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January 10, 2020

Quick Time Saving Tips for Apartment Managers

It’s 2020 and the best time to gear up for a great year in your business. From organizing your time to improving tenant relations and optimizing your apartment management techniques, there’s plenty of ways a new apartment manager can improve their role and performance.

And doesn’t it seem like an endless parade of events, phone calls, people, mechanical issues, financial activities, and more just tears away your energy and time?

Aside from adopting apartment management software to help get organized and efficient, real improvement comes from how you improve your work day. It also extends from good tenant management, from ad writing to communications to final move outs.

Time Management is of the Essence

New landlords similar to property management staff are curious about what issues they’ll be facing in the year ahead, and how seasoned, experienced and talented apartment managers handle time wasting problems.

Maybe the word problem will be removed from your vocabulary this year, replaced by easy solve, request for help, or chance for improvement?

Wake up to a well-organized work day and you’ll be managing your time like a pro.

Try these tips for apartment managers in 2020:

  1. prioritize your work — multitasking was all the rage until everyone discovered it actually reduces performance. Give your projects and tasks an assigned priority so that you always manage or handle the key tasks with all of your attention. If your mind is cluttered, you’re vulnerable to mistakes.
  2. set your work time in blocks — this allows you to concentrate on a task and do it right the first time.
  3. document your activities — you must remember what was done and how you did it (key details too). Documenting projects, tenant interactions and more ensures you can be accountable and prepared later on.
  4. use a scheduler app — ensure you get important things done, such as meetings, lease signings, and unit inspections, but not as way to make your work feel like routine.
  5. use a note taking app or similar app — jot down insights, issues, and points to remember for later use.
  6. use a renter prospect pre-screening survey — or send them to your website to answer some preliminary questions so low quality, rental inquiries don’t eat up your time. You can add a form to your website too.
  7. write your apartment vacancy ads clearly — emphasize the restrictions and expectations in your buildings to weed out the impulsive, desperate renters (poorly qualified) who want a detailed introduction to a unit they probably won’t want or are not right for.
  8. automate your management tasks with apartment management software — Allow tenants to apply online, pay rent online, submit maintenance requests online, so the tedious stuff doesn’t reach you.
  9. outsource service response to a virtual assistant — i.e., if you have a large number of apartments and too many tenant requests.
  10. use a good apartment management accounting tool — poor accounting software not designed for apartments and landlords specifically means rework later and unfortunately, embarrassing mistakes.

Even More Time Saving and Business Boosting Tips for Apartment Managers

Discover more tips on about tenant management, accounting, tenant screening, how to evict a tenant, writing apartment ads, improving staff management, and tax tips for the new apartment manager.

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It’s easy to learn and fun to use. It doesn’t add headaches like some enterprise level applications do.

Tenants today expect better service and you’ll be able to deliver it with zest.

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