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Realtor Conference in San Diego

San Diego REALTOR Conference

You might be surprised to discover there are plenty of people who will be attending conventions and conferences in 2023.

The annual NAR/REALTOR Conference is a key event as is the NARPM Conference.

The San Diego REALTOR conference held Nov 12th to 14th was a major event for many providers of next generation software technology.  We enjoyed participating at the amazing San Diego Convention Center and introducing landlords and property management executives to our platform.

Our next big event is in Las Vegas for the 2023 OPTECH Conference.

Realtors are key figures in the commercial and residential real estate markets too.  They have a presence in the rental property management business as you know well. Many Realtors own rental properties themselves and conduct buying and selling of rental properties for investor owners. They are influential and helpful.

You’ll benefit from meeting Realtors and learning about rental property management solutions, software and technology at the San Diego REALTOR Conference the annual trade show for the world’s largest trade association.

They’ve adopted the theme of “Rise and Shine” this year as a call to arise from the pandemic and restart your real estate business.

The Amazing San Diego Convention Center. Screenshot courtesy of

Yes, NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun and other key personalities in the residential real estate sector reported on the market this year.

Yet this conference wasn’t only for NAR member Realtors however. The conference speaker sessions and the trade show will include topics and management software and single family home rentals. It’s your opportunity to meet with the best technology providers and speak with outstanding professionals in the industry.

The ManageCasa team is here to introduce you to the next generation property management technology, to help you evolve and grow your business. We’re looking forward to meeting you and answering all your inquiries.


Why are Property Managers and Realtors Attending this Conference?

  1. National Association of Realtors is a huge organization with immense influence on the real estate sector
  2. to learn of real estate market trends and where business is heading
  3. to learn about new REtech and PropTech solutions to help them build a business edge
  4. last year’s conference was cancelled and they’re more eager to experience the full convention starting tomorrow
  5. to get an emotional lift after an exhausting pandemic layoff
  6. to travel to a beautiful city in California and rejuvenate
  7. to hear expert speakers share their insights and thoughts about the real estate sector
  8. to make connections with other Realtors who are building substantial success themselves
  9. to meet technology vendors and get a full view of software, services and current challenges they’re trying to solve
  10. to get tips on property investing, tax management, buying and selling properties, business growth, and valuable business resources

Will attending the Rise and Shine Conference in SD change your business life and career? It may do that. The inspiration alone could put you in a new frame of mind for 2022, where you finally do what need to do to succeed.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet a diverse set of real estate professionals for a couple of years, you owe it to yourself to relax, have some fun, and really enjoy the industry you’ve chosen as your life’s work. It’s an example of respect for yourself, your company and your staff that you’re capturing the spirit of these conventions.

Please do book your tickets now at the Conference.Realtor website and drop by our exhibition floor booth. We’ll be located at #2518. See the exhibition map for exact location.

Find how to evaluate property management software and compare prices.


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