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December 01, 2021

35 Handy Software Apps for Landlords

On the hunt for landlord software and property management apps to help you get your work done better and provide a better experience for your tenants?

You’ll be happy to know we’ve sourced 35 handy landlord apps to help you fill those productivity gaps.

The push to cloud services and next generation software platforms and the proliferation of smartphone and tablet use by property pros is growing the list of apps available. Please bookmark this page as we discover and add more apps.

Best Apps too, for Mobile Landlords

Apps help in listing apartments for rent, time tracking, screening applicants, monitoring utilities, posting bookkeeping entries, book a showing, enjoy electronic document signing, do virtual lease management and site inspections, and more.

Landlord Apps for everything!  From currency conversion to mileage and hour tracking all the way to renter payments,  and maintenance contractor services for landlords, along with smart apartment management, there are apps to let you manage with only your Android or Apple smartphone.

Whether your business is in the US, UK, Australia, Germany or Canada, review these best landlord apps below.

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Best Apps for Landlords

1. Advertise your Vacancies.  Abodo app lets you connect with renters by helping them scour the web for precious rental apartment listings.

Abodo Apartment Rental Listing Map search. Screenshot courtesy of Abodo.

2.  Show Your Vacancies Virtually.  ShowingHero automates rental apartment or home showings answering ALL calls & emails, coordinating and scheduling visits from agents, prospects, and occupants. Optimize your administrative tasks including phone scheduling showings, emailing prospects, screening leads, requesting feedback or following up on applicants.

3. Control Your Keys

Keyzapp helps you identify keys and manage your keys and access to properties using electronic tags. Using SmartFobs,  you’ll find easy to identify and issue keys, send out alerts, and not have to chase after keys.

Smart keys for landlords

Keyzapp. Screenshot courtesy of

4. Keep track of your Mileage – and attribute your costs to each property with the mileage tracking app MileIQ.

5. Calculate Currency Conversions on your Android or Apple Watch with the Calcbot.

6.  Distribute Documents on the Cloud. Need to store and distribute documents quickly? Dropbox helps manage all those documents, leases, and more.

7. Scan and store Everything with Scanbot. Uses barcodes, QR codes, MRZ too to help you manage your assets.



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8. Digital Signatures. Where would Realtors be without Docusign? It’s handy for landlords too.

9. Staff Time Tracking.  Need to track your hours or your staff’s time to increase efficiency and profitability? Hours Tracker is a handy time management tool for landlords.

10. Remember and storing passwords securely.  Security is a serious issue for everyone. 1Password’s come with a time saving application.

11. Use a smart assistant.  How many landlords couldn’t use an assistant?  Do hands free searches and get decent search results and help with Google Assistant.

12. A rental unit and building inspection tool. Need a reliable inspection tool to collect your property’s condition and status?

13. Landlord Insurance. Protect your assets with landlord insurance online.

14. Place rental listing ads. Post  apartment rental listings online.

15. Advertise Vacancies.  Fill your open units now online.


16. Tenant Background Checks. A seriously different tenant background check tool.


17. Rental Price Calculator.  Find out how much you can or should rent your property for with this handy app for landlords.

18. Online financial reports.  Landlords need accurate and detailed financial reports.

19. Vendor Finder.  Find maintenance vendors when and where you need them.

20. Find a Contractor or Handyman. When you need to hire somebody for something, Thumbtack wants to help.

21. Create business forms.  Need to use forms online for almost any reason?

22. Find a Good Cleaner.  Finding professional, available and reputable apartment cleaners is easier via


23. Short Term Rental Tenant Finder. Considering short term rentals only?  Lodgix might have when vacation property landlords need.


24. All in One Property Management Solution.  Why get 30 landlord management apps, when you can get the essentials with ManageCasa Software for Landlords?  Use the extra apps for whatever you need, but ManageCasa’s got the essentials of accounting, maintenance management, rent payment, and tenant management covered.


