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Best Property Management Apps

November 15, 2022

21 Best Property Management Apps

Property managers always seem to be in need of some help to save time and money. The bottom line with property management software and apps is to save your time and help you and your staff get work done.

These apps aren’t just smartphone apps. The “applications” we’re introducing here work on your desktop and tablet devices too.

Let’s get beyond the technical matters, because we’re all on the cloud now, and these apps install quickly, subscription fees are low, and many of them are designed to be user friendly.

These property management apps deliver extended services, sometimes filling gaps in service coverage of property management platforms.  These apps help improve how landlords, HOA managers, and property managers serve tenants and maintain rental property ROI.

Features and Service Benefits

Most of the features desired are already integrated into good cloud-based property management platforms (ManageCasa). Yet each year, some innovative developers create something uncommon.

These 21 property management apps listed below may offer significant time and cost cutting savings.  Whether it’s an application for a specific task such as rent collection, tenant screening, time management, or controlling keys to units, they can add functionality for contractors and property managers today.

Please also see our list of 34 of the very best landlords apps. It’s not a stretch to say property managers would be lost without their apps.  Most are available via Google Play or the Apple app store.

Some All in One Property Management Apps now integrate:

  1. online rent payment
  2. specialized accounting tools
  3. maintenance ticket management
  4. tenant communications
  5. rent collections and late fees
  6. online lease management

The apps help with core tasks that occupy most landlord’s and property manager’s time.  Increasingly, managers are on the road, at home, or visiting properties.  They need apps and management tools that give them functionality wherever they are.

21 Property Management Apps

 1. Rent Collection Apps 

If rent collection capabilities aren’t included in your property management software, then adding one rent collection app can help you improve your cash flow and clear your rent in arrears. This spring of 2021 sees small landlords suffering higher rates of late rent and default. A handy rent collection app, helps you respond right away when a cagey tenants claims they can’t pay.

A rent collection app doesn’t just facilitate rent payments via any payment format (checks, echecks, credit cards, banks, etransfer, wire transfer, paypal, etc.). It must allow you to communicate and arrange payments, follow up, and apply late fees. The app creates a dialog that leads to payment.  You’ll find this functionality with property management platforms such as ManageCasa.

ManageCasa has integrated the Stripe payment app platform to make paying easier. ManageCasa helps property managers perform their collections activities, set up payment dates, manage banking issues, make payments online or off line, provide payment alerts for tenants, and communicate in a compassionate way to encourage tenants to pay their back rent due.

2. Service Job Contract Apps

Service contractors such as plumbers, handymen, snow removal firms, HVAC heating firms, and more are often hired sporadically to deal with emergencies.  Jobber is the perfect solution for booking, scheduling, invoicing and billing along with customer relations, service notifications and payment processing.

It’s a handy tool for plumbers, HVAC technicians, cleaning firms, and others to get organized and impress the customers with a professional business service solution.

3. Rent Payment Apps

Getting regular payments from your tenants is the Grand Prix of property management. Late payments and follow up on the other hand are a Grand Pain. And from the tenant’s point of view, being able to pay rent anywhere, anytime via their phone using a credit card, echeck, or debit card is amazing.

The convenience of online payment is a nice perk for today’s mobile and tech savvy renters. And upscale renters are more likely to appreciate and expect this convenience.

Stripe Payments.  Stripe is the leading internet payment solution. Stripes amazing payment platform allows payments to be made and received with respect to tenant rent payments, bill payments, distribution, and draw from the Landlords/Property Managers bookkeeping app within ManageCasa.

Stripe is built into the ManageCasa property management platform. Apps are much more powerful when integrated into a platform.


RentMoola Payment App. Rentmoola can help you set up payments for your tenants. And tenants can use their credit card, debit card, etc, your tenants get discounts for vacations, coffee at Starbucks, and other giveaways.




Rentpal Payment App. Alternative payment portals for tenants is big for the Millennial demographic. Enabling online payment through all channels is wise in 2019.

Rentpal works with Paypal which is very popular. For short term Airbnb type rentals, this might be very handy. Paypal accepts credit cards and connects with renter’s bank accounts.



4. Rent Price Setting Apps

Rentometer helps you establish a good rate for your vacation rental or monthly house or apartment rentals. You can check properties you’d like to buy, view them on Google maps, check building age and type, and other factors you need to check out.



Rent Calculator for Property Managers – Rent Calculator offers some handy apps to help estimate your income, mortgage, ROI, and operating expenses.





5. Rental Booking Management Apps

With a trend toward shorter term rentals, property managers face more work, more turnover, more maintenance, and time spent organizing short term leases and tenants who want to make online payments. For shorter term bookings such as vacation rentals, booking engines can help ease your workload.

Lodgix – is a web based vacation rental booking software works with the most popular vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey, and more.

Digital signatures, secure data and credit card processing, online rental booking, and integration with your wordpress website makes it very useful and affordable ($50 for up to 7 properties) for 2019.


 6. Recruitment Apps

Linkedin Recruiter App – Research on property manager’s biggest challenges for 2021 has staffing at the top. Your business is your people. Finding, training, and keeping top talent is essential for top business performance.

