo courtesy of NARPM Broker Manager Conference

OMNI Resort Carlsbad

Screenshot courtesy of OMNI Resort Carlsbad.

Meet with us at the Conference!

Join ManageCasa along with a selection of high caliber property management industry professionals and influencers who will share their expertise, insights, the trends, and more to celebrate this amazing industry, while helping you discover the best digital SaaS solutions for mid sized rental property and HOA/Community association managers.

We’ll be in expo booth #205!

The 3 day conference sessions begins at 9:00 am on Tuesday April 25th, with the Keynote address with Rob Hahn, followed by a general session with Tracy Streich on the “Business Hierarchy of Needs”, to help you get clarity on your mission this year.

At 10:45 am you can choose between several workshop sessions, such as “How to make Broker-Owner Valuable to your Business” with Tracy Streich.

The workshops continue at 11:45 including panel discussions on short term rentals with Andy Moore, Brian Birdy & Robert Gilstrap. Then at 1:45, you’ll enjoy Todd Ortscheid’s discussion on “Using technology to improve your profits.” And at 2:55, you can join in on the discussions on masterminding, networking and vendoring.

The Vendor Expo Begins!

At 5:15 enjoy the Vendor expo reception. The Vendor Expo begins at 10:15 on Wednesday April 26th.

On the floor you’ll enjoy speaking with ManageCasa on the usefulness of property management software and the miracle of SaaS solutions for rental property management. Our team will be at our trade show exhibition booth. You may want to set up a time to visit for a demo and discuss your challenges and even your procrastination about upgrading your technology. You’ll find our team helpful and supportive.

More Educational Sessions

Workshop sessions on Wednesday include “Building unbreakable Processes” with Rhianna Campbell, followed by a speaker session with Jeff Tucker on “After the Dust Settles, What Next for Rental Demand?” That’s followed by a full 2 hour networking session.

On Thursday the 27th of April, the final day, the Expo opens early at 8:00 am giving you more time to visit with new technology vendors to find solutions that fit your business perfectly.

Sessions start off with Barb Betts’ discussion of “It’s Not Time Management, It’s Priority Management.” followed by session on “How to use Google reviews to add more doors to your portfolio” (scaling up strategies), and with Jennifer Stoopes and Matthew Whitaker on “What property acquiring firms are looking for.” And the 15th session of the conference with speaker Matthew Kaddatz will be on the topic of “Elevating the Owner Experience to Increase Profit & Improve Retention.” That’s a topic we’ve touched on in our blog.

At 12:30 on Thursday, the final sessions are on “Strategies to a Steller Listing Presentation” by Mike Connolly, followed by Keill Tollifson, Brad Randal, and Scott Brady in an HOA profit panel, and the last session will be with DD Lee, and Melissa Sharone on the topic of “Big Changes with a Few Letters: How the NARPM Designations Can Improve Your Business – Impact.”

There are continuous Masterminding, networking and vendoring topics to join in on.

The final event is the closing keynote address from Mark Cunningham on the topic of “How to Prepare for 5 great years in Property Management“.

At 3:00 pm, the trade show expo closes.

It never hurts to get impressions on the forecast for the property management sector as a whole to help you guide your business to profitability and sustainable performance.

We’re certain the highlight of your trip to Carlsbad and the Omni La Costa Resort will be a discussion with our team about leveraging modern SaaS technology to make your business very successful in the next 5 years.

The property management conferences are as good as you’d like to make them. Do your preparation properly and you’ll get the experience you must have. You’ll be meeting influential experts on these topics and seeing amazing new technology solutions.

Please do see our list of the 2023 property management conference and expo events this year.


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