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Automate to Reduce your Administration Costs

Reduce Property Management Administration

Your top chores – daily administration. It’s wasting your time and eating into your profits.  Reconsidering how your current solution works to save your time, and avoid redundancy is worth it.

The next 6 months will be challenging, and if you aren’t automated yet, keeping maintenance costs and administration time under control will be difficult. Time to shop and compare.

In our last post, we talked about how to manage property management tasks like a pro.

Great tips, and a pro knows when to calm a mounting storm of administration before it becomes a serious issue. Pros find ways to do work faster, do more with their precious time and cut costs.

For many decades now, one of the buzzwords of business has been expediting. Whether it’s in transportation or purchasing, manager’s big problem was how slow and tedious fulfillment was. They had to do something.

Businesses called expeditors were formed to specialize in speeding up and cutting through the tedium of usual business. Every area of business has this same problem. You could think of property management software companies as the expeditors of property management business.

Time to Go Fully Digital

The extra pressure created by the Corona Virus pandemic is making some landlords and property managers think about how they spend each minute of the day. Because those minutes are getting eaten up.

And as a general trend in the last few years, one reason for automating property rental business is to ease the overwork and redundancy of office administration. From hiring administrative assistants, to the daily adjustments to accounts, and responding to tenant inquiries eats up a lot of time and money.

Before you hire another office administrative assistant (there’s a lot of jobs for admins), consider how good property management software might solve your crisis.

When you be Profitable Again?

If your office administration tasks keep mounting through the rest of 2020, it can prevent your business from being profitable at all, let alone being truly successful. For this reason, going automated makes better sense. And if you’re considering hiring a property management company at some point, it’s necessary that they’re using the best property management automation software as well.

Daily Grind of Admin isn’t All that Romantic Anymore

For some managers, and for property investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and landlords, detail and tasks aren’t all that interesting. And a good number of these professionals still use and edit paper based documents.

The Corona Virus related property management slowdown and the disease threat itself may not go away for a while.  We may have to learn to live with this and manage accordingly.  Safety procedures and tenant job losses mean more time spent will be spent trying to collect rent, arranging maintenance repairs, and dealing with tenant turnover.

Rising costs, more work and redundancy, legal tasks, harder work, combined with uncertain revenues add stress to property managers worklife.

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As a property manager, you’re exchanging your time for money. So it makes to investigate online products that might ease the workload in each area of your business.

Here are Your Time Easting Administrative Tasks

  • bookkeeping entries and edits
  • email and phone call inquiries from tenants
  • tenant account updates
  • lease writing and amendments and renewals
  • reports
  • eviction processes
  • advertising listings
  • reviewing verifying tenant form completions and documents
  • taking appointment and showing units
  • arranging contractor repair and maintenance visits
  • tax document preparation
  • drafting letters and other correspondence

Of course, your staff’s list of to do’s is much more detailed than this general list. It’s just a reminder of how much time you might save by digitizing and automating all of them.

So let’s jump forward fast to the tools that help eliminate the administrative grind. It’s not so much that property management software can do these things, but how well ManageCasa does them.

Here’s what ManageCasa does:

  1. optimizes tenant communications
  2. allows tenants to fill out forms, applications, leases, and documents
  3. safely stores documents online and keeps them secure
  4. encourages tenants to use help system to find quick answers and guidance thus cutting down on phone calls and unit visits
  5. creates a portal to synchronize communications so there’s no playing telephone tag or email tag
  6. schedules maintenance appointments and sends reminders to avoid missed contractor events
  7. allows automatic, online rent payments via bank so there’s no money handling
  8. record expenses and attribute to specific tenant or owner account — no confusion
  9. renters can update their own contact info via tenant portal
  10. all accounts update in real time for up to date and pre-made reports
  11. no more manual or spreadsheet number crunching, it’s done automatically

Saving time isn’t the only issue in good management. You’ll need to compare property management software to understand how easy it is for your staff to use, whether it covers all aspects of your daily admin, how the cost scales up when you add properties, and more.

Better Software Software Offers Lasting Benefits

ManageCasa was designed for landlords and property managers. Our payment system and double entry accounting apps are state of the art. It’s very difficult for most property management software companies to keep their software updated, which is why ManageCasa was designed from the ground up to be continually upgraded and meet all regulatory and technical changes.

It should be reassuring to you that you don’t have to concern yourself with document security, payment handling, and software upgrades. We handle everything.

It’s one more reminder that you should be adopting the most efficient and affordable solution available to help you ensure your profitability for 2020 and beyond.


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