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Australia’s Most User-Friendly Property Management Software

AustraliaOur survey of Property Managers using ManageCasa reveals specific results wanted and achieved in managing their rental dwellings. They’re looking at workflow and process improvements as the “key benefits.”

The specific challenges of Australian property managers means they must have software that streamlines the details so they’re free to optimize the big picture.


And for maximum productivity, having a central digital workplace for daily property management which integrates you, your staff, owners and tenants is a wonderful asset.

And customers love that ManageCasa goes much further for small business landlords via powerful tools for real time reporting, expense management, and communications.  You’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or a smaller town, not in Shanghai, New York or London.

We have the perfect solution for rental managers in Australia managing 50 to 500 properties, and ManageCasa is scalable via the cloud to take you where you need to go.

6 Essential Benefits

Here’s just a few software benefits which Australian landlords and property managers approve of:

  • time saving property management automation — optimizing workflow and staff roles in remote cities/locations
  • time saving communications features for administration staff — reduce calls, telephone tag, and time spent on phone
  • integrated financial management — manage banking, bills, invoices, and payments all together
  • complete double entry accounting power — bringing much needed accuracy for each tenant, building, landlord account
  • data protection and security — ensuring data is always secure to regulatory standards
  • confidence in the software’s long term capability — knowing ManageCasa is designed for the modern Australian property manager or landlords ensuring you can scale up with the most modern capabilities

Landlords and Property Managers Look to Advanced Features Made Possible in the Cloud

The cloud hype doesn’t inspire the way it used to, yet modern property management software is all about the features and benefits generated via the cloud infrastructure. It makes digital management more powerful, more affordable, mobile, and secure.

We couldn’t manage properties the way we all do today without the cloud.

Every aspect of property management has been made better via cloud infrastructure. Speed, data storage, interoperability and added apps are just a few of the advantages of cloud-based software.

ManageCasa utilizes cloud computing fully to great advantage. Property management companies on every continent are keen on ManageCasa’s effective time saving features, real time reporting, powerful digital accounting features, online payments, and streamlining of maintenance tickets.

Time equals money and the dollar value of ManageCasa becomes more than apparent after adopting ManageCasa via the cloud.

Get Work Done Well

Learning your ManageCasa software is easier since this solution was designed from the ground up to be user-friendly.

Removing the complexity of software and introducing automation is something landlords and property managers rave about. We all love property management work, but if you can shrink your work time and focus more on what will grow your business, you’re going to be around longer and making more profit.

Reducing Costs is No Insignificant Benefit

You’ll be able to reduce the time and costs spent on staff training and dealing with the friction caused in enterprise level software including bugs and conflicts. Streamlining means easing all points of time waste and friction which makes the work day much smoother for your whole management team.

Hawaiian Property Managers love ManageCasa too!

Hawaiian Property Managers love ManageCasa too!

Managers like yourself are looking for the best best results in time, training, workflows and profit. ManageCasa has everything modern managers are looking for in their software solution. Take a closer look at the big picture benefits and then ask for a Demo to help you discover the complete digital solution.

Some business decisions are much more important, and you’ll find ManageCasa is the right digital foundation for your property management company. If you’re a landlord with a limited number of properties you’ll appreciate how easy it is to learn and how wonderful workflow automation is.

That’s right, everything from accounting to communications to maintenance tickets, is streamlined — a key benefit that all property owners and managers love to have.

The future is now, and ManageCasa is the cloud-based Australian property management software of choice.  See the affordable pricing then schedule a Demo and get to know it’s powerful capabilities.


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