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Apartmentalize 2019 Update

A Nice Break to See Things Anew

Apartmentalize 2019 was a wonderful 3 day trade show that took place in Denver Colorado. The event drew a record crowd of about 11,000 attendees. People, technology, and spirit all in one place, spilling out in the streets of downtown Denver.

The best in the apartment management software business were here. If you missed it, don’t worry there are more events coming this year.

Apartmentalize 2019 took place in downtown Denver. It was a special amazing location that really made it an inspiring event property management pros and those just breaking into the business. The atmosphere was excellent. And Denver is a pleasant, interesting and walkable city with excellent transit and a laid back atmosphere.

Urban Adventure Party at Apartmentalize — Before the crowds arrived

Urban Adventure Party

The Apartmentalize Urban Adventure Party event was on Thursday evening on the lawns of the Denver Performing Arts Center.  A great opportunity to relax, meet new people from Florida to Canada, all while enjoying food, music and a few drinks on a beautiful summer evening.

Denver as it happens, is a bustling, growing housing market as well. There’s a good deal of optimism visible with local property management related vendors. This is the biggest national property management trade show and that it is happening in Denver is no accident.

Meeting the Multifamily and Property Management Experts

We spoke with many experts in every area of the industry including property management software, building operations technology, property rehabilitation, automation technology, tenant screening, utility management, insurance, and too much more to count.

There’s no better way for us and attendees to learn than to meet venders and experts face to face. A good conversation can go a long way to help you avoid mistakes and choose the right solutions for your firm.

For you as a property management professional, the key benefit is seeing all the innovation in property management industry all in one spot. Many of the property managers and apartment managers we spoke with are concerned about the software they’re using. And they’d like to learn more about managing complexity and keep their work easier.

They’re all asking about when that tipping point occurs when landlords or property managers choose to switch to a new cloud based, modern property management software.

That’s a difficult question to answer because the final moment could be anything. Perhaps when the frustration with slowness, overwork, unwanted complexity becomes too much, it’s time to move to a new platform.

Of course, ManageCasa is ready, and offers the cloud-based, simplicity and it’s designed to help you get your work done. Your staff will be overjoyed when they see how easy it is to use. And you’ll be surprised at the depth of the accounting system — built specifically for apartment and property managers who need to keep accounting accurate and compliant.

FREE Trial to See What It’s All About

Take a FREE Trial of ManageCasa. This is a wonderful opportunity to see property management anew. Get a view of how much better your business could be, and feel more certain of where you’re headed.

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