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Apple AirPod Contest at NMHC Conference Booth!

ManageCasa Contest at OPTECH 2022

We enjoyed exhibiting NMHC’s OPTECH 2022 Conference in Las Vegas Nevada.

OPTECH is annual event for us and will be for the year 2023 too.

It’s a key opportunity to showcase our innovative cloud-based property management solution and meet wonderful pros in our industry.

Everyone Loves a Contest

On Nov 2, we are having a contest at our trade show booth — number 1137  to give away a brand-new pair of wireless Apple Airpod earphones. Please do drop by and enter the contest.

Wireless Airpods are one of Apple’s most exciting audio innovations. Their wireless and battery technology makes wireless earphones more useful. The AirPods offer noise cancelling technology, enhanced bass, spacialized surround audio, adaptive audio sound equalizer, and moisture resistance. Wow, that sounds good!


Apple shows us well that innovation is key to success. That’s why you should be here, live at the top multifamily event of the year in Las Vegas to experience innovation in property management


Apple’s brand is very popular and in fact, most visitors to the ManageCasa website via a mobile device are using Apple iPhones or tablets. Strong brands get results and that preference is important to know in property management as well.

Live in Vegas!

ManageCasa Attends major property management Conventions and Expos

We’ll be holding the contest on: November 3rd, 2022 at the OPTECH conference.

And when people ask about your ear buds, you’ll be correcting them, “they’re not ear buds, they’re AirPods!

If you’re attending the big multifamily event in Las Vegas, please be sure to drop by and chat at Booth #1137. We’d love to speak to with you and we’d like to know if you visited our blog and know what you like to read online.

See the 2023 conference calendar for updated on the 2023 OPTECH Conferences.

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