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How to be a Successful Renter

December 07, 2022

Tips for Hopeful Renters

Continuing into 2023, the rental housing market vacancy rates are low.

And while renters expect rent prices to fall, they aren’t by much as yet. In fact, in some cities year over year rent growth in January was above 30%.

The competition among renters is intense and will continue to be.  What plagues renters is that they don’t put much effort into being the best tenant. Because landlords are screening applicants to ensure they get the ideal tenant.

It seems as though no one is coming to the rescue and renters are left to fend for themselves.

Here are some signals that let renters know they need to up their rental game:

  • new supply is flat
  • low vacancy continues
  • screening criteria may not be fair
  • more people staying put where they are
  • extra competition arising from priced-out home buyers and those who sold their houses
  • rent prices continue rising in many regions (competition/low supply)
  • overcrowding means families and family members always looking for new vacancies for more room or an office
  • increasing immigration into the country

To capture a rental house or rental apartment, tenants will need an edge even if they’re great tenants with stable employment and good rental history.

Empowering the Renter

With little support, it’s vital for renters to take control of their destiny. Improving every aspect of how they  present themselves to landlords is a good practice to begin.

Smart tenants will be those who win the rental lease. They take the competition seriously.  They’re often people who strategically research available rentals, present themselves professionally as the best fit, and even negotiate a reasonable rent price and better amenities. And they are usually well-prepared to apply for the rental lease and be picked.  Fortune favors the prepared.

Those who don’t empower themselves this way, find themselves continuously on the verge of homelessness.

Competing Smartly for Rental Housing

Millions of renters make changes in their home location every year. They may be forced out of their current rental, need to relocate for a job, or can’t pay the rent.  At some point most will have to compete hard for an available rental unit. Too often unfortunately, renters aren’t well prepared to compete for units.

If you’re a tenant and this is your issue, you’ll enjoy some of the posts here to help uou get you in the landlord’s good books.

With so much competition, rents will rise, and many will not acquire the apartment or house they were hoping for. Landlords can select from the best rental profiles and avoid those who appear to be uncertain or unable to pay rent.


Landlords are looking for renters who can prove they are reliable, trustworthy, honest, and financially enabled.  This means you must prepare yourself for everything from efficient online searches to completing applications with accurate, prepared personal info, including credit ratings, and references, and then to pass the personal interview with the landlord.


9 Things Successful Renters Do:

  1. provide a complete, consistent and transparent view of themselves and their financial situation in documentation and conversations
  2. apply for rentals they can reasonably afford
  3. have a system of search and personal connections to help them find a place to rent
  4. maintain good relationships with past landlords
  5. always pay rent on time, and keep finances in good order
  6. keep good communications with landlords and avoid friction
  7. take good care of landlord’s property and home interior
  8. avoid breaking the agreed upon lease in any way
  9. keep their job

Helpful Tips for Renters

And to help you compete better for available rental apartments and houses, we’ve listed some insightful articles below for your enjoyment.

These posts directly discuss what you can do to appeal to future landlords and property managers. And there are other articles created for landlords, which you should be aware of too. Being sensitive to landlord’s needs and goals means you can position yourself better to be the one who wins the lease. Be the tenant they’re looking for.

The posts are presented in random order, because it’s worth it to peruse all the topics.

From social media background checks to tenant credit checks and lease transfers to pet policies, here’s how to become a successful renter:

Successful tenants might follow a process of collecting and organizing information for applications, establishing what they want to rent and where, followed by arranging showings, asking good questions, and making a solid impression of yourself as their ideal tenant.

The more you know about what landlords actually do want, the better you can compete for that vacancy.

Good luck in your apartment/house rental search. We do hope the rental market can be improved and we urge you to speak to your elected representatives about doing more increase supply and end homelessness.


* opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ManageCasa, and its partners, investors and associates.


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