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Apartment Management Software

Apartment Management Software

Hundreds of companies tout that they have the best apartment management solutions.

However, to serve small to medium sized property management companies and landlords with 10 to 500 rental units, the list narrows to a few that do SMB apartment management appropriately.

Why do some Software Solutions Fall by the Wayside?

The top reasons are poor tech enablement, high cost, and a lack of specialization.  Many are just generalized tenant management solutions offering generic services. Many don’t offer online rent payment, tenant portals, accurate client accounting, or integrated lease management.

If you’ve read the property management posts here on ManageCasa, you’ve learned about the rental market, trends, and technology factors. Change via technology will only happen faster in 2020.

Some SMB and apartment software solutions are outdated and are incompatible with new standards, including security standards.

Top 3 Reasons Most PMS Solutions Aren’t Adopted:

  1. cost:  software rental fees, the cost of software limitations, IT staffing and data management combined with incompatibility with new IT standards creates further expenses.
  2. not specialized for property accounting – some solutions lack adequate bookkeeping and accounting capabilities and aren’t able to create accurate and meaningful reports.
  3. too clunky and demanding to operate — some are monstrous systems which complicate operations and interactions with tenants creating more work and time to learn additional rarely used functions.


Simple Actually is Better


Apartment Management Software vs Property Management Software?

The needs of an apartment landlord or multifamily property manager are similar to those of a single family rental manager. All leasing, rent collection, documentation, communications, and operations are similar. Yet apartment management software leans more to multifamily apartment rentals in large residential buildings.

Without roofs, basements, and individual mechanical equipment (water heaters, furnace, a/c), apartment management companies can automate more efficiently and perhaps for greater profit. Multifamily managers enjoy the ease of property management solutions too.

Using the ManageCasa property management software solution, you’re able to manage tenants, contractors, bills, leases, tenant account activity and leasing with ease.

Why ManageCasa?

ManageCasa, is an all in one apartment management solution designed to adapt to your needs and grow with your business.

“We use ManageCasa across every part of our business. We’re a small team, but ManageCasa helps us grow our business while scaling our headcount thoughtfully.”  — Erica Schuster — Property Manager

See the overview of ManageCasa, then check out ManageCasa’s accounting prowess. Accounting is ManageCasa’s strength, specialized for the requirements of modern landlords and property managers who need excellent reporting tools.

Property management is a financial management function and requires excellent digital accounting tools. With ManageCasa, you can manage your business from your laptop or smartphone, always being on top of your properties, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks so to speak.

Whether it’s student housing, multifamily residential, or even your commercial retail units, you can manage it all from one interface. Being hosted on the cloud, it’s superfast, reliable, and most importantly secure.

The key value is automating apartment management while keeping good communications with your tenants, control of expenses, and keeping your business profitable.

Review all of ManageCasa features now, and arrange for a solution demo to help you see these powerful possibilities.


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