2022 OPTECH Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

OPTECH Multifamily Conference and Exhibition The Multifamily sector's big event of the fall season is just ahead and it's in a wonderful location. Be good to yourself and give your weary post-Covid spirit a nice lift by attending. 2022 OPTECH Conference & Expo is happening November 01-03, 2022 at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas,…

  • Important Trend: Renters Want to Move

    September 27, 2022

    Gearing up for the Big Move of Renters 2021 and the pandemic had its big renter migration event, and wouldn't you know it's continuing, but in a different form in 2022/2023? What's driving it this time is the cost of living, and soon, employment.  If employment levels weaken in 2023, many renters could decide to…

  • Lease Agreement 101 - Tenant Evictions

    September 26, 2022

    Tenant Evictions As Covid era renter protections end and many renters face paying huge amounts of due rent while not paying current rent, we can expect a surge in evictions. Tenants are often fearful to hear the word of “lease termination” or “eviction’. Yet a landlord can indeed terminate the lease agreement if the tenant…

  • Eviction Starts with Proper Documentation

    September 23, 2022

    Eviction Starts with Proper Documentation When a tenant cannot or will not pay their rent, owes a lot of rent to the landlord, or breaks with the lease agreement, a landlord is legally entitled to regain their rental property and move to vacate the unit. We can call this the eviction process. It's important for…

  • Expo Real 2022 in Munich

    Expo Real Germany - The International Trade Fair for Property Europe's most important real estate event is coming soon. On October 4th to 6th, at the Trade Fair Center Messe München in Munich, Germany (about 150 miles from Zurich, Switzerland), Expo Real is taking place. We will be attending in partnership with Swiss Proptech and Swiss…

  • Credit Checks for Renters

    September 21, 2022

    Advising Renters on Credit Checks Throughout the last 5 years at least, tenant credit checks have become a key tenant rentability indicator for landlords. They're one component of a tenant screening process to reduce exposure to unreliable and unfit renters. Credit screenings in particular help to establish the applicant's ability and willingness to pay their…

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