To get you connected with top talents, a variety of tools are available including Linkedin’s new recruiter app. Add to this to your other visibility and branding tools such as Facebook and your website, and you’re creating a continuous open channel to your company for top property management recruits to find and enjoy.

7. Apartment Rental Listing Apps

 Zumper is one of the leading apartment website listing portals online and it’s included in ManageCasa’s rental advertising syndication network.

The company lists rentals for short term, vacation and long term leasing. It has huge online visibility online and extensive reach to renters in most US cities. Reaching and finding good quality tenant prospects is vital to landlord businesses and Zumper is a great aid in your goal.

Zumper has advanced their apps power by integrating it with Facebook Marketplace. Please remember that Zumper listings are included in the ManageCasa syndicated listing network.


Padmapper Rental App – Need to list your houses or multifamily apartments fast and attract tenants? Padmapper might offer the big reach and speed you’re dreaming of. Padmapper serves landlords and property managers in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK. Padmapper is owned by Zumper and does not use Craiglist data anymore. The app makes renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel room.


8. Safety and Security Apps

For landlords, property managers and contractors, security is important. You want to know where your staff are and whether they’re safe wherever they drive or walk to. There’s no way to remove all risk as a mobile landlord or property manager, but these apps can help minimize dangers.

Bsafe – app uses GPS and video to let others know where you are at all times. Whether you’re showing properties or out to visit distant locations, make sure your staff can find you right away and know you’re okay.




Video Surveillance – You and your staff are important, and so are your properties.

Web connected CCTV security cameras reduce liability, create a safer environment for tenants, landlords, property managers, contractors and helps deter unwelcome visitors.


Stratis Smart App – Need an app to control access, monitor energy usage, and manage automation? Stratis STRATIS is an Internet of Things based Platform designed to help you with the complexities of your MultiFamily and Student Housing properties.

STRATIS lets property managers avoid handling bulky stacks of keys and use an app to access entry doors using just a mobile phone. Management can add or revoke access in real time to tenants and contractors, as well as adjust apartment temperature for increased control and convenience.


9. Asset Inventory Apps

Point of Rental’s Rental Essentials  is a handy app to help you manage your complete asset inventory. From furniture to appliances, heating and HVAC, to TVs, washers/dryers, and more, you can keep track of assets and monitor their condition.


10. Fleet Management Tracking Apps

Cellutrak – Track your fleet of vehicles for gas mileage, distance, response times, traffic conditions, driver behavior and more with Cellutrak. The company serves users in Canada, United States, Israel, Argentina and Brazil.

Cellutrak’s GPS and GSM technology captures data from vehicle transport and gives you actionable information to help you save money and optimize maintenance ticket management.


11. Property Condition and Moving Checklist Apps

When moving in or out, you need to come to agreement about the condition and any important issues such as scratches and broken components on appliances, flooring condition and stains, and more. Having a moving checklist or inspection app can speed the process up and create certain proof of condition and reports as well.

The Rent Protector. The Rent Protector by Thoughtful Apps, helps with move in and move out condition status. Landlords, agents and tenants can save time, money and avoid potential legal disputes by recording condition reports that everyone can agree to.




Snap Inspection App. Do you have a lot of properties to inspect and report on? Snap Inspect can save you a good deal of time, eliminate paperwork, reduce phone calls, and keep your relationship with your tenant professional and reliable. You can attach pics or video of your inspections which may be important at move out time.


12. Best Property Accounting Apps

ManageCasa. Keep track of receipts, rent payments, bills, invoices, and more and make your accountant happy with ManageCasa’s simplified accounting features.

This simple property management accounting app will match up with your current preferred financial software so you don’t have any hassles with adoption and database nightmares. From tax deductions to property management expense reports, this app can make a world of difference to your business and clients.

13. Contractor and Estimator Apps

Joist. At some point you need quick, maintenance and repair quotes from a variety of contractors. You’ll want to connect with professional contractors with a popular app. And Joist lets contractors estimate, invoice, collect payments and manage projects on their smartphones.



Homeadvisor. The Homeadvisor Contractor App lets landlords and property managers review ratings of contractors and connect with the best of them in your city. Speed up your search for a realiable, trustworthy contractor and get work done faster and more reliably from now on.

The HomeAdvisor app is available for Android or iPhone smartphones.


Homee – On Demand – How nice would it be have instant access to pre-screened, background-checked service providers who are ready to work on your properties now? The Homee on demand app gives immediate, on-demand access to experienced renovation and maintenance professionals within an average of 30 minutes.

On demand services is a big trend in the property management sector. Millennial and other demographics are really into these types of real time apps. Property managers will love how they mesh perfectly with their own real time property management software.


14. Smartphone Apps for iOS or Android

There’s no question that smartphone apps for iOS and Androids phones are making an impact on the landlord and property management sector. And connecting with tenants in a way that’s most convenient to them makes you more relevant and accessible.

In 2022, do take time to try out amazing property management apps, including a modern, cloud-based, all-in-one property management solution.  It’s powerful, easy to learn, and has the built in apps you need — ManageCasa.

See more on helpful landlord apps.  Take time now to do a demo of the ManageCasa platform and see the full potential for your properties.


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