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Best SMB Startup Ideas

September 20, 2019

Best Entrepreneurial Opportunities Today

Do you know anyone who has skills, drive, and talent, yet isn’t thriving currently? You might want to introduce them to the hottest and most accessible SMB startup opportunities going today.

Only 4 years ago, new small business startups were the lowest ever recorded, but since 2016, that’s all changed. Small business startups are back because of the roaring economy and new technology. It is the dream of many and with a little help, their flicker of desire can be fueled to become a roaring rocket.

Businesses with a Future

From property management to Airbnb rentals to online clothing and tech product stores, there’s a golden opportunity to escape the corporate 9 to 5 Mouse Wheel for a fully engaging and exciting startup business.

And after you build the business up, proving it can succeed, you can sell it at a big profit. Think about solutions people and business owners need, and will continue to need.

Without further adieu, here’s some of the best and most profitable small business startup ideas and more helpful sites to visit. Enjoy the exploration!

 1. Property Management Startup

Real estate is where most people get rich, yet it often takes money to make money in this sector. If you or your friend lack the money to buy property and leverage it to make a fortune, then managing properties for landlords and investors might work.

Property management is hot because rents are rising, new technology is allowing more profit per unit and making managing easier, and there’s a glut of new rental properties being released. That spells more profit which is why property investors are moving into the rental markets.

It’s a fact that property manager salaries are rising and there are more upscale priced rental properties to manage. You can choose to work with multifamily properties (blocks of apartments) or with single homes, condos and apartments. Take a look at some good property management companies.

“Spend time upfront to invest in systems and processes to make long-term growth sustainable.”   -Jeff Platt

Landlords vs Renters

The Rental Protection Agency reports there are 113,579,446 renters in the USA but only 23,325,019 landlords. That’s about 5 properties per landlord. There are more than 5 new renters for every new landlord. So landlords must manage an increasing number of rental units and they’re looking for property managers to handle them.

The work involved in property management is changing and new software and hardware is being used to manage. From smartphones to apps and cloud based property management software to Internet of Things devices, it’s a brave new world.

Yet not all current property managers want to adopt proptech solutions. Unfortunately, their reluctance means their cost-efficiency and service quality will fall, and many of them will be dropped by their landlord clients.

In this video, Gillian Perkins, who got her start in real estate, rates property rental as 4th most profitable businesses.

The current goals of property management companies is growth, efficiency and profitability.

A modern property manager has the inside lane today over old school managers. New business models, software platforms, and a tenant service focus is winning new business.

To learn property management, you can attend classes in your city or state, and you can study online with the International Real Estate Management and achieve a CPM® designation which will impress landlords.

IREM has chapters in cities across the US.

 2. Accounting and Bookkeeping Startup

While the number of small businesses grow in the improving US economy, accounting and government tax regulations create complexity, so business managers need to do their bookkeeping and accounting more efficiently.

Do you know one of the 664,000 chartered accountants in the US? Consider the niches they might launch into.

New accounting software makes it easier, and for instance, property management accounting software is designed specifically for managing landlord’s properties. Landlord’s get more reliable reporting to help with budget planning, expense management, tax planning, and real time financials. They help keep accounts separate to avoid common errors in property management.

 3. Social Media Management Startup

The WWW made a big splash 20 years ago, but the new medium — social media is displacing it. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are gaining users and integrating more services. And that’s drawing businesses to it.

Facebook in particular has seen rapid growth and the platform is complex and time consuming to use. Almost everyone uses social media but not many do it well, nor do they have the time.

It’s so important to company’s business promotion and customer service however, that they must be active in it. This is creating opportunities for entrepreneurial social media managers, especially those who want the nomad travelling lifestyle.

As a consultant or manager, you would manage their accounts, build connections, manage postings and responses. Managers build reach, create conversations, create and share content, build rapport with customers and prospects, and run marketing campaigns.

You’ll find training at local colleges and online educational courses. The key to success is social media management software, industry knowledge, social skills, and knowledge of marketing strategy. Find out more.

 4. Airbnb Rental Startup

Airbnb has been one of the biggest news stories of the last few years. The rise of the traveler, especially in the US, along with hotel shortages and high costs presented home owners with an opportunity — renting out their investment property or home.

While there are cheap Airbnb rentals available, many are priced highly as part of an extravagant resort or private getaway for vacationers. Whether in the city or near beaches and tourist venues, vacationers will pay for location and rental features. This is closely related to rental property management startups.

Find out more at

 5. Online Clothing and Tech Product Retail Startups

Clothing and consumer tech products are two hot sectors to consider. You might even combine them as some store owners have via Shopify or Amazon.

Change creates opportunity. Your own shopping habits are likely changing too as the trend away from brick and mortar retail stores to online shopping grows. The whole process of reaching and fulfilling retail shoppers is changing. People are buying online via game consoles, apps, social media platforms, and directly on their smartphones.

Think about the different types of clothing people buy. They expect to find unique items online. There are new niches such as streetwear, workwear, fitness clothing, kids clothing, where you can get established. Consumers are wanting specific sizing, styles, materials, and more which they can’t get off the shelf.

Tech products in demand include high priced smartphone accessories, earphones, drones, 4k cameras, security cameras, digital translators, wearables, and other gadgets they can’t seem to do without. Learn morea about an online clothing store startup.

That’s our top 5 new small business startup ideas for 2019. Check out these sites for many more industries and startup ideas:

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Property Management

If a property management startup is in your future, check out ManageCasa, a simpler property management software platform. Enjoy having all your work tasks manageable within one interface. Handle rental payments, specialized accounting, tenant management, contractor communications, and maintenance tickets easily. ManageCasa will grow with you.


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