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December 06, 2022

Our Best Property Management Posts of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we look back at the surprises, big stories, opportunities and more of what happened this calendar year, in our blog.

Yet there’s a lot more to explore about landlords and property managers in 2023. We hope you’ll continue to join us and keep up to speed on how the pros are keeping their businesses healthy and sustainable.

A blog is powerful way to communicate value to landlords and property managers, but also to help them communicate benefits to their tenants. Tenants don’t always appreciate the true value of their rental home and we hope you’ll share our posts to help you convey it.

The Value of Property Management

Blogs are essential to customer engagement and introducing the innovation that makes the best businesses own their markets. This year, our own Linkedin polls also found rental property pros are focused on profitability and efficiency, concepts that we’ve been promoting on our property management blog for many years.

12 Best ManageCasa Blogs of 2022

What makes blog posts more engaging and memorable enough? It has to be that we’re inspiring property owners to view their rental property management business through a new lens to achieve profitability and management excellence.

This year we discussed how to build self-service business models, create great renter experiences, encourage tenants to be good tenants, focus on quality tenant acquisition, and to grow profit margins.

Best performing blog posts:

  1. Best Cities to Invest in Rental Property – This post continues to surprise. It could be a lot of investment funds have floated over from savings accounts, 401ks, and stock portfolios. Investors are still engaged with the idea of investing in rentals. They’re wondering about remote ownership and management and whether buying in cities with the best yields is the right way to go.
  2. Best Cities in California to Buy Rental Property – Yes, it’s shocking to see continued interest in California properties given the calamity of events in the Golden State. With an exodus of businesses and 300,000 people last year, you would think California real estate would be worthless. But instead, interest in owning rental property here remains strong.
  3. Guide to Writing Great Rental Ads – landlords are realizing what they say about their rental unit and where they advertise it impacts their rental property profit. Done strategically, rental advertising can boost demand and rent prices and is well worth taking the time to do intelligently.
  4. Apartment Transfers – seems there is a lot of jockeying for better apartments as renters come and go. It also suggests tenant churn is presenting challenges for retention and landlord profits.
  5. Property Management Goals – readers are curious about setting the right goals for their business so they can navigate treacherous waters to profitability. Following the wrong benchmarks, models, signals and paths can lead to big losses.
  6. Property Management Trends – readers want to know what’s happening and where the markets are headed. New technologies are of keen interest, such as SaaS, the cloud and which apps are helping improve how they do everything from inspections to leasing to accounting.
  7. New Property Management Business Models – it seems smart startups are wondering how to orient their business to minimize costs, improve services, and ramp up profits. It’s uncertain whether they’re underperforming, frustrated with profitability, are being overworked, or simply can’t make their tenant experience better. They’re looking to improve and innovate to power up a business that eventually will take care of itself (automation).
  8. US Rent Prices – landlords and tenants both are about where rents are headed. We covered those cities with unusual increases and conditions that are creating migration and showing where people want to live. Rent prices reflect a lot more about Americans than simply the cost of living. Rent prices rise for many reasons.
  9. Built to Rent Communities a Big Story in 2022

    Built to Rent Communities a Big Story in 2022

    Built to Rent – a small niche audience is interested in a new housing sector called built to rent or build for rent. This housing type offers better properties with improved, modern amenities, reflecting what renters actually desire and will pay much higher rent prices for.

  10. Apartment Renovations – there remains a sizable audience of landlords and tenants who want to improve or rehabilitate their units. Moving and relocating isn’t all that desirable, with more people staying put (i.e., Covid, employment) and who can blame them? The last 3 years have been awful for everyone).
  11. How to Choose Tenants – a post growing in popularity as landlords realize many prospective tenants may not be able to pay their rent down the road. Rising inflation, lower wages, job changes, and rising unemployment trends means landlords and property managers have to be smart about who can sustain their rental home rent.
  12. Syndicated Rental Advertising – reaching a bigger audience of good tenants and automating advertising is of big interest to landlords. Landlords and property managers want simpler ways to attract great renters.

More Relevant Topics Coming in 2023!

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