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Best Real Estate Apps

March 04, 2020

Best Real Estate Apps for 2020

Software developers are hard at work trying to come up with software apps that are more useful. Some such as ManageCasa have integrated apps and services that make work much easier for those in property management.

We’ve highlighted apps for landlords and apps for property managers, some of which are useful for Realtors too. Reaching on the go landlords, tenants and investors isn’t easy.  Now we’d like to shine the spotlight on specialized apps for Realtors with some surprisingly cool features and benefits.

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Lead Generation Today: Organized, Connected and Aware

A recent poll regarding marketing challenges for all businesses in all industries of all sizes revealed that lead generation was number one.

Even in large enterprises with huge lead databases, customer databases, and wide paid reach, the challenges they struggled with such as branding and personal engagement relate back to generating leads.

Business typically revolves around sales leads.  Today, younger prospects are brand agnostic so your brokerage, franchise, or local popularity weighs less on their search, evaluation, and purchase decisions. They go online and find solutions or providers relevant to their needs.

Young renters, buyers, and investors go online and they rely on Internet based sources for guidance.  Real estate agents and property managers need to build a presence online and create content that makes them specifically relevance.  Relevance is everything now.

Fortunately, there are some great real estate apps that use AI, tap into large databases, or help you create a more compelling experience for your connections and prospects.

Ten of the Best Apps for 2020


Realtors are using video much more lately to engage audiences, build trust and familiarity, and show their listings. If you reach buyers or sellers at the right time, they can be effective lead generators. An app called Bombbomb specializes in using video as a communications and relationship builder. They believe your face, voice, and real property display are the best way to impact prospects. —

Videos are one of the best viral tools you can use within your social media reach building process. It integrates easily with your email and comes with tracking tools.

Mention Social Listening

If you can find prospects who mention your company on social media or blogs or who are talking about very relevant topics, you can be far more effective converting them if they are a live lead.

People who mention your company on social media are often fans/brand-ambassadors and far more likely to become your next client or tenant. Their thoughts and praise are important clues as to how people feel about your firm and it’s good to share their positive comments.

It’s good to build your own connections to hear what prospects are up to and thinking about. Mention is a listening ear on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Mention can help you monitor competitors and market leaders, as well as give you more oomph to your own social posts.   —


Uses the power of artificial intelligence to help you qualify leads and respond to them quickly. You’re often not available to begin and carry on the conversation with prospects. Structurely, is a very smart AI app which collects information with a human like disposition. Structurely’s developers believe it is better than a human because it optimizes information gather and getting the prospect to what they really want.  —

Area Pulse

Buyer and Seller prospects love ultra-targeted market reports and that give them insight into their local markets. Area Pulse lets you produce amazing reports for your prospects and circle of contacts. —

Planon Real Estate Asset Management.

.  Accurate data is important and planon software helps you collect and organize your real estate data so it more closely aligns with your organization’s goals. You can monitor asset conditions and forecast costs. Just like Managecasa, it supports global real estate portfolios with multi language, and multi currency functions. Planon helps with workspace usage, planning, integrated services management, and even sustainability management. —

Follow Up Boss  A real estate CRM tool. Real estate leads are rare and precious and that warrants using a serious lead management tool. Followup Boss has a good reputation for lead management. It’s a centralized inbox where you can manage all your emails, text, and other communications from rental prospects, tenants, and home buyers. It syncs with your Gmail account. Managing your communications with all your contacts is vital for real estate agents as timelines are so important. —

Showing Suite  This all in one app offers more than a rental suite showg scheduling. It’s a good tool for gathering impressions from rental prospects and Realtors. It’s sms texting integration makes it even more useful. —


Automatic mileage tracker & expense log – If you’re not accurately logging all those miles you drive, it may be easy with Everlance. Record your trips, classify them, and even create reports. You can track your routes using GPS and use the mileage reimbursement calculator. —

VRX Staging

VR staging helps you solve a big suite showing problem. If there’s furniture or other items making it impossible for you to take great photos, VRX helps remove them to show the suite in a more desirable visualization. It’s advanced photo editing that lets you show rooms that you otherwise would never do. —

Revaluate  – if you can predict when someone will move, it’s a golden opportunity to capture and convert a good lead. Revaluate uses AI to identify homeowners likely to move.  For realtors or landlords looking to fill units, it’s a handy way to get an edge on competitors. —


Looking for the best property management software? Check out ManageCasa and make rentals a more profitable venture in 2020.


Property Management Software Screen

ManageCasa is an elegantly, simplified property management software, perfect for for landlords and property managers who want the benefits of going mobile.


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