 Utilities Apps

Whether or not you’re on the hook for tenants use of electricity, gas or water, it’s wise to be in the know of issues related to your rental property’s utility usage. If you have multiple tenants in one building, it makes even more sense.  For instance, if a toilet is left running or insulation has disappeared in a certain part of the roof, or the tenant’s liability doesn’t cover bill utility bills, being on top of things could be money saving for the property owner (you).

Screenshot courtesy of

25. Flume Water Monitoring

Flume is app connected water use meter to help you monitor water usage along with leaks that could result in damage like mold.

The Flume sensor attaches in 10 minutes.  The app alerts you of abnormal (or accidental) water usage to give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.


 26. Sense Energy Monitor

Sense Energy Monitor.  Stay informed of your rental unit energy use from anywhere: Real-time data through iOS, Android, and web apps.

Keep tenants notified so they can save on their energy usage.

Understanding how much energy your rental home is using, when and where, empowers you to find ways to reduce expensive electric bills.

When tenant see the costs, they’ll want to convert to LED light bulbs, keep lights off when not needed, keep electric heater use to a minimum, and be informed about washer/dryer usage.

27. SuperSaaS Set up appointments for repair services automatically to save time.

The bane of all landlords — appointment scheduling. Yes, you’re busy and your time is at a premium. Taking control of all your daily appointments is vital. SuperSaaS is a scheduling app you might enjoy. SuperSaaS offers you complete flexibility so that you can create your appointment schedule to perfectly fit your requirements. You’ll enjoy the easy step by step appointment scheduling process.


28. Zumper Tenant Finding App. How about an app to help you find tenants in 2020? Have you enjoyed good results from your tenant search campaigns? Looking in all the wrong places such as local papers and classifieds? Software can help you connect with a better quality of renter and avoid troublesome ones.

Zumper offers a free app that lets you post your apartment rental listings, accept rental applications and even screen applicant tenants.

29. Heavy-duty Tenant Screening. lets you verify tenant’s identity, and conduct background and credit reporting online via your smartphone or tablet. You can have applicants purchase their own tenant screening reports and have it emailed to you.

30. Tenant Background Check.  Check out your renter prospects’ financial background and ability to pay.

Given how high rents are these days, you need to be sure the tenant can afford the rent and has a record of paying their bills. Experian can help protect your cash flow and keeps the prospect of tenant eviction reduced.


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31. Enable online payments. Give your tenants the ease of online rent payment. Automate payments and remove the work of collecting rent.  This landlord payment app is integrated into the ManageCasa solution.

32. Collect online Rent.  A tool for landlords to collect payment online.

Your tenants need an easy, reliable payment solution and you need to optimize your cash flow and help reduce late payments. Yapstone offers a RentPayment app for iOS and Google. Renters can download the app on Google Play or iTunes and pay via their smartphone.

ManageCasa has integrated the powerful Stripe payment solution into its cloud-based property management solution. Stripe is the leader in online payment solutions. You’ll get this amazing and reliable payment functionality for tenants and you’re able to disburse payments to owners.

33. Pay Your Rent.  Pay Your Rent allows same day rent payment processing. Your tenants can build their credit history with each rent payment. They set landlords as the merchant on record so all payments are sent directly into the property’s bank account. Enjoy a zero-day hold* on all payments processed and having funds sent out for deposit the same day for most payments.

34.  Find Good Quality Contractors.  Finding good plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors in a pinch is easier with HomeAdvisor.

Find a verified plumber, electrician, or another home contractor on HomeAdvisor using the free Home Advisor App . Avoid contractor scams and find, review, and compare top-rated local pros and schedule appointments.


Best All-Round Management Solution for Landlords

ManageCasa’s built-in landlord apps, give you the critically important apps in one place.

Small portfolio property managers and landlords need a simple property management solution to help them keep tabs on tenant communication, repair requests, lease agreements, and record expenses. ManageCasa helps you get organized and is easy for tenants and contractors to use. They’ll love it too!


Property investors, are you investing in the best cities for to buy rental property and keeping current on the rental housing market?  There’s more to consider than advertising your apartments for rent, setting apartment rental prices and increasing property rental income. Find tips to help you learn more here on our property management blog.

Check out the best cloud based property management solution online.

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