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Smart Ways to Go Mobile in 2020

January 13, 2020

10 Smart Ways to Go Mobile in 2020

More property managers and landlords will be going mobile this year. I’ll bet you’ve been thinking or dreaming about it too. Realtors, mortgage agents, service contractors are mobile too because it’s a more successful way to get work done.

Since mobile property management solutions are here, ready to use, more landlords and property managers are adopting them. We’ve got a 10 step process outlined below to get you launched into mobile, one of the top trends of 2020.

Going mobile is about more than adopting apps, devices, and new lingo. It’s a new easier way to work and generate more profit.

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With ManageCasa’s expertly conceived process of automating property management to cut your workload, we’ve unwittingly made it possible for you to get out of that office chair and be closer to where you can make a difference!  Going mobile will be fun and profitable.

Sitting is Not Good for You

It should be mentioned about how dangerous sitting in a chair is for your health. It’s rated the number one cause of heart disease today, ahead of smoking.  So rise out of your back breaking orthopedic chair and out in the field to enjoy the health benefits.

It seems just sitting in an office, might be begging for more calls, more paperwork, and more stress.

Your Tenants Want You to Go Mobile

You’ve likely read news and blogs regarding the trend to mobile property management. And you know that younger renters like apps, online rent payment, tenant portals, smart home products, and other Proptech features. To them, that’s fun.

Your benefits are lower operating costs, more responsiveness, better communication and handling of issues, and better health. And your tenants will love you for it!

You’ve Been Heading in this Direction a Long Time

You’ve made improvements in your business, I’m sure, in the past few years. You started automating your work by using Quickbooks, Google office, and some apps.  And perhaps you started using e-transfers for rent payments? It’s a start, however those services aren’t dedicated to property managers and landlords.

You need a system built for the rental property management industry and integrated in terms of documentation, communications and finances.  So slick and easy, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. It’s incredibly good value.

That’s why ManageCasa exists — to provide landlords and property managers with an affordable all in one solution for managing rentals.

Simplicity is Smart Business – ManageCasa Platform

How Should You Go Mobile in 2020?

You could adopt one mobile type service or app at a time until you feel you’ve mastered each one. It would be wiser in this case to adopt a simplified property management system. You could even do it gradually via ManageCasa too.

To go mobile professionally, you need to automate everything. It’s key to reducing your workload significantly.

Here’s 10 easy steps to going fully mobile in 2020:

  1. adopt a cloud based property management solution for easy all in one management
  2. accept rental applications online
  3. do online tenant screening including social media checks
  4. accept and edit leases online and share via email or the software
  5. accept rental payments online and get notified online
  6. accept maintenance requests from tenants and issue work orders online
  7. set up maintenance schedules with an online scheduler
  8. let the property management software track your time usage
  9. set up a tenant portal, use SMS messaging, and respond right away to requests
  10. use any other landlord apps or property manager apps that add services

The time you’ll be saving by going mobile allow you to spend a little more on marketing, social media engagement, and developing new client and tenant leads.

Don’t get bogged down in the details.  The software dissolves all that. Stay focused on making work fun.  Property management is what you love.

Check out ManageCasa’s amazing features right now. Get familiar with all the benefits of a mobile friendly property management automation solution. It’s the future, right now.


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ManageCasa is an elegantly, simplified property management software, perfect for for landlords and property managers who want the benefits of going mobile.


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