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Better Tools to Make Managing a Breeze

Make Managing Your Rentals a Breeze

In the post Corona Virus business world, simple, efficient small business solutions will reign supreme. Some as you’re about to see are comprehensive and very affordable.

And these solutions will ensure your work is a breeze and that 2021 will be very profitable.

Multifamily and small business landlords as well as property managers are focused on simplifying all aspects of their businesses. Simplifying means less work, less rework, fewer staff, and higher profit margins. Your choice of property management software solutions will go a long way to determining your profitability going forward.

Simplicity Translates to Profit

The best property management software solution is the one that helps you tackle your biggest business challenges. Don’t buy all the bells and whistles, because they can make you and your property management staff distracted and stressed. Streamlining daily tasks gives you worry free property management.

And the best software makes you better at what counts. Check ManageCasa out right now.

What’s Everyone Demanding Now?

  • online, yearly subscription, cloud-based property management software
  • double entry accounting for each property
  • enhanced financial reporting tools
  • automated maintenance tickets
  • apps to work via smartphone
  • online rent collection
  • integrated rent screening
  • integrated lease writing and management
  • online storage of documents
  • marketing website included
  • all in one property management package

The Trend to Using Online Property Management Platforms

The trend to automation and online property management software has been in full swing for years now, but the Corona Virus has really picked it up. Business has changed.

Property management will become more virtual in 2020. How leases are written and how rental agreements are managed has changed. Expected efficiencies have changed too.

Landlords are seeing how vulnerable they actually are. Managing smartly with a solid, reliable software tools is one key to staying in business through the pandemic period and beyond.

What Really Does Make a Difference Right Now?

Online rent payment automation and double entry accounting are the two professional value adds within solutions such as ManageCasa. However, not many of the property rental solutions have these services.

One key priority is to optimize communications with tenants, and control maintenance requests and calls. As you already know, the first service call quickly escalates to more and more work, as you try to appease the tenants concerns.

Whether it’s information related to the lease or dealing with NSF checks, or fixing a leaky faucet, it’s like every call launches a plague of further tasks. You can avoid that.

The software disrupts that whole process right from the start. Tenants can solve issues for themselves, and quick communications via the platform gives you a good idea of trends. From time management to reducing expenses, property management software is worth far more than its subscription price.

Think of ManageCasa a integrated all in one cluster of the most useful apps designed exclusively for landlords and property managers.

Property Management Software Comparison

Please do see this comparison of ManageCasa to Buildium and Appfolio and other software being sold. You’ll recognize ManageCasa as the most modern management tool for 2020, and to ensure 2021 is your most profitable year ever.

If you’re a new landlord this year, make sure you adopt online property management tools. Focus on the Big 8 Software Features  that ManageCasa offers, and then you’re well supported for the next 5 years.


ManageCasa property management software is built in the USA for landlords in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St Louis, Indianapolis, Denver, and cities across the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany.


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