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11 Best US Apartment Rental Sites to Find your Dream Apartment

Given how strong the economy is in 2018, and with the shortage of rental apartments available and high apartment prices, renters have to get organized and tap into as many sources as possible to find their next rental home.

While you might be in a desperate search for a new condo, townhouses, home or apartment for rent, you’ll have better success if take some time, and check all of these apartment listing sites below. Search for apartments and set up alerts with each one so you have a steady stream of rental possibilities.

Get to know more about the neighborhood, building amenities, walk scores, safety rating, and other important data so you can move to place you’re comfortable in.

Get Ahead of Your Search so You’re Not Caught

It’s a wise idea to be proactive and look ahead at where you might be headed. If you want to avoid living in a bad neighborhood at an inflated price in a unit that doesn’t have what you want, then look to the future and start scanning what’s available.

You may find some hidden gems, places that might make you very happy.

As we covered in the US rental housing market report, apartment prices will rise again this summer. Employment is very strong and lofty home prices and rising mortgage rates make buyers struggle with the rent vs buy question. It’s unlikely that many renters will buy a home this year. You’ll be competing for available apartments with a huge crowd.

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Do you have a son or daughter heading to college? Colleges and Universities are getting out of student housing and letting the private sector serve student housing needs. A good search strategy will help them find good quality apartments at reasonable rental prices.

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Check out these top apartment rental sites online:

  1. Apartmentlist – Apartmentlist  has been in business for 6 years and was inspired by the founder’s own bad rental experiences. You can find 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments across the country within an attractive layout that uses maps and pictures of the apartment or condo building.
  2. Apartmentguide – an apartment search and information site owned by Rentpath, who also own Lovely,, and It claims it matches qualified renters with their ideal apartment home. Its apartment search function includes 360 views of the condominium or apartment complex and they offer a rating of the developments.
  3.  – has an interesting twist by introducing apartment sublet opportunities. These may be vacancies that aren’t posted on the regular apartment sites or feeds. Take a look.
  4. Craigslist – the world’s top classified ad site has plenty of apartment rentals listed. However, you might find classified’s are not the place many respectable landlords or property managers would choose to draw tenants from. If you’re in fix, it might be worth a gander though.
  5. Trulia – is a large real estate listing site not associated with and the MLS. It’s an alternative to and and has unique set of apartments for rent across the US.
  6. – Yes,, the largest real estate company offers listings of apartments for rent. These might be upscale listings that are listed by Realtors although they allow anyone to list for free.
  7.  – is another large apartment rental site that is strongly map based, yet doesn’t break down listings by neighborhood. Neighborhood search is preferable to many searchers who don’t know zip codes.
  8. – offers virtual tours of apartment buildings and condominiums. It doesn’t offer search by zip code or neighborhood and it inserts ads into the search results.
  9. – American Campus is the largest provider of student housing in the US. The quality of student housing units is surprising but expect a higher price because student housing is in demand.
  10.  – offer a huge listing of apartments for rent. You can search via any feature except neighborhood and zip code.
  11.  – Zumper will help you find your ideal apartment and you can search for vacancies on their site specifying your price range and long term vs short term lease.

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Please see our posts on the US rental market and metro markets in San Francisco, Texas and Florida.

Good luck with your apartment search in 2018. Hopefully more and better apartments are being built as we speak and the housing crisis will ease.

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