Best Property Management Apps

Best Apps for Property Managers in 2019

Are you a property manager or vacation rental manager looking to get more efficient in 2019? We’ve got some great applications you should know about or use actively in your property management business.

Best Apps for Property Managers

Best Apps for the Modern Property Manager

Whether you’re managing vacation rentals, sourcing new properties or lowering your maintenance costs, these apps will turn you into a better mobile property manager, lower your costs, improve renter relations, and help you grow revenue.

They will work well with ManageCasa or your current property management software.

Be a Powerful Property Manager in 2019

You need a better property management software solution to keep up in business in 2019.  Software is simply apps on a platform, yet they can make an enormous difference to your business success. Let’s investigate a few you should be adopting this year.

The Best of the Best

Best Choice for Sustainable Growth in Property Management

Enjoy this best of the best property management apps for 2019 list to help you make managing your properties easier.

Your biggest challenges are to streamline PM processes including accounting, reduce friction, accelerate administration, reduce time waste from contractors and tenants, keep your employees, and improve communication with tenants.

Time, tenants, accounting, and maintaining positive cash flow is what successful property management is all about.


See the Top 15 Best PM Apps Now


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Apps Aren’t Frivolous: Your Time is Valuable

Property management investors are pouring money into app development. They know that property management company’s survival depends on them. Better property management software and apps elevate your work capacity and makes your tenants/landlords happy.  The payoff is higher profit, improved CRM, and more efficient staff.

Stay up on the trends. The best apps are a perfect fit for today’s mobile property manager and today’s connected tenants who want what they want.

The trick is to choose the right ones with the right features and benefits.

Apps hosted securely on the cloud. No need for installation on tenants mobile device – the no hassle approach to residential property management.

Going Beyond Features and Benefits

The best property management apps help you go beyond features and benefits. They position your firm as the only one tenants and landlords should be working with. The constant exposure of your excellent service, communications, and reputation makes you a preferred vendor. This is the best way to create sustainable growth and profit.

Are you buying and selling properties and wondering about predictions of the rental housing market and the key markets of California, San Francisco, Texas and South Florida? Learn more about property management companies if you’re ready to outsource management.

The Best Apps of 2019

Rent Payment Apps

Getting regular payments from your tenants is the Grand Prix of property management. Late payments and follow up on the other hand are a Grand Pain. And from the tenant’s point of view, being able to pay rent anywhere, anytime via their phone using a credit card, echeck, or debit card is amazing.

The convenience of online payment is a nice perk for today’s mobile and tech savvy renters. And upscale renters are more likely to appreciate and expect this convenience.

RentMoola Payment App. Rentmoola can help you set up payments for your tenants. And tenants can use their credit card, debit card, etc, your tenants get discounts for vacations, coffee at Starbucks, and other giveaways.



Rentpal Payment App. Rentpal works with Paypal which is very popular. For short term Airbnb type rentals, this might be very handy. Paypal accepts credit cards and connects with renter’s bank accounts.





Rent Price Setting Apps

Rentometer helps you establish a good rate for your vacation rental or monthly house or apartment rentals. You can check properties you’d like to buy, view them on Google maps, check building age and type, and other factors you need to check out.



Rent Calculator for Property Managers – Rent Calculator offers some handy apps to help estimate your income, mortgage, ROI, and operating expenses.




Rental Booking Management

With a trend toward shorter term rentals, property managers face more work, more turnover, more maintenance, and time spent organizing short term leases and tenants who want to make online payments. For shorter term bookings such as vacation rentals, booking engines can help ease your workload.

Lodgix – is a web based vacation rental booking software works with the most popular vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey, and more.

Digital signatures, secure data and credit card processing, online rental booking, and integration with your wordpress website makes it very useful and affordable ($50 for up to 7 properties) for 2019.

Apartment Rental Listing Apps

Apartment List –  get massive exposure online for your vacant rental on apartmentlist.  Apartment list has high exposure on Google and a large prospect list of their own.

Apartmentlist has presence in all US markets including California, Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Georgia and more. Their machine learning software helps find the best qualified potential renters to send to you.

Safety and Security Apps

For landlords, property managers and contractors, security is important. You want to know where your staff are and whether they’re safe wherever they drive or walk to. There’s no way to remove all risk as a mobile landlord or property manager, but these apps can help minimize dangers.

Bsafe – app uses GPS and video to let others know where you are at all times. Whether you’re showing properties or out to visit distant locations, make sure your staff can find you right away and know you’re okay.




Video Surveillance – You and your staff are important, and so are your properties. Web connected CCTV security cameras reduce liability, create a safer environment for tenants, landlords, property managers, contractors and helps deter unwelcome visitors.



Asset Inventory Apps

Point of Rental’s Rental Essentials  is a handy app to help you manage your complete asset inventory. From furniture to appliances, heating and HVAC, to TVs, washers/dryers, and more, you can keep track of assets and monitor their condition.


Property Condition and Moving Checklist Apps

When moving in or out, you need to come to agreement about the condition and any important issues such as scratches and broken components on appliances, flooring condition and stains, and more. Having a moving checklist or inspection app can speed the process up and create certain proof of condition and reports as well.

The Rent Protector. The Rent Protector  by Thoughtful Apps, helps with move in and move out condition status. Landlords, agents and tenants can save time, money and avoid potential legal disputes by recording condition reports that everyone can agree to.




Snap Inspection App. Do you have a lot of properties to inspect and report on? Snap Inspect can save you a good deal of time, eliminate paperwork, reduce phone calls, and keep your relationship with your tenant professional and reliable. You can attach pics or video of your inspections which may be important at move out time.


Tenant Background Checking App

The success of your business depends on good tenants. Pick the best tenants with some help with tenant background and credit checking apps.

BeenVerified. The BeenVerified app helps you conduct tenant background checks, get access to Public Records to uncover criminal records, social networks, relatives, bankruptcies, photos and more.




Best Property Management Accounting Apps 2019

ManageCasa. Keep track of receipts, rent payments, bills, invoices, and more and make your accountant happy with ManageCasa’s simplified accounting features. This simple property management accounting app will match up with your current preferred financial software so you don’t have any hassles with adoption and database nightmares. From tax deductions to property management expense reports, this app can make a world of difference to your business and clients.

Contractor Estimate Apps

Joist. At some point you need quick, maintenance and repair quotes from a variety of contractors. You’ll want to connect with professional contractors with a popular app. And Joist lets contractors estimate, invoice, collect payments and manage projects on their smartphones.




Homeadvisor. The Homeadvisor Contractor App lets landlords and property managers review ratings of contractors and connect with the best of them in your city. Speed up your search and get work done faster and more reliably from now on. Their app is available for Android or iPhone smartphones.



There’s no question that smartphone apps for iOS and Androids phones are making an impact on the landlord and property management sector. And connecting with tenants in a way that’s most convenient to them makes you more relevant and accessible.

In 2019, slow down, take the time to assess some of these amazing property management apps. Find the right ones for you and your business.  After mastering a few of them, you’re on your way to becoming a modern mobile property manager.


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