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Comprehensive Accounting Solution

November 27, 2022

Professional Solution: Software + Expertise

Accounting for landlords, HOA managers or property managers never seems to get easier.

Too much complexity with too many rules and regulations amidst changing costs, taxation and revenues leaves landlords feeling uncertain about their financial decisions. Completely understandable.

And if you’re still performing accounting manually, your risks are rising.

Time for Great Software and a Great Consultant

Even if you are well informed by a market-leading accounting software, there are times when expert help is needed to ensure you’re using best practices and setting the right course for your property accounting.

We’d like to introduce you to our new partner Balanced Asset Solutions, who can help you save time while optimizing your accounts and accounting management. They are professional CPAs with expertise in property accounting/ real estate/ hoa accounting along with the ManageCasa accounting platform.

After this introduction, you can learn much more about their full array of services and benefits.  If you’re still on the fence about taking your property accounting to the professional level, let’s discuss further now why adding Balanced Asset Solutions is a wise decision.

Responding to Your Top Accounting Challenges

For most small to mid-sized landlords and property management firms, the top accounting pain points are:

  • expense management
  • tax management
  • audit protection
  • change management
  • data migration and document errors
  • lack of expertise in accounting

Upgrading to Professional Grade Accounting Software

Using ManageCasa™ you’ll enjoy:

  • Smart accounting features
  • Digital and automated payments system
  • Bank account reconciliation tools
  • Better auditing tools
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • and much more

And for added performance, you’ll need a professional accounting consulting firm.

Balanced Asset Solutions

We’re partnering with Balanced Asset Solutions as a way to help you achieve the absolute best performance from ManageCasa™.

Who is Balanced Asset Solutions?

Balanced Asset Solutions is a leading consulting, management service firm in the US that helps rental property management businesses optimize their accounting, streamline business processes, reduce costs, improve business insights, and allow you to scale up for greater profit.

If you’re in trouble with your accounting and facing an audit, then BAS will be a great friend.

Big picture is that BAS is a technology-centric consulting firm who have the expertise to help you deal with your digital accounting challenge. They have the right approach to accounting using technology.

“From facilitating seamless software transitions and optimizing digital platforms, to delivering meticulous audit preparation and precision-focused accounting services, we stand ready to support every aspect of your journey.” — Balanced Asset Solutions.

With their expertise and assistance, you can feel more confident of the viability, safety and growth of your business.

Learn more on how we can unlock unrealized value in technology consulting for your firm and how we’ll help you master property management accounting.

Contact us now at 1 800 998.6627 to discuss how you can integrate BAS’ services with ManageCasa.


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