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Best Tools for the Modern Property Manager

January 04, 2022

Essential Property Management Tools

There are endless tasks you’ll have to handle as a property manager in 2022.  Like most pros, you’ll search for some digital tools to help. And in your quest, you’ll likely be distracted away from the essential capabilities you need.

Doing the core tasks well is the hallmark of a professional.

Current trends show managers need help with maintenance and tenant management. Focusing on those two tasks should ease your work, but it’s nice to know your platform has the tools to get all your work done well.

The persistent emphasis on bells and whistles features in software tools can lead property managers to be mired in issues. We think it’s vital that users focus on the essentials and realize that a good solution will let you do all the rest.

An you’ll be happy to know that all the tools you need are integrated into the ManageCasa property management platform.  Explore those Features Now.

Just a Few Tasks your Property Management Tools will handle:

  1. collect tenant rent online
  2. help reconcile bank accounts
  3. track your expenses and financials with general ledger accounting
  4. pay your own bills on time
  5. create maintenance tickets and follow up on fulfillment
  6. advertise vacancies and attract great tenants
  7. communicate clearly and directly with tenants
  8. set up leases to automatically route expenses and revenues

With or Without Software Tools

With or without property management software, there are 3 core tasks: collecting rent, scheduling maintenance and repairs, and conducting your accounting.

If you focus on these core tasks and prioritize your work, you’ll not only survive, you’ll have time to find other ways to improve and grow. By rediscovering time, you can work on improving and growing your business.

3 Core Property Management Tasks to Get Focused On

  1. rent collection and tenant communications
  2. efficient asset maintenance scheduling
  3. bookkeeping and accounting

Does it sound like automation tools might be the key to streamlining work? Yes, they will, and digital solutions also help eliminate the sources of friction, errors and rework.

ManageCasa is the epitome of ease and simplicity. It was designed for rental property managers who have found themselves bogged down with detail, maintenance delays and expenses, and tenant friction. Commit to new technology and let it pave the path to profitability.

Rental Property Software for Landlords and Property Management Companies

Rent Payment

A key benefit of modern property management tools is automated rent payment. Letting a property management software platform collect rent digitally, manage the bookkeeping and accounting entries, and aid the bank reconciliation process, the system makes it a hands off procedure for you.

Online rent payment enables etransfers, credit card payments and even retail point of sale near the tenant.

If a tenant doesn’t pay on time, a notice is sent, NSF funds and late fees are charged and the system amends bookkeeping and accounting entries.  ManageCasa by the way, utilizes the services of the leading payment solution provider, Stripe Payments.

Efficient Maintenance

Maintaining your assets in good condition ensures your investment is intact, expenses are controlled, and your customers are comfortable.

Within your ManageCasa maintenance dashboard, you’re on top of everything and able to receive requests from tenants for maintenance/repair then dispatch the appropriate staff or contractor, all from your smartphone, wherever you are.  Photos, videos, tenant reports can be collected, a ticket launched, and progress reported. Everyone stays informed, part orders are monitored, and completion status is known. No loose ends, and ticket is closed when tenant is satisfied.

Without telephone tag, poor communication and missed appointments, you’ve solved most of the trouble that property breakdowns cause.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

When bills, expenses receives, purchases, invoices, leases and payment were all manual, there was no automation. Today, it’s done done without paper and without face to face exchanges. With data entry, input errors and lost receipts and files are eliminated. It’s like outsourcing your paperwork when you use a property accounting software.

The point with rental property accounting software is that it’s designed for property managers. It’s not an add-on of consumer bookkeeping/tax freeware. And you won’t need Intuit or other paid software products.

ManageCasa lets you do your property accounting easily. You set up all the automation you need, keep all commingling and other account conflicts controlled, and let the system do the work.

So when the going gets tough, ManageCasa gets going. Discover how ManageCasa helps you with all of your property management tasks.


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